Newton Poll - 11-20-10

The Newton Citizen Poll is a compilation of opinions submitted by readers. They do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Citizen newspapers. If you agree or disagree with something you read here, you may respond by e-mailing poll@newtoncitizen.com.

"The plan for rezoning the elementary schools is out, the closing of Ficquett is a done deal, the Parent Involvement Theme School and its parents who wanted out of their neighborhood schools now have one of their own, and who do we have to thank for all of this mess? The former school board member who now teaches at Clemson -- Thanks! The new man is doing the best he can with the cards he was dealt."

"I'm wondering how long it takes to pave a circle in Newton County? How much money was spent for a waiting traffic accident to happen, whose big idea was it to put this into play anyway, all we had to do was put a working light up that had a turning lane and that would have solved the problem. Oh yeah, the tunnel. I bet it won't be three months that they will spend another $50,000 to put a gate up so you can't use the tunnel due to crime (hide out for thugs) and this is money well spent? Rails to trails would be better spent money. There are other folks that live in the county that would benefit from this. No more ball parks for the kids. Last time I looked kids don't pay taxes so let's do something for the adults that do!"

"Hey citizens, what do you think about these idiots that they keep showing on the news shooting people at house parties, or rap beat downs. Not too long ago there were 75 of these idiots in the Square in Covington. The police said they got into a fight but none would press charges. I live on the west side of the county and saw some of these idiots trying to take over. I had to keep calling the police. The thugs wanted to kill me. They used to tell me they were going to do all kinds of things to me and my wife. I told them I would be right here and wasn't going anywhere. Most are gone now. I guess they got the message. I wrote the Citizen this week to let people know that they don't have to put up with this. Most of these idiots come from welfare. It starts at the hospital when a woman without insurance has a kid on Medicaid. Next the woman needs food stamps and before long she is pregnant again. She has a second kid on Medicaid, needs more food stamps and welfare. The process keeps repeating itself until she is put into Section Eight housing at our expense. Our government should not have the right to let deadbeats have kids on the taxpayers dime. It makes perfectly good sense to me for any woman that has a kid on Medicaid to have her tubes tied, or a stint put in her tubes right after she has one kid. The procedures are simple now, and I don't care what color the person is. This should apply to the deadbeat that got her pregnant, too. The one she is going to have to keep after for child support until the kid is 18. Vasectomies have become simple too ... "

"Why are there still people who are so fearful of the round-about on Turner Lake Road? If you can't navigate a traffic circle then you don't need to be driving. Those of you who don't know how to yield, know when you have the right of way, or like to direct traffic from the driver's seat of your car ... you're going to have a hard time and screw it up for the rest of us."

"To all of you who are trying to rally against the rails to trails project: Why not come out and state why you are really against it. You just can't support a trail because you don't see your fat butt ever walking on it! I would love to see this project evolve along with several other citizens I have talked to. Why would you be against this project even if alternate funding is found?"

"I hate to have to be the one to tell all of you who have been bitterly complaining that President Obama single-handedly raised your insurance premiums and cut your benefits with the passing of the health care bill that this very thing happens every year from every insurance company. It's been happening like this every year long before Obama took office. It will continue to do so until we focus on health care reform and not health insurance reform. You can spout off about lost benefits and death panels all you want, but the blatantly obvious truth is that as long as the health care industry is a for-profit business, not a single thing will change. You can either try to fix it, which is what President Obama tried to do before Congress caved to the far right fringes, or you can get used to it. The choice is yours."

"Charlie Rangel has been found guilty of 11 ethics violations. The people in his district just reelected this income tax evader and all around crook to represent them for his 21st term. What is wrong with this picture? He thinks he is above doing illegal things and those laws apply to everyone but HIM. If he is not dismissed from Congress and all his benefits taken away, it will prove that those who vote for him only to be censured are as crooked as he is. Our government is headed in the wrong direction in more ways than one. Congress should have to wait until the new representatives are sworn in so they can have a say in this matter. No one seems to know what the word transparency means. He should be made an example and maybe this would prevent others doing the same thing."

"Rockdale has lost its way. We don't know each other anymore. We are not the Small Little Town that I knew as a boy. We have become the town of shoot outs, robberies and break-ins. We never locked our doors, now we don't leave the house without a gun. It is time for new leaders who can bring this community together. We need to stop voting along party lines and vote for a person for their values and what they want to do for the community. We need to look past race and hatred to view every one as equals. Can we start today before it's too late?"

"Where does the money the city and county receives from films? They could use that for improvements of roadways and traffic lights. The county does get some money but does it go into the general fund? The answer might be tricky since they are still talking about cutting employees! It would be nice if they let the citizens know how it is spent."

The economic team here in Newton County sucks. Barrow County is getting a new 12-screen Carmike Movie theater, so why can't we? And don't bring up that we're so close to Conyers and Stonecrest crap. They are in the middle of Gwinnett and Athens and have far more theaters that they are closer to. So instead of trying to get us to shop the mom and pop stores which I have nothing against, the economic team had better try and get some major retail chains here other than Wal-Mart and Home Depot or we will just continue shopping in other counties until we get these stores here which may be never seeing how we are over the 100,000 mark in population as a county and don't have them yet.

"I was calling about parties involving shooting. It seems like it is a trend now. The point is if you care anything about your young'un you would not let them stay at a party till after midnight. And if you do, then you are asking for trouble."

"It is very interesting to note in Friday's Citizen edition how our so-called 'leaders' are already lining up to get a share of the new SPLOST money when we the taxpayers haven't even voted on it yet. I do hope my fellow taxpayer citizens are not weak enough to vote for this SPLOST. We do not need more of this tax burden. What we need is leadership that could control spending our money on their wish list. Do not be foolish enough to give them more money out of our pocket for foolish spending."

"Now that the Turner Lake Speedway is opening maybe we can have a NASCAR Race in Covington. Anybody want to take a guess when the first car is wrecked. I got 30 minutes after it opens."