On the Beat: Hungry burglar raids resident's freezer

Big appetite

A resident complained to the Newton County Sheriff's Office that someone opened their garage door and took the following items out of their freezer: five large bags of shrimp, two cases of rib tips, two large bags of french fries, one case of pancakes on a stick, five large bags of chicken and four boxes of butter.

• An employee of Kroger grocery store on Salem Road reported that a man walked into the store and went to the beer aisle where he placed several cases of beer into his buggy, grabbed a container of lighter fluid and then pushed the buggy out of the store without bothering to pay. He placed the items in the truck of a waiting car and was last seen heading toward Rockdale County.

Wash me

A woman called the NCSO to report a stalker was using his or her hands to write messages on the driver's side window of her vehicle.

It's all fake anyway

An employee of the T&H One Stop convenience store notified the NCSO that someone was trying to pass a bad check at his store, but had left his driver's license behind when fleeing the store. The check was initially made out for $4.77, but it had been altered to read $904.77. It turned out the driver's license was fraudulent, as well as the check.

Helping out a friend

A man was at Newton Medical Center awaiting emergency care due to his involvement in a fight, but left the building. The Covington Police Department was notified and when officers found the man, they brought him back. He said he left because he had been "dragged to the hospital" against his will.

The man told officers he got involved in the fight while trying to assist his friend. He admitted to "choking and punching" several males during the altercation and then he said an unknown person grabbed a Jack Daniels bottle and hit him over the head.

The man couldn't describe or name the friend he was defending, nor any of the other combatants. He was issued a citation and released to the hospital for stitches to the right side of his face and forehead. He also sustained a severe black eye.

Poor college student

A woman was arrested at Wal-Mart after loss prevention agents saw her take several items, stuff them into her purse and leave the store without paying for them. By the time CPD officers arrived at the store, the woman was sobbing and asked the officer, "Is this going to cause me to lose my HOPE scholarship?" She had stolen $132.08 worth of merchandise, including a pair of pajamas, sunglasses, assorted T-shirts and pairs of shorts, a 3-pack pair of panties, gloves, a dog collar leash, a sunless tanning system, a multi-pack of KY Jelly, a bottle of nail polish and foot balm.

Not much to work with

A man went to the Covington Police Department recently to report that his red 1973 truck had gone missing while he was in jail — sometime between October and December of 2009. He said he had been looking for it ever since he got out, but had been unsuccessful in finding it. He did give them a lead, however. He said his 8-year-old niece saw it in the parking lot of a local restaurant in March, April or May.

My friend took it

A man called the CPD to say his .40-caliber Taurus handgun was missing from his vehicle. He said a friend had asked to borrow the car the night before and returned it after only 10 minutes. That morning he heard the friend had been arrested for armed robbery and when he found the gun missing, he put two and two together and decided he better call the police.

A bad day

• A man was driving a 23-year-old pickup that got a CPD officer's attention because the side tail light was out. The officer stopped the vehicle and asked for the driver's license. The driver said he had one, but didn't have it on him as he'd just gotten out of jail. The officer checked the computer and it turned out the reason the man didn't have his license on him was because it was suspended due to his being a habitual violator. He went right back to jail.

• A man was having car trouble at the intersection of Crowell and Access roads. An NCSO deputy gave the motorist assistance and in the course of his efforts ran the man's tag number through the computer system. He found out the man's license was suspended and he was arrested. The vehicle was towed.

Animal cruelty

A man called the CPD to report that someone threw a large rock in his outdoor fish pond and killed his albino channel catfish.

A cheater

A woman called the CPD to report her boyfriend had cheated on her. She said when she first found it out, she broke his phone and had come to his house that day to pay for the damage. But once there, she got so angry over the cheating, she called the cops. While she was telling this story to the police, she was still irate and couldn't refrain from using profanity in front of her infant son despite several warnings from officers. Finally, they gave up and arrested her.

Suspicious male

An NCSO deputy was called to a home in reference to a "suspicious male." A woman at the residence said she awoke that morning to find a strange man asleep on her sofa. She woke him up and said she had to force him out of her residence. When he finally left, she said he ran behind a bush and hid.

Sister stuff

Two sisters got into an altercation because one accused the other of putting a voodoo curse on her. She said she'd been told her sister wrote her name and the name of her boyfriend on a piece of paper and set it on fire in an effort to break them up. NCSO deputies advised both women of the warrant process.