Newton County General Election 2010 Sample Ballot

Newton County Sample Ballot - 2010 General Election
Voters will need to know which district applies to his/her address.


a voter is unsure about district information, that information may be


on the Secretary of State's Web site at www.sos.georgia.gov by

selecting the My Voter Page link.

Voters can contact the Newton

County Board of Elections at 770-784-2055 to verify registration,

district and/or polling information.

United States Senate

* Johnny Isakson (incumbent) - Republican

* Michael "Mike" Thurmond - Democrat

* Chuck Donovan - Libertarian

State Rep. in the 95th District

* Rodney Upton - Republican

* Pam Dickerson - Democrat

Proposed Constitutional Amendments

* Nathan Deal - Republican

* Roy E. Barnes - Democrat

* John H. Monds - Libertarian

State Rep. in the 110th District

* Andrew "Andy" J. Welch III - Republican

* Rudy Cox - Democrat

1 - Allows competitive contracts to be enforced in Georgia courts.

House Resolution No. 178

"Shall the Constitution of Georgia be amended so as to make Georgia more

economically competitive by authorizing legislation to uphold reasonable

competitive agreements?"

_ Yes _ No

Lt. Governor

* L.S. Casey Cagle (incumbent) - Republican

* Carol Porter - Democrat

* Dan Barber - Libertarian

State Rep. in the 112th District

* Doug Holt (incumbent) - Republican

Secretary of State

* Brian Kemp (incumbent) - Republican

* Georganna Sinkfield - Democrat

* David Chastain - Libertarian

County Commission, District 2

* Ricky Corley - Republican

* Lanier Sims - Democrat

2 - Adds $10 tag fee on private passenger vehicles to fund statewide

trauma care expansion.

Senate Resolution No. 277

"Shall the Constitution of Georgia be amended so as to impose an annual

$10 trauma charge on certain passenger motor vehicles in this state for

the purpose of funding trauma care?"

_ Yes _ No

Attorney General

* Sam Olens - Republican

* Ken Hodges - Democrat

* Don Smart - Libertarian

County Commission, District 4

* J.C. Henderson (incumbent) - Democrat

School Superintendent

* John D. Barge - Republican

* Joe Martin - Democrat

* Kira Griffiths Willis - Libertarian

Board of Education, District 1

* Jeff Meadors - Republican

3 - Allows the state to execute multi-year contracts for long-term

transportation projects.

Senate Resolution No. 821

"Shall the Constitution of Georgia be amended so as to allow the Georgia

Department of Transportation to enter into multi-year construction

agreements without requiring appropriations in the current fiscal year

for the total amount of payments that would be due under the entire

agreement so as to reduce long-term construction costs paid by the state?"

_ Yes _ No

Commissioner of Insurance

* Ralph T. Hudgens - Republican

* Mary Squires - Democrat

* Shane Bruce - Libertarian

Board of Education, District 3

* Kevin Wade - Republican

* Shakila Henderson-Baker - Democrat

Commissioner of Agriculture

* Gary Black - Republican

* J.B. Powell - Democrat

* Kevin Cherry - Libertarian

Board of Education, District 5

* Abigail Morgan Coggin - Republican

* Sharon Sawyer - Democrat

4 - Allows the state to execute multi-year contracts for projects to

improve energy efficiency and conservation.

Senate Resolution 1231

"Shall the Constitution of Georgia be amended so as to provide for

guaranteed cost savings for the state by authorizing a state entity to

enter into multi-year contracts which obligate state funds for energy

efficiency or conservation improvement projects?"

_ Yes _ No

Commissioner of Labor

* Mark Butler - Republican

* Darryl Hicks - Democrat

* Will Costa - Libertarian

Non-Partisan Elections

Justice, Supreme Court of Georgia

* Tammy Lynn Adkins

* David Nahmias (incumbent)

* Matt Wilson

Public Service Commission, District 2 - Eastern

* Tim Echols - Republican

* Keith Moffett - Democrat

* James "Jim" Sendelbach - Libertarian

Judge, Court of Appeals of Georgia

* A. Harris Adams (incumbent)

5 - Allows owners of industrial-owned property to choose to remove

industrial designation from their property.

House Resolution No. 136

"Shall the Constitution of Georgia be amended so as to allow the owners

of real property located in industrial areas to remove the property from

the industrial area?"

_ Yes _ No


U.S Rep. in the 7th District

* Rob Woodall - Republican

* Doug Heckman - Democrat

Judge, Court of Appeals of Georgia

* Anne Elizabeth Banks (incumbent)

U.S. Rep. in the 8th District

* Austin Scott - Republican

* Jim Marshall (incumbent) - Democrat

Judge, Court of Appeals of Georgia

* James Babalola

* Antoinette "Toni" Davis

* Stan Gunter

* Adrienne Hunter-Strothers

* Chris McFadden

* David N. Schaeffer

Proposed Statewide Referendum

A - Provides for inventory of businesses to be exempt from state

property tax.

House Bill No. 482

"Shall the act be approved which grants an exemption from state ad

valorem taxation for inventory of a business?"

_ Yes _ No

State Senator, District 17

* Rick Jeffares - Republican

* Jim Nichols - Democrat

For Upper Ocmulgee River, Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor

* David T. Hayes (incumbent)