RCPS rolls out new system of evaluation

Photo by Howard Reed

Photo by Howard Reed

CONYERS — This school year, Rockdale County Public Schools is rolling out a new program that will help employees evaluate themselves and help them get more evaluations.

Last school year, a modified version of the program was piloted at several schools. This year, it is ready for full implementation, according to Dr. Linda Sevigny, director of Professional Learning at RCPS.

Class KEYS and Leader KEYS are evaluation growth models targeted to teachers, leaders and schools for the best interest of the students.

"We're all improving, and as we improve, our students will improve as well," Sevigny said.

Evaluations look at differentiated instruction, research-based practices and formative assessments.

Schools are in the pre-evaluation phase, or the first of three phases, of the program. There, they conduct self assessments and reflections and will develop a professional growth plan and attend a pre-evaluation conferences with administrators during which goals are set and reviewed.

"They will vary teacher to teacher because every teacher has different students," Sevigny said.

Throughout the year, they also will collect evidence and get feedback through informal and formal observations and other resources. Teachers should expect at least one announced, 30- to 50-minute formal observation and at least two to four unannounced, five- to 10-minute informal observations.

"Administrators are in the classrooms more than they've ever been," Sevigny said.

Later in the year, they will go through an annual evaluation phase in which they look at their evidence, goals, evaluations, student achievements observed through two performance data goals and other information at a post-year conference.

"We're looking at a multitude of things this year instead of looking at one, two or three isolated teacher evaluations," Sevigny said. "It's much more time extensive. We're investing time to improve quality instruction."

Sevigny said the program was produced by the Georgia Department of Education, piloted throughout the state and developed by teachers, administrators and higher education officials.

A software product also is being developed to gather more data, she said.