Bank employees honored by Social Circle Council

Photo by Howard Reed

Photo by Howard Reed

SOCIAL CIRCLE -- Pinnacle Bank employees were honored by the Social Circle City Council for their efforts in assisting the police department in the arrests and convictions of several people attempting to deposit or cash bad checks.

Doug White explained to the City Council during its monthly meeting Tuesday that the three incidents occurred in 2008. He said the first two involved a couple of homeless people from Atlanta who had been transported to Social Circle for the purpose of cashing checks that appeared to be made on a computer.

The third incident involved a woman who attempted to open a savings and checking account with a bad check.

In each case, White said, the employees questioned what was happening, made sure they had positive identification from the suspects and cooperated with the investigations, which led to arrests and convictions of all involved.

"This shows the positive cooperation of the business community and the Department of Public Safety," he said.

Don Fortson, executive vice president of Pinnacle Bank, attended Tuesday's meeting to show support for the bank's employees,

"We want to be a citizen in Social Circle and we will do all we can. This is really very special to us," he said.

In other news, Public Safety Director Tom Fox introduced Terrell Thomas, a newly hired police officer with Social Circle. Thomas, who has 10 years of law enforcement experience, most recently worked with the Jasper County Sheriff's Office.