Newton Poll - 09/04/2010

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"In reference to the person concerned about his/her credit score being of interest to potential employers: Credit scores tell a lot about a person. If you don't care enough to keep your own finances in check, you might be the sort of person who would be willing to take what I have worked hard for in order to get yourself out of the hole you have dug for yourself. Most creditors will accept nominal payments if you cannot pay the full amount. My mantra is 'If you can't pay for it, save until you can.' Money is not the root of all evil ... credit is."

"You know what ticks me off Pork Chop? Pork Chop!"

"To the person commenting about the white Escalade with a government tag. It's actually a 2000 Lincoln Navigator. It has a gazillion miles on it and it is a drug seizure vehicle. It has belonged to the city for several years and been passed around to several city departments. Obtaining and using vehicles like that is why the city of Covington is in good financial shape."

"Hey Pork Chop, put on a dress and get a life!"

"I was at the Covington Post Office on Sunday afternoon checking my box and what I saw was surreal. There were three workers pressure washing the building working from boom lifts. No safety harness, no orange cones, no protective equipment. I wonder if these workers have an approved lift card and OSHA training. How does this happen? Especially working at a government building. Speaking from experience, this fine would average $1,000 per person. How can the government hire someone to do this work and allow it to be done in an unsafe matter?"

"Diversity: give variety to; to balance defensively by dividing funds among securities of different industries or of different classes. Hawnethia Williams said she wasn't 'just referring to race.' Ocie Franklin said the city represents everyone, including those who may not have the means, ability or 'will to get out of their circumstances.' Remember, whether you are rich, poor, lazy, providing for yourself or dependent on the government, you are where you are because of the choices you have made. Blame it on no one else. Perhaps the city should hire a Diversity Enforcer to travel door to door soliciting applications for each job opening, then follow up by delivering those new hires to their job each morning. I am certain Ms. Williams will follow through on her quest for diversity by making sure there are pictures of famous white Americans hanging alongside those of the famous black Americans at the new Nelson Heights Center (Newton Citizen, Aug. 25, page 1)."

"Charter schools across the nation have been proven to outscore and outperform local school districts. Parents should have the choice to have their children attend charter schools and have the funds for their child go to the charter school instead of the local public school where their child does not attend The Board of Education stating that they are against local funding going to charter schools and are only in favor of these school if the local Board of Education is in control totally goes against the foundation of the school. Is the Board of Education afraid that a local charter school will show up the local public schools? If they are not servicing and educating a child, the local school board should not have control over the funds for that child."

"My wife and I live on Cecilia Street in Covington. This is in the Petty Hill/Nelson Heights part of town. We read your Saturday story about a drug raid in Harristown. The police doing the raid said it took a lot of time to work one of these cases. This is plumb funny. There are drug houses all over Covington. We are 70 and 68 years old. We will be dead and gone before the drug people raid a house in our neighborhood. The mayor and council need to put someone in there who can get the work done. We see drugs all over the area and kids leave school to do drugs."

"Hello Newton County, Pork chop is back. You know what ticks me off, a half naked Asian man. OK, let me explain. Some people wake up to a cup of their favorite coffee or their beverage of choice. This is how many start the daily grind. Pork Chop on the other hand has to wake up to my half-naked Asian neighbor smoking a cigarette outside. Problem is I try and look away but just not able to, and then the image is stuck until 6 the next morning. Then it starts all over. Pork Chop says OMG. This ticks me off! Thanks for reading what ticks off Pork Chop."

"Hey, Gangsta Historian. Please get your facts straight. John Gotti was not beaten to death in prison. He died of oral/throat cancer."