Newton Poll - 11-13-10

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"My husband and I were appalled to read that a 3-year-old child was found walking down the road late Wednesday night! Then when reading the article further we saw that the child was returned to the home when DFCS was called by Porterdale police ... Citizens of Newton County! What are we allowing to happen to our children if DFCS returns children to the home before a complete investigation is conducted. This child deserves more from Newton County. It sickens me to think that the next possible headline is 3-year-old child hit by car on Crowell Road. Think about it."

"This is in response to the citizen or citizens that keep writing in about how poor pitiful blacks are being arrested for dealing drugs, and to those white people that listen and believe insinuations that mighty whitey is somehow responsible for their plight. If you'll take the time to watch the news instead of being ignorant, you'll find out that these drugs are coming across our borders from Mexico, Central and South America and that border states are fighting to keep the illegal mongrels from turning our nation into a third world country. If you want to blame someone for the plight of the poor pitiful black drug dealer beside the player that didn't stick around to raise him and be a father, you're going to have to go south of the border. P.S. also find someone else to blame for slavery since African chiefs participated in the practice ... "

"To the person who commented on President Obama's upcoming trip and related costs. To begin I am not a Democrat but vote Republican the majority of the time. However, before I comment on any issue I do so by getting my facts correct. In your writing there are issues. To begin his trip is 11 days not just three. He will visit India, Indonesia and China, not just India. Yes, the cost is expensive but also in line with costs of recent past presidents' overseas trips, most of which involved security measures. As I was taught if you are going hunting, make certain you guns are fully loaded."

"We just received a letter from our health insurance company stating that changes in our plan are being made due to new health care regulations. The 'few' changes translates into: $250 a month increase in premiums; cutting all doctors in Newton/Rockdale from our plan so the nearest doctor is in Lithonia; and removing all local pharmacies from plan, so the closest one is 23 miles away. Thank you, President Obama, for ruining health care for America."

"Residents of Newborn, please be advised that an ordinance is in the process of being revised by the mayor and council so that a liquor store will be allowed to open in the middle of our town. If you do not want to see this happen, please call City Hall (770-787-1660), the mayor, or council members to voice your opposition. Better yet, show up at the council meeting on Monday, Dec. 6, at 7 p.m. at City Hall. You really can make a difference if you will take the time to make your voice heard. Get involved and help keep our town family-friendly and one that we can be proud to live in."

"This is in regard to last week's poll, the person who said the latest health care bill would not increase our premiums. Pay attention -- I'm only saying this once -- you need to understand nothing is for free. They may say it's free health care coverage, but it's not free. The certain select few who choose not to work and pay taxes, yes, it's free to them. The working class and those who pay taxes are footing the bill. I'll give you an example. My father owns his own business. He received a letter stating his private health coverage premium increased. The letter stated due to recent health care laws your premium has risen 33 percent. If you did your home work the recent laws require insurance companies to accept preexisting conditions. They also state that a family can keep their children on their insurance until the age of 26 now. To top all of this off, they added millions who didn't have health care to insurance companies. Now, somebody has to pay for this. Yes it's the taxpayers, the ones who contribute to society. Read the health care bill, it's all there. I read it. It's amazing the things Obama put in the bill. The insurance said if we have to insure all these people with no coverage, and we have to provide it for free, well somebody has to make up the difference. That somebody is the ones already paying for coverage. Did you also know it says if everyone doesn't purchase coverage you will be fined. This is not a fine, it's a tax. Now make sure you read the bill and then tell everyone it will not raise premiums. Oh, hate to tell you Obama is going to be a one-term president. We won the House and gained seats in the Senate, too. Ha!"

"I read the individual's comments today stating that they voted for President Obama because of his health care regulations and that the negative effects mentioned in a prior comment could not have been true. Well, I hate to tell you that it is true for a majority of Americans, including our family. Our rates are increasing and benefits for next year are going down. Did you know that, yes you can have coverage for a child with a preexisting condition, yet there is no cap on how much your premiums will be? Did you know that you can cover a child up until age 26; however, if they have a preexisting condition, they can be dropped at age 19? Did you know that every preexisting condition covered is allowed (under the law) to have a separate deductible on top of your family one? If you do not think the health care regulations are a negative impact on families, then you have not actually read the law and are only listening to the mainstream media."

