Newton Poll - 10-02-10

The Newton Citizen Poll is a compilation of opinions submitted by readers. They do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Citizen newspapers. If you agree or disagree with something you read here, you may respond by e-mailing poll@newtoncitizen.com. Please remember that the Citizen Poll is not a forum for comments either for or in opposition to candidates seeking elective office.

"I've been a subscriber to the Citizen for 10 years. The Citizen Poll used to have opinions in it that were important to the community. In the Sept. 25th Citizen there were opinions from T-Bone, Possum and Pork Chop. Do they really have an opinion on anything or do they just like to see the names they use for themselves in print? I think if the Citizen can edit any of these opinions, they should edit out these people's '5 seconds of fame' names. I'm close to skipping this section of the paper and maybe discontinuing my subscription. Money is too precious these days to waste on this junk."

"Folks, there really is a God and he is giving Bishop Eddie Long his just desserts! I hope Bishop Long now understands what it feels like to have people cast judgment on him. This is true justice people, true poetic justice!"

"If the city of Covington wants to allow semi trucks in residential areas why did they set up different districts for specific uses (residential to live in, commercial to sell things in and industrial for trucking)? Why should truck drivers pay residential taxes for their business purposes? As a business person myself, I have to pay commercial rates for everything I do."

"Seems to me that 'Pork Chop' just talks to hear himself talk. I think he should change his name to 'Ham' Steak. Go ham it up somewhere else!"

"I have always wanted a way to be able to have a line on election ballots to vote 'None of the above.' It seems on the November ballot for governor we have a third choice a Libertarian. I have never voted Libertarian, but I am quite sure that a vote for this candidate will serve the purpose of saying as loud as possible that I do not want either one of the above bozos. I have researched the other Libertarian candidates and offer no real information on them, but a vote for some of them might begin to point out that many of the voters want 'None of the above.'"

"With the recent firing of the Covington Airport FBO Manager Dixie Jet, and the hiring of Vincent Passariello as Airport Engineer, I truly hope that the Covington City Council does not play favoritism (again) by utilizing the 'good ole boy' system in selecting a manager for the daily operations of the airport. It is rumored that they have already chosen someone who is a former city of Covington employee, a retired veteran, a former city of Covington policeman, and an experienced pilot with many hours of flying and teaching experience. And what's also ironic is the coincidental resignation of the Porterdale Police Chief Wayne Digby, who has the exact same background. Talk about fairness in hiring and diversity. If the rumors are true, my question is, has he ever managed an airport before on any level or in any capacity? There are many aspects to managing and operating an airport/FBO -- even one the size of Covington. It's not all about keeping fuel in the fuel farm tanks. Furthermore, what does the council know about operating an airport or FBO? I do know that when this fiasco began with Dixie Jet, invitations were sent to the mayor, city manager and council members to come visit other FBO facilities just to get a first-hand look and hopefully a better understanding of the daily/weekly/ monthly operations, but as of this date, no one has accepted. I have watched the Covington Airport grow, and I can see its potential growth because there is a demand for its private aircraft service, which is good for the Covington/Newton County economy. So council members, stop and think for yourselves. And if you don't know, then ask somebody who does. But whatever you decide, please look outside the box."

"It is good to know that there are 'thousands' (per last week's comment) wanting to use the controversial 'trails.' Now we know how Newton County can fund this money pit. All that needs to be done is for the county to set up toll booths, like Georgia 400, and charge what it will cost to buy, build, maintain and provide security for this 'dream.' Just like cars pay tax on fuel to fund roads, bikers can pay a tax to fund their pleasure and recreation. This will take the burden off the backs of Newton County taxpayers, leaving more tax dollars for our already over-stretched Recreation Department. Thanks for letting us know about the 'thousands.'"

"To the person who says thousands of Newton County folks want the 'rails to trails,' I'm here to tell you that there are thousands of us who do not want it. We live near the railroad and do not want you intruding on our property, invading our privacy and disturbing our peace and quiet. We live in the eastern part of the county for a reason -- little traffic, good schools, friendly neighbors and no riffraff. We would prefer you take your to ride on established bike trails."

"Well I figured it wouldn't take long and there would be copy cats of Pork Chop. I used to enjoy Saturday morning reading what Pork Chop said and now we have other dummies ruining it now. We have Ham Bone, T-Bone and Possum. How about the three of you come up with your own idea, and we don't care what you say. We love Pork Chop, not you dummies. Now Pork Chop might not write anymore because of you."

"Hey, Newton County, Peanut here. You know what ticks Old Peanut off. Taxes, yes taxes. If it's not a property tax, it's state income tax, a federal income tax a sales tax, a car tax, a Medicare tax, a boat tax, a trailer tax, a Social Security tax, a capital gains tax, a tax on storm water. Are your kidding me, a storm water tax. Hey, do we get a refund if it does not rain? Next thing we are going to have an air tax or a tax for passing gas. Now when so many people are trying to keep their houses and just eat and looking for a job that is not there. We want to drive the last nail in the poor people of Newton County by continuing a SPLOST tax for grass and trees. They did not give us what they promised the last time or the time before that when money was rolling in. Come on, give us a break. You're taxing us to death. Oh, there is a tax on that if they did not get all when you were alive. So the next we vote, let's vote on a tax for all political contributions. Yes, the person running would have to pay the state 75 percent of contributions that they receive. Plus a tax on elected officials to hold office of 80 percent. ... Don't get me wrong we need to pay our fair share but us in the middle class can't afford the lawyer it takes to legally avoid the taxes and we barely make enough. We cannot get government assistance. I guess the only way to avoid this abuse on the people is stop working. And if we stop working, then who is going to pay those taxes to pay the politicians?"

