1st United advises businesses on the importance of bookkeeping

Tiffany Williams is a managing partner in 1st United Business Advisors, located in Olde Town Conyers.

Tiffany Williams is a managing partner in 1st United Business Advisors, located in Olde Town Conyers.

CONYERS -- Any business operation comes down to numbers, and 1st United Business Advisors in Conyers offers bookkeeping training that helps people understand what those numbers mean and how they can impact a business.

Tiffany Williams, managing partner of 1st United Business Advisors, said her company offers bookkeeping and tax preparation services to business, but their primary work is in training in basic bookkeeping and QuickBooks accounting software.

Accounting is not the most exciting part of running a business, but Williams explained that many businesses fail because they do not keep an eye on the numbers. There may be blood and sweat equity involved in running a business, but Williams said bookkeeping is key in putting the pieces together.

Bookkeeping is the heartbeat of a business and unfortunately a lot business owner wait until they have a problem before they address their bookkeeping issues or they don't value their accountant, she said.

What I've learned is because of this low value of accounting it makes it harder for us to clean up a mess.

Williams said she is passionate about accounting because of the power it can bring to a business if done correctly. One difference, she said, can be focusing on saving money at the end of the year versus asking how much will be owed in taxes.

My goal is if I can get you to understand your CPA or your accountant or tax preparer then you will value the service he or she provides to you, Williams said.

The company is located at 917 Commercial Street in the heart of Olde Town Conyers and has been in business since 2008. The company offers classes on use of QuickBooks software that can be done in the evenings and on the weekend.

Williams said they get people from different backgrounds either looking to build on their accounting skills or seeking a new skill to add to their resume. The company also helps business owners who are just looking to understand the numbers better.

Once the client understands... Oh, wow. It's not just me giving you a box full of paper and you handing back five sheets of paper, these financial statements have meaning, she said. This information is necessary for me to make sound, financial decisions.

For more information about 1st United Business Advisors, call 678-379-7055, or go to www.1stunitedbusinessadvisors.com