Newton Phone Poll - 10-16-10

The Newton Citizen Poll is a compilation of opinions submitted by readers. They do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Citizen newspapers. If you agree or disagree with something you read here, you may respond by e-mailing poll@newtoncitizen.com. Please remember that the Citizen Poll is not a forum for comments either for or in opposition to candidates seeking elective office.

"This is in response to the last article concerning the Covington Airport. First of all my name is Wayne Digby. As a matter of record I do fit some of the criteria that was mentioned but it is very evident that the writer doesn't know as much as he thinks. Yes, I am retired from the city of Covington, (which means that I cannot go back to work for them), and the newspaper stated that Mr. Passariello is an engineer and a pilot who was hired by the city of Covington as the 'Airport Manager.' Also the state Legislature granted the formation of an Airport Authority, which is a separate government agency all by itself which does not answer to the city of Covington or Newton County. As far as can I run an airport and what experience do I have doing so, I owned Southeastern Flight Training Inc., which was the first incorporated flight school at the airport. I also ran the airport in conjunction with the FBO that was there at that time. You are right about there being more to running an airport than keeping the fuel farm running (you must have an aviation background, any jealousy?) and that is the problem with it today. As for me, I have another job awaiting me after I leave the Porterdale Police Department. If only you knew! Or better yet, if only people like you would be willing to sign their name as well."

"Now that the county chairman has seen fit to spend county money on a new trailer to be used as a float at parades and also to allow Vampire diaries to use it, I have a great suggestion (which will probably not be published) I think the county chairman should invite all the laid off county employees to ride on the float at the Christmas parade. After all the money saved by laying off county workers has allowed her to have the trailer built. Merry Christmas and enjoy the float. By the way, how is the hiring of the new shop foreman coming?"

Editor's note: According to Chairman Kathy Morgan, "The Vampire Diaries" donated a replica of the historic courthouse, used for last year's season finale, to Newton County for use in parades and other local events. The county's public works department constructed a trailer for easily hauling the replica at a cost of about $1,600. The work was done with the consent of the Board of Commissioners.

"To everyone complaining about the sheriff directing traffic at Oak Hill, here's a thought, instead of all of you parents clogging up the road dropping your kids off, just let them ride the bus. Your kids are no better than any of the other kids in that school, so don't act like they are too good to ride that big yellow limousine."

"With reference to the commentary from 'The Old Country Bumpkin'

1. George W. Bush did not alone make the decision to go to war. That was decided by votes from members of Congress from both parties. Just to name one, Hillary Clinton, a readily recognizable name.

2. During the eight years that George W. Bush held the office of president of the United States, the last two years the Congress majority make-up was the Democratic Party.

3. And my last fact is, Barack Obama must be in favor of the war in Afghanistan, as he did (and hopefully still does) support the recent 'surge' of troops there."

"This is to the person that 'heard and seen' the Tea Party on the Square ... First of all, please work on your grammar if you want any chance of anyone taking you seriously. Second of all, were you safe during the Bush years? Did we have any attacks after 9-11? I am glad that he spent the money for this country's safety and for my child's safety (and yours). Third, this president has spent more money in his two years than all the presidents put together! You really need to do your homework and see what is being spent now and please quit BIOB (blaming it on Bush)! One last thing, did you know that Obama has played more games of golf since he's been in office than Bush did his whole eight years ... not to mention all the vacations?! We need a president that is focused and not one that is on a constant vacation!"

"For everybody that stands around and tries their best to out-type and try to verbally harm each other through the poll: You are a backboneless coward. It's time to stand and fight. Do you think the mayor, chief of police, sheriff of Newton County cares what you type? All we do is waste time bitching back and forth in the poll. Take your lazy back boneless self to the city and county meetings and let's raise some hell. Let's make signs and march the street. I don't waste time; if something is wrong, I say something. Stand up and let's fight for what is ours, for what is right. Vote to get the fox out of the hen house. That's a joke. Sometimes it calls to pick up the broom and scream and holler. Get out and stop traffic for the kids. Stop the lady on the golf cart, call the law for child endangerment. It's time to stop turning the other to please people and wait to get home just to write in the polls. ... "

"I am currently a ninth-grade student at Alcovy High School. When I was in eighth grade, I wasn't looking forward to high school because everyone was talking about how bad the school I was zoned for-Alcovy- was. They told me that I was going to get jumped or shot or something of that sort the first day of school because it apparently had a bunch of gangs and drug dealers (bad people) that hung out around the school. Those were the only things ever said about Alcovy, but when you brought up Eastside, or even Newton, only good things like the nice people, the absence of violence and obscenity, and the great teachers. Plus, since I was at Indian Creek, I was one of few going to Alcovy. ... Quickly, I found out that Alcovy isn't that bad. Actually, I haven't seen anything bad around the school. Everyone there is nice. It's almost like a big family. ... "

"I would like to thank the Alcovy baseball team for coming out Saturday, October the 9th, and budding up with the children on the Miracle League. It was awesome to see so many young men come out to help. My son really enjoyed Hunter helping him out. Again, thank you Alcovy baseball. It would be nice to see more young people get involved and show a caring hand."

"How can we stay in contact with the schools and the teachers when there is no teacher progress reports issued and no parent meetings. To me this is a no-no because you want us to keep up with our children and help them, but how can we. We pay schools taxes and all the other people does. How can we help our children if all don't help us? On the school calendars it is scheduled for this and we don't have one?"

"'The American system of democracy will prevail until that moment when the politicians discover they can bribe the electorate with their own money.' - Steve Wynn It appears we have reached that point, both locally and nationally."