"Green space, green space, green space for SPLOST. Has the mayor of Covington lost her mind? We have people barely scraping by and she wants take their money for green space. Maybe if we are going to do green space, let's put a couple of benches there so when those of us just getting by lose our homes we can have a place to sleep. Hey, wake up, mayor. The people of this county are hurting and need relief, not more taxes. I guess she wants to do something big so she can say she did something for Covington besides redecorating the mayor's office."

"How do we get a head trauma center at Newton Medical? This would be great so people would not be sent to Atlanta or Walton Medical. We have all the other special areas now at Newton Medical."

"Good morning to all readers. We are so thankful for this cool weather. Let's hope this brings down some of these high heated arguments that are going around."

"I think the price of used cars is too high."

"I was calling about the comments in regards to racism and dope dealers. I think that is pathetic. I wish they would arrest them all. I don't care what color they are. The law knows the dope areas and that is where they do most of their tracking. If the shoe fits, wear it. If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen."

"I would like to know why the Newton County Sheriff's Office is telling Oak Hill Elementary that they cannot provide a deputy to direct traffic in front of the school because Hwy. 212 is a state run road. Since the park was built, it has become even more dangerous for parents trying to pull out of the school because now they have to make sure no one is passing others in the right turn lane. Sheriff Brown, I believe you could spare someone for 15 to 20 minutes a day to direct traffic and keep our kids safe. Mark my words, someone is going to be seriously injured if not killed. Just because it is a state highway, it is still in Newton County which is the county you were elected to protect its citizens. Do something instead of passing the buck."

Editor's note: According to Sheriff Ezell Brown, he was asked by a representative of the school about the possibility of placing an officer in front of the school on State Road 212 during the arrival and departure of students. Brown said he is concerned that his response to the inquiry has been misinterpreted. "My actual response was that, due to the shortage of manpower, I was not sure that we could afford to permanently place an officer at that location," Brown said in a written statement. "I said, that since this is a state road, I recommended that a traffic flow study be conducted to accommodate the needs of school, as well as the library and Denny Dobbs Park. This statement was not given in an effort to 'pass the buck' as suggested; but rather to ensure that I am protecting all citizens impacted by this situation."

"My comment is for the caller who said 'there are thousands of us wanting these trails and green spare for ourselves.' The caller went on to say that we take our bikes to Arabia Mountain and Silver Comet. I would like to say that if you are that affluent and there are thousands of you, why don't you band together and buy the railroad yourselves. I am sure the railroad would be glad to sell it to you. When you add the September foreclosure pages to the year's total, you have around 350 pages. If people can't keep their homes, how do you expect them to buy (through taxes) the railroad track and maintain the upkeep? You seem to want the government to use the 'police power of the state' to tax poor people for your entertainment. This concept seems very selfish to me."

"It's almost election time citizens, and I have a few questions for you. Name the president that gave away a canal, built by Americans, that would be supplying our economy with billions in tolls from other countries. Answer, Mr. liberal Jimmy Carter. Name the president that sat there while the U.S.S. Cole and the World Trade Center was bombed and did practically nothing when the author of the bombing was offered to him. Answer, Bill Clinton. I don't give a @#%& how much you liberals try to blame George Bush for spending the money he did fighting terrorists, he had to because of the wimpy liberals that preceded him, and that's the @#^%* truth. This is the final question. Who thinks it's a good idea to go around apologizing for the country that has kept the breath of freedom in this world, and to come up with a bill that states it's going to fine those citizens even when they're out of work for not having health insurance? Answer, the biggest liberal of them all, Barack Obama. People need to realize that they've been given something that people fought their asses off for. When the forefathers of this country said we better hang together or we will hang separately, they knew their lives were on the line, and if they were captured by the British they would die. Well America, I believe this country is on the line. Hope you get it right this time."

"I am a retired elementary school teacher living in the Conyers-Dearing Street area of Covington. I would like to take issue with the caller who stated that law enforcement officers 'agree to work for pennies' in your Saturday Citizen Poll. In my small area of Covington, I can point out nine law enforcement officers who live in houses that I would consider to be mansions. They all have nice vehicles and some ride around in golf carts. When they receive their pay it must be a wash tub full of pennies."

"I visited Newton County Library this morning and found a sign at the entrance, 'Quiet Zone Today.' I thought every day was a quiet day at the library. I asked the attendant at the front desk about the sign and she said they had to do that because most of the time there are people talking on cell phones, children running through the library and very loud talking. I think this sign is sending the wrong message! The sign should read, 'Every day is a quiet day at the library -- this means no cell phones, no children running and no loud talking - inside voices only.' We have all been taught that the library is a quiet place. Visitors must show some respect and consideration for others. Let's show some backbone here and stop pandering to bad behavior! Insist on good manners and enforce the rules."

"I see some changes going on in this nation as well as this state, county, towns. People are starting to take back their little piece of the world. The home invasions and crimes towards people are starting to get their justice. I see more and more criminals laying on a slab. This morning an elderly man took one out (good job). People are getting sick of this and are fighting back. And just think, if the left had its way, we would not be allowed to own guns. People who own guns legally do not perpetrate the crimes. But nowadays they take care of business. Let all this be a wakeup call to all you thugs out there. You never know who or what is in a home you intend to break into."

"Can anyone explain why it is the other day I saw a female driving a red Jeep that had Newton County fire on the doors carrying children inside. I mean, are they her children, or is the Newton County fire running a day care? Does the county's insurance know this is being done?"

"Since educators and administrators believe that all you need is more money to improve the quality of our schools, I have a challenge for them. I will agree to pay more taxes for education, if you agree to pay me back when the schools continue to fail to provide our children a quality education. School systems are a service just like any other service organization. Everyone knows if you don't receive what you pay for, you get your money back."

"What is the latest on the Wal-Mart at Salem and Brown Bridge Road?"