2 arrested in drug shipment

COVINGTON — The Covington/Newton County Special Investigations Unit intercepted more than 20 pounds of marijuana it believes was shipped from Arizona to Covington last week. Two arrests were made in connection with the incident, according to SIU Commander Lt. Philip Bradford.

Bradford said the SIU received word from a mail service on Wednesday that a suspicious package was coming to a house in River Walk Farm subdivision, located off Deering Road.

Agents with the unit intercepted the package and had a drug dog sniff it to ascertain if drugs were inside.

"The canine alerted on the package, so we got a search warrant and opened it," he said. "It contained approximately 17 pounds of marijuana being shipped from Arizona to a residence in Covington at 145 River Walk Farms Parkway."

Bradford said undercover agents delivered the package to the front door of the residence.

"They knocked on the door, but nobody came to the door, so they just put it on the front porch," Bradford said.

Surveillance was then set up on the house to see who would claim the package.

"After about two hours, a young black male, later identified as Rickey Mosley, came to the house and picked it up," he said, adding that Mosley took the package inside the house. "After about 15 or 20 minutes, he began to leave the residence in an older Toyota."

Bradford said at the exit to the subdivision, officers blocked Mosley from leaving.

"We got out in front of him like we were leaving the complex and a (Newton County Sheriff's Office) patrol deputy came up behind him, boxing him in. At the exit to the subdivision, we all just got out and started to take him into custody," Bradford said. "Special Agent Paul Madsen and myself were in front of him and when we started walking toward him ... at first he tried to wiggle his car out and he struck Agent Madsen with his car and knocked him down."

Bradford said Madsen did not require medical assistance and was fine.

Mosley next tried to flee on foot and NCSO Deputy Cpl. Justin Hipps was able to Taser him and Mosley was taken into custody.

Bradford said agents found the 17 pounds of marijuana in the trunk of Mosley's vehicle, which he had apparently taken out of the box and dumped into a garbage bag.

"It reeked of marijuana when you walked near the car," he said.

While Bradford and other agents were involved with arresting Mosley, they got a call from undercover officers who were still watching the house that a second package had been delivered by another mail service.

Bradford said they obtained a search warrant for the house on River Walk Farms Parkway and located two women inside, as well as the second package that contained approximately 6 pounds of marijuana.

One of the women was identified as Antoinette Brown, 22, of 145 River Walk Farms Parkway.

"There wasn't any furniture in the house except for an air mattress and a few clothes in an upstairs bedroom," Bradford said, adding that the second package of marijuana and a 40-caliber handgun reported stolen out of Dunwoody was located in that room and it was established that the bedroom belonged to Brown and that she was Mosley's girlfriend.

Brown, who is originally from Jamaica, was charged with trafficking in marijuana, possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony and felony theft by receiving due to the stolen weapon.

Rickey Herman Mosley Jr., 27, who is originally from the Virgin Islands and gave an address of 1628 Beatie Ave. S.W., Atlanta, received the same charges and was additionally charged with felony obstruction of a law enforcement officer.

Both are being held in the Newton County Detention Center and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is investigating the pair further, Bradford said.