Cops: Girl beaten with cord

CONYERS — Police took a Conyers woman into custody in a possible child abuse case after a 10-year-old girl told authorities that the two welts on her arm were caused by being hit with an extension cord.

Lakina Dalawn Townsend, 36, of Conyers was arrested Aug. 30 and charged with cruelty to children after Conyers Police responded on Aug. 21 to a call from the 10-year-old child. The girl was crying and standing outside the subdivision where her residence is located when police arrived, according to police reports. The girl reportedly had not been allowed to come back into her residence.

The girl was in Townsend's care, along with a 2-year-old boy, at the time of the incident. Townsend told police that she was in another room when she heard the boy crying and she thought the victim hit the boy. Townsend said she spanked the victim on the arm, legs and back side using a belt. The victim was spanked on her arm and legs because she was "jumping around," according to Townsend.

The victim told authorities that the boy was crying because he wanted to climb on the victim's back and the victim would not let him. Townsend allegedly came in the room and accused the victim of hitting the boy. The victim was allegedly also scolded for eating chips and snacks and drinking the boy's juice when she was supposed to drink only water. The victim said she was then struck with an extension cord. She reportedly showed police the cord and how Townsend used it.

Townsend told police that the girl intentionally pulled the extension cord out of the wall just before authorities arrived. Townsend said the girl "acts out" because the girl is jealous of the boy, the report said.

An official with Conyers PD said police are investigating the incident as a child abuse case.