Commissioner's son charged again with stalking

COVINGTON — Quintarious Henderson, the 17-year-old son of Newton County Commissioner J.C. Henderson, has been arrested again on charges of aggravated stalking.

A warrant was taken for his arrest on April 16 by the same individual who took out a restraining order against the teen several months ago, alleging that the teen was in contact with his 12-year-old daughter.

Henderson, who resides at 7134 Puckett St., was arrested on Jan. 12, the day after the father of the young girl came home and found him in their home in violation of the TPO.

In that instance, Henderson's charges were reduced to criminal trespass and he was sentenced to 12 months, with the first 30 days to be served in jail, and the balance of 11 months on probation. Additionally, he had to pay a $500 fine and was ordered to have no contact with the victim or her father and to not come within 500 yards of their residence.

But according to the warrant signed by the father of the young girl, on April 10, Henderson "did come back around family members ... in particular (the young daughter) ... after having been notified not to contact the ... family."

Newton County District Attorney Ken Wynne said if the current allegations are proven against Henderson, he would be in violation of his probation.

A Covington Police Department officer was alerted on April 28 that a wanted person was in the area of Monticello and Taylor streets and later located Henderson walking down Taylor Street. When the officer attempted to arrest him on the warrant, he fled on foot. A chase ensued and when officers caught up with him on Pineview Drive, according CPD spokesman Wendell Wagstaff, he was "hopping on his right leg," indicating he had injured his leg.

"The officer did identify him as Quintarious Henderson. He said he ran because he was scared," Wagstaff said. "He was transported to jail and taken to a medical center where he was cleared by medical staff for incarceration."

A charge of obstruction of a law enforcement officer was also lodged against Henderson.