Money raised by candidates varies widely

CONYERS -- If fundraising is a reliable indication of the outcome of the Nov. 2 elections, most of the races for the state Legislature will not be very close. The following is a breakdown of races for districts that represent portions of Newton County.

95th House District

Republican Rodney Upton of Conyers has the financial edge over Pamela Dickerson, the Democratic candidate also of Conyers, in the race for the 95th House District.

This district represents portions of Newton, Rockdale and Gwinnett counties.

According to the latest campaign finance disclosure reports, which were filed Oct. 7, Upton has raised a total of $6,375 for his campaign and has $4,873.71 on hand.

Dickerson has raised $1,300 throughout her campaign and reported $550 on hand.

Upton has reported the following monetary and in-kind donations in this most recent reporting period:

* Robert Upton of Wanatah, Ind., gave $500;

* Don Balfour of Norcross gave $250;

* Dan Sackberger of Locust Grove gave $250;

* William Rhymer of Conyers gave $200;

* Randy Upton of Oxford gave $200 cash and a total of $484 of in-kind donations.

Dickerson reported the following donations in this most recent reporting period:

* UFOW Local 1996 Active Ballot Club in Suwannee gave $300;

* Agape Insurance Agency in Stone Mountain gave $250;

* Georgia State AFL-CIO PAA in Atlanta gave $250;

* Nikki T. Randall Campaign Fund in Macon gave $250; and

* Friends of Stephanie Stuckey in Decatur gave $250.

The 95th House District includes portions of Newton and Gwinnett counties and the Bethel, Fieldstone, and Sheffield precincts, along with portions of Hightower and Salem in Rockdale County.

110th House District

Perhaps one of the most lopsided financial races is between Andy Welch, the Republican from McDonough, and Rudy Cox, the Stockbridge Democrat, in their race for the 110th House District.

According to the most recent campaign finance disclosure reports, Welch has raised $83,414.81 throughout the campaign with $7,694.04 on hand. Cox, however, reports he has raised $0.

Attempts Tuesday to reach Cox were unsuccessful.

Welch said Tuesday that even with a strong financial showing, he is continuing to actively campaign, and spent the past two weekends putting up signs throughout the district, which includes portions of Newton, Butts and Henry counties.

"My real purpose is to talk about what I perceive to be the issues in this campaign, and those are job creation, creating a fair, more jobs-friendly tax code, high school education reform to incentivize graduation and overall, a continued tightening of the belt on government spending," Welch said.

He said he wants voters to make an informed choice on Election Day and select not just a name, but "a candidate for the four reasons."

"It's important that people are aware what this campaign embodies; it's important they know what we stand for," Welch said.

Welch has reported the following contributions during this recent reporting period:

* Richard Schrade Jr. of Stockbridge gave $125;

* Marcia Taylor of Jackson, Wy., gave $200;

* Rajesh Anand of McDonough gave $250;

* William K. Malone of Jackson gave $250;

* Richard and Mary Jo Schrade of Stockbridge gave $250;

* Levy J. and Mary Jacquely Spivey of McDonough gave $250;

* Hugh Thompson of Covington gave $250;

* Charles M. Mobley of McDonough gave $350;

*Darrell and Vickie Anglyn of McDonough gave $500;

* Brenda Brown of Eatonton gave $500;

* Justin Scott of Sandy Springs gave $1,200;

* Kirsten Scott of Sandy Springs gave $1,200;

* Kit Welch of McDonough gave $1,200

* L & C Partnership in Ellenwood gave $250;

* Publix Super Markets Inc. in Lakeland, Fla., gave $250;

* Simmons Manufacturing Co. in McDonough gave $250;

* South Point Retail Partners LLC in Morrow gave $250;

* Jones Real Estate in Jackson gave $1,000;

* Larry O'Neal Campaign Fund in Warner Robins gave $500;

* Ralston for Representative Committee Inc. in Blue Ridge gave $1,000;

* Friends of Jan Jones in Alpharetta gave $1,000;

* Committee to Elect Allen Peake in Macon gave $500;

* Herman Cain in McDonough gave $500;

* Associated Builders and Contractors in Atlanta gave $500;

* GeorgiaLink PAC for Good Government in Atlanta gave $500; and

* Georgia Oilmen's Association in Lawrenceville gave $300.

112th House District

Doug Holt, R-Social Circle, is running unopposed for the 112th House District, which includes portions of Newton and Morgan counties.

17th Senate District

The financial race for the 17th Senate District appears to be tilted toward the Republican candidate, based on financial contributions to the campaigns.

The 17th Senate District includes portions of Newton, Rockdale, Henry, Walton and Spalding counties.

Republican Rick Jeffares of Locust Grove has reported bringing in $73,159.31 throughout his campaign, which also involved a primary runoff race between him and Covington resident Todd Hilton. As of the Oct. 7 filing date, Jeffares had $5,562.52 on hand.

While Stockbridge Democrat Jim Nichols reports a bit more cash on hand -- $6,690.37 -- he has raised only $13,452.59 throughout his campaign.

Jeffares has reported the following contributions during this recent reporting period:

* Georgia Retail Spirits Council in Atlanta gave $150;

* Friends of Chip Rogers--Senate in Woodstock gave $1,000;

* Robert Fowler III of Covington gave $400;

* William Thomas Craig LLC of Covington gave $1,000;

* Committee for Affordable WF Housing in Atlanta gave $750;

* Georgia Oilmen's Association of Lawrenceville gave $350;

* Searles Consulting Inc. of Atlanta gave $150;

* Standard Properties of McDonough gave $250;

* Heat Reaction Technologies LLC in Alpharetta gave $200;

* Robert Tully of Savannah gave $150;

* Friends of Tommie Williams in Lyons gave $1,000;

* Cecil Staton for State Senate in Macon gave $1,000;

* Publix Supermarkets Inc. of Lakeland, Fla., gave $250;

* Association of Builders and Contractors of Georgia PAC in Atlanta gave $1,000

* Georgia Pharmacy Association PAC Inc. in Atlanta gave $250;

* Merritt Dyke in Atlanta gave $250.

* David Shafer Senate Committee in Duluth gave $1,000;

* Georgia Group in Atlanta gave $2,000;

* Outdoor Advertising Association of Georgia-PAC in Cumming gave $250;

* Georgia Dental Association PAC in Atlanta gave $500;

* Eagles Brooke Country Club in Locust Grove gave $2,2340 as an in-kind donation through a golf tournament fundraiser;

* Olympus Media LLC of Alpharetta gave $2,100 in advertising as an in-kind donation; and

* Friends for Chip Rogers--Senate gave $1,000 for robocalls as an in-kind donation.

Nichols has reported the following contributions during this recent reporting period:

* Rochelle Hamilton of Mableton gave $150;

* Randall Brown of Austell gave $250;

* Democracy for America in Burlington, Vt., gave $1,000;

* Georgia State UAW PAC Council in Atlanta gave $200;

* UFCW Local 1996 Active Ballot Club in Suwanee gave $500;

* Thomas McConnell of McDonough gave $500;

* Friends of Rahn Mayo in Decatur gave $125;

* Georgia State AFL-CIO PAA in Atlanta gave $300;

* James Dean in Fairfield, Conn., gave $150;

* Nan for Senate in Atlanta gave $500;

* Drive Committee in Washington, D.C., gave $2,400; and

* Milton Tambor in Atlanta gave $250.