CPD arrest suspect in car break-ins

CONYERS -- A man who was recently out on parole is back in custody and suspected of being involved in a series of car break-ins on Pine Log Road.

Capt. Scott Freeman with the Conyers Police Department said officers zeroed in on the break-ins after receiving seven entered auto incident reports in 10 days. All the incidents occurred on Pine Log Road.

He said officers picked up on similarities in the crimes and followed up on "some of the smallest leads." Officials also used computer technology to help identify trends.

As a result, Gannon Whitehead, 33, was arrested Tuesday after police traced use of credit cards that one of the victims reported stolen from his vehicle. Freeman said Whitehead allegedly tried to use one of the cards at a local Walgreens. Police said Whitehead is one of three people suspected of involvement in the break-ins.

Whitehead was charged with financial transaction fraud.

Whitehead was on parole during the time of the alleged crimes and police are working to see the remainder of the parole is revoked, according to Freeman.

"If they (convicts) get released from prison and continue to commit crimes, we will send them right back," Freeman said.

He said police do not want criminals re-offending when they are released from incarceration.

"Criminals need to be very clear that we are not simply going to solve the crime, make an arrest and move on," Freeman said. "We are going to focus on these criminals and use the criminal justice system to keep these prolific offenders off our streets and behind bars for as long as we can."

Police also arrested one of the two other suspects thought to be involved in the series of car break-ins.