Cops: Child found walking down the road

Photo by Howard Reed

Photo by Howard Reed

COVINGTON -- A 3-year-old child was discovered wandering down the road near the intersection of Crowell Road and Ga. Highway 81 Wednesday about 11 p.m., according to the Porterdale Police Department.

Sgt. Jason Cripps spotted the young boy who was wearing Spider-Mman pajamas, with no coat or shoes.

"He picked him up and took him to the home of a city employee to get some blankets around him. They got him out of the weather ... he had mud on his feet and they washed his feet off. It was cold and rainy and he was shaking from the cold," PPD Lt. James Pilgrim said.

Pilgrim said the Newton County Department of Family and Children's Services was called to the scene. Efforts to communicate with the child proved futile, and they were unable to ascertain a name or where he came from.

Finally, about 1 a.m. a call came through 911 dispatch from a Porterdale residence reporting a missing child. The residence proved to be "not too far from where the child was found," Pilgrim said.

The investigation was turned over to DFCS. The caseworker returned the child to the home and their investigation is continuing.