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Newton Poll - 05/15/2010

OK. I have been reading what is going on with the bike trail issue. I grew up with Keith and Chris. I think they are great people. They are looking out for what is best for our city and county. Bikes this, bikes that. You cannot promise there will be enough traffic to pay for anything. Plus, the foot traffic of the trail 'will' cause crime issues. However, I have been thinking of a good use for it. If we just have to have it, put a small two-car transit train on it. The tracks are there. That way the people could get from Covington to Newborn and save money. This would benefit many more Newton County people than a dumb bike trail. It would save a lot of gas for people who work in town. People could ride it to the doctor, store, and hospital. It's very close to all that. (Within walking distance). Everyone moves out here because they are tired of the Atlanta, Rockdale, crowds and traffic, and want to get into the country. Yet when you get here, you want to build stores and bring in all this mess because you don't want to drive so far. We have been fine out here for a long time without any of this. That's what living out here is all about. We don't need a trail that brings in riffraff from outside this county. (And it will happen). Leave well enough alone."

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Supporting the troops

COVINGTON -- "Papa" Joe Blasingame has spent the last few years doing everything he can to support soldiers. Whether it's welcoming home the wounded or those on leave, buying cleaning supplies for the local National Guard Armory or assisting the families left behind, no job is too small or too big for Blasingame to take on.

Panel OKs Main Street budget hike

COVINGTON -- The Covington City Council has reached an informal consensus to increase the salary of the Main Street Covington director and add a part-time position as part of a proposed expansion of the organization's scope of work.

BOE approves 2011 calendar for teachers

COVINGTON -- Two weeks after the Newton County Board of Education approved a student calendar following months of research, surveys and discussions, the school board now has approved a teacher work calendar for the 2010-11 school year.

Newton County ranked top library system in state

COVINGTON -- The Newton County Library System has been ranked the top library system in Georgia by Hennen's American Public Library Ratings.