Newton Poll - 03/27/2010

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"I appreciate Bill Mecham explaining the city channels, but I still do not understand why Charter is not doing their channels. They were easier to read than the city's channels."

"Many things the city and county government do just don't make sense ... but some things are wonderful and need to be given credit. Federal stimulus money to revitalize neighborhoods, demolish older homes and rebuild energy efficient homes and a new senior center to lower rent for seniors yet provide nice housing ... all using federal money is a good thing! Of course, federal taxes will repay the stimulus money ... but if our county/city didn't get this money, another county/city will! And hopefully many local jobs will be created for local contractors. At least someone is thinking ahead to get us out of this economic mess."

"To the good citizens of Newton County along with others who are frustrated with the current economic conditions of the state of Georgia: With reported revenues down month after month, one wonders how we got in such sad shape. Furloughs of teachers and state employees and services are on the chopping block and programs like 4-H may be in jeopardy, impacting us here in Newton County. You say to yourself, that's a problem for the politicians on the hill and the wasteful spending of an administration or whatever platform you support. This issue has no political affiliation, but it does have roots to our community. If you don't believe me, just read on ... The Georgia Department of Revenue maintains a Web site that tracks individuals and businesses that are delinquent in paying their taxes to the state ... . I find it appalling to see the number of individuals and businesses in the county that have failed to meet their obligation to the state ... . I understand there are circumstances beyond some folks' control ... but failing to meet your obligation for several years disgusts me. ... If I see a business or professional (on the list) that provides a service and has failed to pay their taxes, I intend to boycott them. ... You can find this information by going to the Georgia Department of Revenue Web site and click on Business Taxes, once there click on the word Compliance, which will take you to the next screen and to the Delinquent Filers List."

"To the person who wrote about the bike trails in Mansfield. I haven't heard about this. As a resident, I wouldn't want trails here either. I'm more concerned about the utility rate. I pay, on average, about $400 per month for electric, water and sewage in the city of Mansfield for a mere 1,500-square-foot home. Mr. Cocchi, it's 2010, let's put pen to paper and finally sign that contract with MEAG! Utility rates on the open market aren't going down and haven't the last decade, so let's get on track. Let's utilize the funds the city does generate and add a little class to our town. People love living here, let's make it beautiful. We could start with the sign on Highway 11/Woodlawn -- installing it straight may look a little more appealing. Things only change if voices are heard. Residents of Mansfield, go to the council meetings and vote at the next city elections! If the residents band together, we are stronger than one!"

"I attended the free Gun Safety class on Saturday, March 20, given by the city of Covington. The class was taught by Sgt. Arvo Bowen, Capt. Malcolm, D.J. Seals and Lt. Al Miller. These guys did a fantastic job of teaching us the safe way to handle a handgun, the law, the correct procedure if you feel someone is threatening to harm you and how to shoot our weapon correctly and safely. I just can't say enough about this class and the officers. I was so afraid of even touching a handgun, and I left with the confidence of handling the gun and shooting it if ever necessary. Chief Stacey Cotton and the city of Covington should be very proud to have these men on their force and teaching this class. I hope this class will be continued so that others will have the opportunity that I had."

"There are about 25 verses in the Bible that reference immoral, homosexual acts and about half of them say the punishment for homosexual acts is 'death to both parties.' St. Paul spoke often to the people about not committing immoral acts and he listed homosexual acts as a priority. How then does the Episcopal Church justify ordination of homosexuals as priest and bishops?"

"Reference comments of 3/20/2010, 'narcissistic president.' It is amazing you spill so much hatred and vile and then invoke 'with God's help, we can and will make the change America needs to return to her former greatness.' I am a veteran, my children are veterans and we are true Americans. I do have doubts about you. Your statements sound a lot like anarchy. Or maybe you are one that rants against anyone who does not agree with you. I thank God I still live in America where I can have my opinion and can rationally disagree with any fellow American, no matter what their political leaning is."

"If you think a privately owned business can discriminate at will, then perhaps it is you that should study the history of the civil rights movement! And no discount is worth getting if I have to subject myself to the ridiculousness that is organized religion. Apparently you go to church, and you accept discrimination that doesn't include you. Obviously, it's not doing you any good."

"It is about time for change in the second commission district. We need someone with common sense. Someone who would return phone calls. The past three commissioners have been a disgrace. Republican and Democrat. We need someone who will lead and not just follow the party line. We need someone that knows when a vote is being held and is asked to raise their right hand if in favor they will raise the right hand not the left. (Yes, that did happen.) We need someone that will show up to commission meetings on time. We need someone who will not throw a fit when a vote does not go their way. We need someone who knows Newton County and loves where he or she lives, who knows uncontrolled growth leads to uncontrolled bust. We need a leader -- I do not care what party they are from. I just want someone who cares for their community, not divides it."

"My primary care doctor announced today that his office would no longer accept Medicaid patients because of the health care bill that was passed. He says that he is not being paid for his services. I guess that people on Medicaid will soon have to travel to big cities like Atlanta in order to get their health care. I have/had Medicare Advantage, but it now appears that I won't have that coverage any longer since this Obama care was passed. I encourage all Americans to stage a nationwide strike to show Obama and his cronies that we're not going to take this sitting down."

"I am so happy the health care bill passed. Great job, Mr. President. They gonna hate on him cause it didn't pass before now. The Republicans didn't wanna pass it because it would benefit the less fortunate and they try to block the president at everything he attempts to do. I'm sure there will be a lot of people in this county who don't like it either. Too bad. I bet they take advantage of it."

