Newton Poll - 11-27-10

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"We recently moved into Newton County. On the way out of our neighborhood, on Summer Lane, there is often a large trailer parked on the street. It obstructs the view and is an accident waiting to happen. Most communities have zoning ordinances that prohibit such practices."

"The anti-trails group has ‘priorities first' as their rallying cry. I hope they put up just as many ‘priorites first' signs against the Ag center that Mort wants to build as a pet project for District 1. By the way, studies show that more greenways and parks should be a priority due to their positive economic and quality of life impacts. They would do more for this county than over $2 million for the new ag center and the clear vote-buying of the undefined ‘District 4 improvements.' I wish people would research stuff and form their own opinions rather than listening to whoever is screaming the loudest."

"Priorities first! Mr. Ewing you clearly are not listening to your district!"

"I always attend the lighting of the courthouse each year. Thursday's celebration kinda left me with an empty feeling. I hope that next year the Oxford Children's Choir will be allowed to sing a few more carols and T.K. Adams and his community band will be granted the opportunity to play a few more songs and the politicians will be asked to talk a little less."

"I can't believe the county government of Newton County is already talking about another SPLOST vote. Answer this please: is SPLOST going to rehire all the laid off employees and save the next batch to be laid off? It's just unbelievable that they have the gall to want an agricultural center and other things when their citizens are fighting to save their homes. Shame on them for being so selfish. They took 15 days pay away from the employees that were lucky enough to hang on to their jobs. Merry Christmas Madam Chairman and county commissioners and let's all remember them during the next election. All hail the Queen and her Xmas float!"

"Regarding the many discussions regarding the infamous Rails to Trails proposed project. I for one am not in favor of it and too few people served. One reason, too far from my home. I live near the Hub, but I do walk a fair amount each day — about 5 miles per day, and when I go to the Turner Lake Recreation Department walking track three to four days per week add another 2 miles per day. With that aside, I have a perfect solution which would make those against it and for it happy. First, those taxpayers against it won't cost them a single dime. Those that are for it, take the projected costs based on the average of three bid proposals, subtract the land value based on the average of three independent appraisals, add at lease 30 percent more for overruns, divide that result amount for those who are totally for it (which) would equal the fair share amount that each would have to pay. Once all is collected, start the project; make certain the contractors stay on budget. Of course, after the trail would open up and others may want to use the trail, they would have to pay an equal, agreed-upon amount to each of the initial financial contributors. Additionally, the land would always remain the property of Newton County to avoid any ‘border wars' among the pro trail folks. History teaches us that most wars have started over land and/or religion. We don't want that here in Newton County."

"To the person commenting on the rezoning and bad-mouthing my friend Dr. C.C. Bates, she wasn't the only one pushing for the theme school. You have a whole community of folks to ‘blame' for that. Some parents want there to be a place where their students can learn and not have to put up with poor behavior and lack of interest in education on the part of students and parents. Guess what? Those people are still ‘for' the theme school no matter where you house it. Can't blame 'em. I think the redistricting plan is very fair."

"This is in response to last week's comments about why we are against the Rails to Trails. My family is against it because we own property next to the railroad. The trail would be in my back yard literally. The strangers walking the trail would be able to look at us while we cut our grass, played with our pets, relaxed in our pool, and would invade our privacy. Would you like it if it were your family and your house? Answer that question honestly!"

It's too bad that any teacher input on this whole "phasing out" of chosen schools has fallen on deaf ears. NO one, including a few members of the BOE, the Superintendent and Deputy Superintendent have treated particularly Ficquett with any respect. Yes, they listened to teachers pleas and comments, but with no avail. Why is it that the other two schools just effortlessly slide in to their new home, while Ficquett faculty is being "displaced"? This is unnerving (especially with the enormous proposed teacher cuts) and unfair to teachers who have been employed in the county for some time. Why is it that a new teacher that just so happens to be at the theme school or Palmer Stone gets to move in another school in the same position and grade level taught, with their entire faculty in one piece and a Ficquett teacher is split from his/her faculty and "placed" wherever in whatever grade level? The process is wrong! Newton County BOE needs to put on their adult underwear and fix the problem! Anyone ever heard of seniority and performance for ALL employees???