Making the move: Troy University relocates to downtown Covington

Photo by Tori Boone

Photo by Tori Boone

COVINGTON -- Students at Troy University will be attending class in a new location next week.

The university is moving from the Cousins Center on Geiger Street to 1160 Monticello St. in downtown Covington. Classes are set to begin Monday in the new location, which will include four classrooms -- one a computer/teaching lab -- and administrative offices upstairs.

The move downtown is part of a shift in focus for the school, according to Bob Bertram, North Georgia director for Troy. In the past Troy offered only master's level courses aimed primarily at educators, but now has expanded to offer undergraduate degrees in a variety of programs.

"As we're shifting our focus more toward the undergraduate market, we wanted a great deal more visibility than we had in the past. You have to look to find us here," said Bertram, referring to the Geiger Street location. "With the master's programs we did what is called cohorting. It was really like taking the mountain to Mohammed. We would go out into a multi-county area and have information sessions for teachers to get into graduate level programs and we would have classes at their site ... We're not doing so much of that anymore."

With the new location just off the Square students and faculty will have the added benefit of being able to walk to restaurants and shops, Bertram said.

The Covington campus has 15 employees and an enrollment of about 700. Courses are offered both online and in the classroom. Many students take a mix of online and in-class courses, Bertram said. Students, most of whom are working adults, are on an accelerated study program, with five 10-week terms per year, he said.

"We are the only four-year institution in Covington. We can take you all the way from start to finish. Of course, we're delighted to take people who have finished up at Georgia Perimeter College and want to complete their studies but don't want to leave town, their jobs or other obligations," he said.

Troy offers a variety of associate, bachelor and master's degrees. More information can be obtained at http://covington.troy.edu. A grand opening at the new facility will take place at a later date.