"I am all about giving to charity and feeding the poor, but I am not for someone trying to cheat the system and taking advantage of someone trying to help. I personally know two people that receive around $1,000 a month in food stamps and then drive to every food bank and free food giveaway that is in the area. I am not receiving any help and I have a hard time buying groceries, but I make it one way or another. I would help anyone that I could, but I just think it's a shame to take things that are 'free' just because you can. Maybe these food banks need to be more selective and make sure they are providing to really needy families. There are plenty of people that don't know where their next meal will come from ... save the food for those people!"

"I canceled my subscription to the Newton Citizen some time back because they no longer offer a discount for senior citizens. Today, I received a call from some telemarketing outfit selling subscriptions to the Newton Citizen -- but they no longer offer a 12-month subscription - only three-month and six-month subscriptions. And you wonder why more and more newspapers are going belly up. They do nothing for their subscribers. Customers go where they are welcome -- and stay where they are well treated."

Editor's note: It must have been a telemarketing company representing another newspaper who called you. We are not currently doing any telemarketing in Newton County; we do offer senior citizen rates; and we would much prefer that you buy a 12-month subscription over any other offer.

"As a five-month survivor of breast cancer I am overwhelmed by the love, and support shown to me by the citizens of Newton County. The staff at The Women's Diagnostic Center, Kay Goff, and the members of the breast cancer support group, the store owners that allowed us to display our Portraits Of Hope and many more have helped me to cope, and not feel so alone during this time. I want to say a special thank you to the Newton Citizen for printing the pink edition of the paper. I have gotten excellent medical care, and I am grateful that I was able to relieve it in my own community. Thank God I was diagnosed early with a routine mammogram, and I am cancer free."

"I just received my Porterdale city tax notice. My city taxes increased 62 percent. That is a $360 increase over last year. One of my neighbor's tax almost doubled while another neighbor's taxes actually doubled. The neighbor who doubled has limited income from Social Security. Porterdale City Council increased the millage rate from 9.156 to 17.518. Someone please let me know if it is me or has Porterdale crossed the line."

"I was greatly perturbed when I read the blatant case of racial discrimination against the white race which was paraded on the front page of the Saturday Oct. 9th edition of the Newton Citizen regarding a federal college grant. This article was about nearly half a million dollars in grant funds to serve low and middle-income African-American students in order 'to ensure that African-Americans students are successful in college,' according to U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan. I have a problem with my tax dollars being used in this manner. I feel that low and middle-income American white students as well as other races represented in the United States should have just as much right to this federal grant as the African-American students. If this article had been published stating that only American white students would benefit from these funds, the NAACP would have been all over the U.S. Department of Education with lawsuits. It seems to me that racism is a one-way street in which white people are not allowed to travel."

"Fellow senior citizens -- Listen Up! Obama and his Congress will announce this week that for the second straight year, there will be no Social Security cost of living increase. They have the idea that they must save money and basically they want to take it from the people who will give them the least resistance, thus senior citizens. They have a lot of nerve considering they voted themselves a 2010 pay raise. They are already over-paid for what they do. We may not have the power to change their pay raise nor the Social Security ruling, but we can show them how angry we are at their decisions. We must make sure we vote Nov. 2. We must clean the House and Senate of all those who only think of themselves and Obama's agenda in these difficult times. Obamacare is the worst thing to ever happen to seniors; cutting Medicare and Medicaid is only the beginning. We must stop Obama's radical transformation of America into another failed socialist state. We can make a difference and the time is now!"

"My comment is for the EHS football coaching staff. I always ask my son what kind of comments are communicated to them after a game -- whether it be a win or loss. I was told after last Friday night's loss, that the team was told 'don't hang your heads down' and also 'it's pretty sorry that even with this record y'all could still make the playoffs.' I wasn't aware of these comments until Saturday morning. As I look back now on Friday night as I waited for the players to emerge from the field house, I witnessed every single coach come out with their head down. Maybe the staff should begin by practicing what you preach. These guys are looking to you all for inspiration! How can you tell them not to hang their heads and every one of you come out with your heads hung down. As I've watched this program for six-plus years -- win or lose -- all these guys (some graduated now, some still there) have always played their hearts out. I commend you and your staff for all the time you put in and all of your efforts -- maybe you guys could just try a little positive reinforcement instead of so much negativity."

"In response to the person writing in regards to the lady on the golf cart. The city of Covington implemented the golf cart ordinance for the citizens of Covington. All the golf carts are allowed on streets that have been approved by the city and that are 35 MPH or less. The city of Covington requires you to have a permit, head lights, horn, turn signal, brake lights to ride one on public streets. They do not require you to have seat belts on them. But the lady that this person is referring about installed seat belts on her golf cart when she bought it. If the citizens would abide by the laws on the road and drive the speed limit, this article may have never entered the paper. Next time before complaining on one person, maybe slow down and see for yourself the facts."

"I would like to ask for a request for you all to show me how many jobs for Georgia the Bush tax cut for people who earn $75,000 or less has brought to this state."

"To whomever called in last week in the phone poll about the lady riding around in the golf cart with children on it. Don't you think if children's lives are at stake you should call 911 instead of calling the Newton Citizen phone poll. The Newton Citizen poll is for citizens to voice their opinions about certain things in the Newton County area, not to discuss the law enforcement agencies in this county."

"To the mayor and the City Council of Covington. Why in the world did you guys approve an ordinance in this city to allow golf carts to begin with? What were you thinking?"