Suspects fall off wagon, land behind prison bars



Rehab didn't take

Newton County Sheriff's Office deputies were dispatched to investigate two individuals behind a Dumpster at an office complex.

"Both subjects stated they had been released from rehab earlier this date and took a cab to this location to buy beer and pizza," the incident report states, adding that the two admitted they had been there for more than seven hours drinking a case of Ice House beer and waiting for a ride from the wife of one of the men. Deputies gave them a ride to the Newton County Detention Center.

A few groceries

A woman was arrested at Kroger on Ga. Highway 20 by NCSO deputies for attempting to shoplift the following items with a total worth of nearly $50: crackers, ham, bacon, peanuts, beans, chicken, raisins, cashews, tuna and Kool-Aid.

No surprise here

A man reported to the Covington Police Department that he left his wallet in the QuikTrip restroom around 10:30 p.m. and when he returned at 1:51 a.m., it was gone.

Taking a nap

Someone called the CPD from an area service station to report that a woman had been asleep in her vehicle in front of the gas pumps for half an hour. Officers investigated and smelled a strong odor of alcohol. When awakened, the woman, who was under 21, admitted to having had a "couple of drinks" earlier in the evening. She went to jail.

Quoting scripture (almost)

A man reported to the NCSO seeing a white SUV parked in his drive around 2:30 a.m. and the driver was blowing his horn. He went back to bed and when he awoke around 7 a.m., he saw a piece of paper on top of his mailbox that read, "give me my phone back or I will see you in court. do on to others as you would have done to you." The man told NCSO deputies he's perplexed and believes the person has him mixed up with somebody else.

Critter mischief

A woman reported to the NCSO that someone damaged her truck by cutting the "gas tank filler neck" and letting rabbits loose in the cab.

• A woman called the NCSO to say there was a dead squirrel on the driver's side running board of her vehicle.

Daughter trouble

A woman called the NCSO to report that her 14-year-old daughter had boys over to the house, locked in her bedroom without her permission.

Shades of ‘Newhart'

A CPD officer discovered a man and a woman leaving a building late at night and the burglar alarm was sounding. The couple said they were there to clean. Out of hearing of the man, the officer asked the woman what the man's name was. When he asked the man, he gave a different name. He asked the man again and he gave another name and a date of birth, but when that name came back with a photo, it was clearly not the man. The man explained, "Oh, that's my brother. There are several of us with the same name." Turns out he had an outstanding warrant and went to jail.

Help, help

A woman reported to the NCSO that her husband left home in her car and had not returned. She also stated he took $120 in cash with him.

Going into business?

A woman was caught shoplifting at Publix. She had put four bottles of Primatine Mist, four bottles of Systane eye drops and four bottles of Olay Regenerist Serum in her purse. The total cost of the items was $223.

Only a half mile

A woman was stopped by a CPD officer for driving with an expired tag. When the officer asked for her driver's license, she told him, "I'm really nervous right now and I technically don't have a license. I only live a half mile down the road if you could follow me home." The technicality turned out to be that her license was suspended. She went to jail.

No bargain here

A man called the CPD to say he went to a service station to purchase some cigarettes, but when he tried to use a coupon, he was told they did not accept coupons. He didn't make the purchase and left the store. Later he discovered he had left $59 in cash on the counter and he was requesting access to the store's video surveillance to see who took it.

Not neighborly

A woman told the NCSO that she happened to be looking out the window of her house when she saw her neighbor walk by and pull the door off her mailbox.

Family affair

A woman called the CPD to state she had taken a room at a local motel so her two children could be with their father who lived in a rented room in Porterdale. Mom and Dad began drinking tequila, got into an argument over how to discipline the children and one thing led to another and Mom wound up with a bloody wound to the side of her head. Dad ran away before the police arrived, but after the K-9 Unit was unleashed, he surrendered, emerging from a wooded area muddy with cuts all over his legs, face and arms from briars. Dad went to jail.