Newton Poll - 10-09-10

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"The last thing the city of Covington needs right now is a new city hall building! How about spending a little money on the public service departments. Our police need new cars! Did you know that they are one of only a few departments still around that share cars? That's right, the cars are driven 24 hours a day. I hope that we never have a mass emergency. Come on Covington, it's been proven that the maintenance cost would go down if every officer was given a take home car! Hey, it even gives them pride in having their own car and they seem to take care of them a little better. As a citizen I'm tired of seeing police cars with peeling paint and bent push bars driving around town! Now to the fire department. Get these guys/gals some updated equipment! I know, you just built a new fire station, but who cares if they can't get there! I have seen the oldest fire truck ever responding to calls lately. My son said "Daddy, why is that fire truck so old?" I wish that I had an answer for him. All I can say is that our police and fire should come first in the SPLOST request list, don't you think?

"This is in response to the person who is upset with the city of Porterdale and wants to sell his or her property and move out. I have a much better idea. Why don't you stay and we can vote them all out. Porterdale has created such a mess you probably could not give your house away."

"I think you should make the paper pink all the time."

"I would like to know why the ... lady is riding around town on a golf cart with little children that looks about 2 years old on it. I don't care if she rides till hell freezes over, but she shouldn't be riding around those kids. They are not in a car seat, and if someone hit her those kids don't stand a chance. People in cars, trucks, vans etc. have to have a car seat, and then it is still dangerous. Let's all get together and complain to the city council and the mayor about this issue for the kids' sakes. Maybe they can make it a law that little children can't ride around in golf carts."

"I am so sick and tired of seeing people that shouldn't have kids walking around with them. There was a woman in my neighborhood that had five kids by three different men, and none of them were there to raise them. She had them on Medicaid, then the government gave her food stamps, then they started paying her rent through Section Eight housing. The whole neighborhood had to deal with her kids because they were tearing things up. Why doesn't our government wise up and start sending people that can't support kids to a doctor's office to be fixed after they have one kid on Medicaid. Don't get me wrong, I don't have anything against people having kids that can support them, but I believe that people that can't afford to have kids should be spayed or neutered. It works on cats and dogs, and it will work on people. Stop wasting our tax dollars, Uncle Sam."

"Regarding 'rails to trails' -- we already have the grant for this! Use this $1 million grant or lose it another community that can think outside the box! I say go ahead and give it to Madison, Snellville ... some other city that wants it!"

"I live in the Lakeview part of Covington and I read your poll in the library. I have been reading about the drug houses in Covington. A recent comment said the law knows the dope areas and that is where they do most of their tracking. They must do their tracking in a wagon pulled by a mule named Ada from Decatur. Our area used to be a nice neighborhood, but now all we old people stay in with our doors locked."

"For the retired elementary school teacher who thinks that some of the police officers live in mansions, drive nice vehicles and ride around in their golf carts, has it ever occurred to you that they all work extra jobs in order to pay their bills and have nice things. At one time, my husband worked three extra jobs, in addition to the 50-plus hours he worked every week for the police department. This does not include the numerous hours he spent volunteering his time for things to benefit this community. When was the last time you worked a weekend, night shift or a holiday? Have you ever had to work 48 hours or more at one time without getting any sleep? All of these things are the price you pay when you work in this profession. You obviously need to get your facts straight!"

Who is Sheriff Brown kidding. I heard the same story last year that it is a state highway and the school would have to get in touch with someone from the state. The traffic problem at Oak Hill is not a new one. Stop with the excuses and just do something. Sheriff Brown you do not need a traffic flow report ,,, go observe for yourself. If you dispatch the deputy working that zone in the morning it will not cost extra. I know sometimes deputies are busy in the morning and may not be able to direct traffic but most of the time they are not busy and can direct traffic for 15 to 20 minutes a day. Please do not let this go by the way side until a child is killed.

Received health insurance booklets with all the garbage being changed with Obamacare beginning Jan. 1. My generic prescriptions that cost $12.00 for a 90 day supply in 2010, jumps to $24.00 in 2011. Office visits jump up $10.00 over 2010. Formerly free eyeglasses up to $150.00, will now cost $50.00 co-pay. Everything increases on 1/1/11 EXCEPT Social Security benefits. What a crock! At least the insurance companies are sending out information on the changes well in advance of the mid-term elections -- so people can make informed decisions.

I agree with some of the callers who say the Covington drug squad does very little toward arresting the suppliers who transport the drug supplies to Covington. I have never heard of such arrests. They only seem to arrest low level users at the bottom of the pecking order. Things will never improve with this type of law enforcement. The Mayor and Council are at fault for not demanding and furnishing better law enforcement.

Hydrilla cannot easily get from lake to lake without human carelessness.

In response to employers depending, in part on credit reports in new hires. Most all of the most brilliant inventors throughout the world died broke. Ideas don't make money. But without them we would be toting a stone axe. Patents don't come cheap and one who spends all their time and money inventing has little chance of gaining patents. The importance of money in our society has been our downfall. Greed, and instant satisfaction rules. I know that I have spent years and lots of money that could have been used for other purposes to make an idea successful. Which is most important, a good credit report or Nicola Tesla's invention of alternating current? Tesla built the first large scale hydro plant at Niagara Falls and it is still running. He died broke. Maybe our schools should begin teaching how to develop and manufacture products rather than just 'making money' as we can see what the major industries have done to the country by moving offshore. I'd rather be creative than book smart any day of the week. What you get from books, so do millions of others. What you get from creativity is divine. Those inventors who were not concerned with the almighty dollar and spent every nickel they possessed to make the world a better place deserve so much more than, for example, the outstanding player in the Super Bowl and until that happens, whether a device or a disease cure, our nation will continue to falter.

I know the Racetrak caught on fire several months ago but after all that time it could have been ready for business again. I guess the owners have got all the tax breaks they can get out of the U.S. and our government. Our city council needs to get another big name station to come into Covington. The QT needs competition. The store at Dixie has gas for $2.50 a gallon $.09 higher than it is at the QT.

Why do we not have a walk-in clinic for emergencies?

The walk around tunnel on Turner Lake Road, who is that to benefit -- the citizens of Newton County and all that tax dollars going to waste? There is only one little subdivision I think it is called Clarks Grove where it is being built at. Is it to benefit them and the rest of Newton County has to suffer for six months because of the construction and the delay of opening up Turner Lake Road. What is the purpose of it?

I do not think it was a good decision to use stimulus money for the park at Fairview Estates. The park is in a subdivision so it will not be a public park because access is through the subdivision. People from other areas will not use the park. Other subdivisions have parks that are maintained through the homeowners association and the park in the Fairview Estates should be doing the same thing. The park in Fairview Estates is with the Recreation Department so that means all the homeowners in Newton county will be paying for that park that will be used by Fairview Estate homeowners. I think the park was a bad decision made by Nancy Schulz and Kathy Morgan. People of Newton County remember this when voting time comes.

This past Saturday, Oct. 2 on the Covington Square I heard and seen a Republican rally being called a Tea Party. I was brought up on a farm in Central Georgia and you could dress up a pig but it was still a pig. If people would think the eight years with Bush at the helm is the reason we are where we are now with the wars he started. The good USA is in bad shape. So, don't blame the Democrats. The Old Country Bumpkin.