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Newton Poll - 03/06/2010

"LOL. To the ... person that responded to my comment about the 'resegregation going on in our community by the ones screaming 'its racial' all of the time ... here's a bit for you. 1. I have not one but two biracial children. By choice. 2. I am not a hillbilly. 3. If blacks were all about equality then why are they the first ones to shout it's racial or to say someone owes them something just because they are black. 3. All I was saying was if God says he does not look, then why do you all still live in the past. And finally, I do not owe you anything, not even the time I am spending on your response. Might I add as well how 'classy' and 'dignified' your response was written. LOL!"

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Citizen parent company gets new name

CONYERS -- Southern Community Newspapers Incorporated is the new name of the parent company of the Rockdale Citizen, it was announced Friday.

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Giving clothes new homes

Newton Medical Center Auxiliary volunteer Mikie Wagy sorts through some of the "gently worn" fashions available at the hospital's Cinderella Shop, located at 214B Pace St.

Newton bracing for tax shortfall

COVINGTON -- Newton County's tax digest could fall as much as 10 to 12 percent short of projections, and maybe more if new legislation is passed, according to Chief Appraiser Tommy Knight.

Duplex fire kills resident

COVINGTON --A 65-year-old man who lived alone in a duplex at 8164 Capes Drive died Friday afternoon as a result of a house fire that started in his living room.

Kindergarten registration starts soon

COVINGTON -- Parents of kindergarten-age students soon can register their children in the Newton County School System for the 2010-11 school year.

Public meeting set for Almon overlay

COVINGTON -- For the past year, property owners, planners and county officials have been working together to come up with higher-quality development standards for the Almon/Crowell Road area.