"Wow, Pothole Harry from CBS 46 news did a story on Mt. Tabor Bridge. Now let me get this straight, the fire engines can't cross the bridge to get to the subdivision on the other side. I really liked how Chairwoman Morgan downplayed the situation. I can assure you the detour route is not one minute. Try more close to five minutes. Morgan even said there were other stations in the area that could come; station seven is on Brown Bridge Road past the high school. Morgan said this was 3 miles away. I can assure you this is more than 3 miles away. Chairwoman Morgan needs to understand fire doubles every minute. The fire department can't waste time with having to detour around the bridge. ... Hey Chairwoman Morgan, how about you go for a ride along with station nine and see how long it takes to get around. .... "

"Now that all of the smoke has cleared from the politicians it is time for them to start campaigning for 2012. Millions of dollars were spent to tell us what they would do for us. Sounded like the same rhetoric we have heard for so many years. We didn't listen because we were so flush with money and jobs, but now we are in trouble. I don't know who caused it but I would like to know, if the incumbents told us what they were going to do now, what have they been doing in the last few years? It sounds like the main objectives will be to dethrone the president. Nothing else seems to matter. I am hoping that their main goal might be for the benefit of the public. It doesn't really look like that right now but we will see. Of course, I really never heard too many things that they were really going to do for their constituents. Most of what I heard was how bad the other guy is. Time will tell. In the mean time, it would be nice if the winners and the losers would start having their political signs removed. I am sure that wouldn't take too much effort."

"To whomever wrote in the Poll of Nov. 6 that President Obama's three-day trip to India will cost $2 billion, it is absurd, in spite of what you hear from Glenn Beck of FOX News, to believe that the United States is deploying 10 percent of the Navy including 34 ships and aircraft carriers in support of the president's trip. That would be higher than the daily cost of Dubya's entire Afghanistan war, which the Congressional Research Service puts at about $190 million per day. Do right-wingers really believe these silly urban legends they put forth? The truth is that conservative pundits hoping to keep their uninformed constituents' fountain of rage overflowing promoted a story last week that claimed the Obamas' 10-day trip to Asia (not just India) would cost the USA $200 million a day. The story was repeated by Fox News UNTIL it was revealed that the figure came from a source that is best described as the Indian equivalent of a supermarket tabloid that features aliens impregnating Bigfoot! Puhleeze -- learn to think, reason, and research, then you will not believe all the ignorant, rabble-rousing garbage you hear."

"Why does Oxford's City Council and Planning Commission argue selfishly that the only way to honor the two educators for whom Palmer Stone Elementary School was named is to deny the name to the new elementary school out on Airport Road near Ga. Highway 142? Won't it have an Oxford address? Couldn't Oxford find another facility to name Palmer Stone? How about Palmer-Stone Hall for that ostentatious new city office building that gives Covington's mayor 'city-hall envy.' Another possibility is the old Community Room, soon to become one knows not what. Or even that concrete strip winding through the privet and kudzu along Turkey Creek called the trail. Palmer Stone is and was a school -- a high school in fact, an educational facility. Shouldn't we keep it that way? Or, as the old alma mater put it, more or less:

'Say hail, hail to dear old Palmer Stone,

'Hail to the best school ever,

'Hail to all the joys we have known,

'Let every Palmer Stone man hail!'"

"The citizens are totally discussing some recall of current city and county officers due to their lack of ability to focus on priorities. Here are just a few examples: 1. Why haven't we completed the NW portion of the Bypass Road to relieve traffic? 2. Why did the commissioners build a new library and (wait to) open it. Maybe a hotel and civic center in the downtown area to help out the owners of the rental buildings on the Square is more important. 3. Why will the city waste money building pedestrian tunnels in places where no one ever crosses the street? 4. Why did the city build a roundabout in such a high school bus traffic area when it is not big enough for school buses? 5. Why does the city want to pay for the Main Street Program when it was supposed to be financially supported by the businesses it was supposed to generate business for and not any type of taxes like hotel/motel, which could be used for so many other useful purposes? 6. How do so many beautiful trees continue to be cut down for no reason. (Two huge magnolias on the Square, which were not diseased) 7. Both city and county leaders seem to want a walking trail instead of basic services for all the citizens which pay their salaries and foot all the bills. 8. Why has there been no focus on traffic infrastructure since the overcrowded conditions have occurred all over the city and county? ... "

"To the uninformed, sadly-mistaken Fox News-watching (caller) who thinks President Obama's 10-day trip to Asia is going to cost $2 billion, I have only one thing to say: This Loud and Proud Democrat knows this trip will cost no such thing. Your sad story has already been debunked by numerous news outlets. For your information, since you don't seem to get out much, in addition to visiting India, he will also be visiting other countries in Asia to drum up support for America, but I guess that Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh forgot to mention that when they were telling you what to think and say."

"Kathy and Kim, we have a tea party waiting just for you."