Man arrested after alleged threats at auto store

COVINGTON -- The Covington Police Department arrested a 73-year-old man after he allegedly threatened to shoot an employee of an auto parts store, according to a CPD incident report.

Jack Richard Olinger of 280 Adams Way in Oxford was arrested and charged with terroristic threats and acts.

A CPD officer was summoned to AutoZone on Elm Street about 11 a.m. Tuesday and was told that Olinger had come into the store earlier and ordered a part for a vehicle. He was told it was the policy of the store to receive full payment for any specially ordered part.

"... Olinger became upset with that policy. (The clerk) stated that Olinger asked several times if the part would be at the store the following business day, and (the clerk) informed him that it would be at the store by 3 p.m. ... Olinger stated 'That's my money, and if it is not here by 3 tomorrow, I'll come in here with my shotgun," the report states.

The clerk said initially she thought Olinger was joking, but stated that he then looked at her and read her name tag and said, "OK. ... I won't forget your name, and I'll bring my shotgun if the part is not here tomorrow."

The clerk told the officer she became increasingly fearful that Olinger might return with the gun if the part did not come in, the report states.

A co-worker confirmed the clerk's story and said he had overheard the conversation and that he, too, first thought Olinger was kidding and had said, "Yeah, right," when he heard him utter the threat. But then "... Olinger repeated that he wasn't kidding, that he would bring a gun if the part was not in."

The clerk became very upset and began crying and was encouraged to report the incident by other staff members, according to the report.

After the police arrived, AutoZone management contacted Olinger, who had already left the store, and asked him to return. When he came back, the CPD officer arrested him and charged him with terroristic threats and gave him a criminal trespass warning. AutoZone refunded his money.