"The following is a way to get a raise while cutting down on the wasteful spending in Washington. Fill out new W-9 withholding forms and claim two or more additional exemptions; your pay check should increase on your next payday. This gives you a chance to spend some of your own tax money and takes it away from the Obama Democrats. With less tax money to spend, maybe they can learn to get by on less, just like the American public has to do. It is a great feeling to have control over how your tax money is spent. This stops the government from using your tax money for a year interest free. Just remember, when you file your taxes at tax time remember to claim the correct number of exemptions."

"Saw on the news that the mighty Obama's group ACORN plans to close all of its offices by April 1. Now maybe there will be honest elections in this country once more. Maybe all of the dishonest politicians that were supported by this group will now be voted out of office."

"Socialism is communism! President Obama has surrounded himself with Socialists and Communists. Can anyone remember what the people in Russia went though under Communist rule? The people had no jobs, shelter or food. What is happening in Communist N. Korea? People are starving. What about Cuba? China? These people from these countries are being ruled by ruthless dictators. The same thing is now happening in Washington. Obama is acting like a dictator, forcing people to vote his way or else. If the American people don't wake up and get him and the un-American Devilcrats out of office, then the U.S. is bound to fall and our country will be run by a dictator!"

"The person on 3/6/10 did not say whether or not they were talking illegal or legal immigration. I was talking about legal immigration when I replied on 3/13/10. I was trying to make a point -- we are all of immigrant ancestry unless you are a Native American. Also, what does it matter if my ancestors came from Europe in the 1700s. They have fought and died protecting this country. I believe in legal immigration, but not illegal immigration. I believe if someone comes to this country, they should learn English. But I also understand it is not the easiest language to learn. Where or wear? Hear or here? As to CEO compensation, all right here's your numbers. CEOs at one time made 10 percent more than the lowest-paid worker in the company. Now they make 200 to 500 percent or more than the lowest-paid worker. I do not live in a land of euphoria. I pay my taxes, vote, work hard for what I earn, and live within my means. I see what messes the country, state, county, and city are in. I just don't believe immigration is to blame for all of it."

"Before all of you Republicans start crying about the much-needed health care reform that was just passed, I just want to say that I find it hilarious that Republicans are saying that the Dems used underhanded political tricks to pass the bill. If I'm not mistaken the Republicans under George W. used the exact same tactic to pass tax cuts for the rich. The Republicans have resorted to name calling and plain disrespectfulness. They didn't vote for the bill due to lack of need. They didn't vote for it because they were and still are attempting to sabotage Mr. Obama's presidency. It's amazing how many people Fox News has brain washed."

"Stupak should resign! His deal with Obama about the abortion segment in the bill was a sick joke. Obama signed his bill on 3/23/10 with all the hoopla he always has whenever things go his way. The presidential addendum, however, will be signed behind closed doors? Think that will ever happen? Oh, but our illustrious president would never tell a fib now would he? Talk about truthfulness, responsibility and transparency. When has Obama and his administration ever exhibited any of these traits? All they care about is a means to an end (whatever it takes to accomplish this doesn't seem to matter to them). Our Georgia congressmen should all be ashamed. They blew any opportunity to join the other states in suing the legality of this health care bill ever being passed. True Patriots need to make our voices heard in November 2010. Get rid of all who voted for this Obama care monstrosity, both in Washington and Georgia. We can make a difference. Our votes will fire these people. They need to be out of work just like so many of their constituents that they refused to listen to. These closed-door meetings have to stop! We must take back America to save our freedom!"

"The Republicans are showing their true colors, the same people that voted to start this endless war in Iraq and Afghanistan which has cost well over a trillion dollars, the same ones who voted to bail out these banks that padded executives' pockets even though they failed, now want to stop health care. Fox News is not a know-it-all source and unless you make $250,000 a year or more your taxes won't increase. Your true racist ways are coming to light and it has a lot to do with Obama being black whether you admit it or not. He did what no other president couldn't which was get health care reform passed. You can say the Democrats did it in a sly way, but dealing with the party of no they had no other option. The ones of you against it with your job insurance, just wait until one of you gets laid off and loses coverage and develops cancer or needs a heart transplant, then see how your frame of mind changes. How could any true Christian put on such a display in public, spitting on people, calling the black politicians the n word, making threats, this is totally inexcusable."

"My comment is about the Oxford City Council. They are building a new building with new offices, a courtroom and what else I don't know. But the gripe of the senior citizens, disabled vets is that they are leaving off the drive-in window. That shows us the people that are disabled, the senior citizens that this City Council could care less how they discriminate against us."

"This is to the church that held the Easter egg drop at the GIHP this past Saturday. You did a wonderful job, thank you for taking up the candy and giving out the candy to the kids. To the lady who could not wait for their kids to fill up their baskets, some of y'all did look a little older than 6 years of age. Remember it was for kids 2 to 6, not adults 2 to 60. And to the lady who hit me with her baby cart, thank you very much. I will see you next year and I hope you have a better attitude than you did this year cause I am bringing mine with me."

"I am trying to figure out what one writer wants the city to do to prevent businesses in town from failing. Is this person aware that in the best of times, a majority of small businesses fail in the first year? Private individuals open these businesses. They fail because there is not enough income to cover their expenses and pay the owner a profit. Many times this is the result of poor planning or inadequate funding on the part of the owner. In this economic climate, all that is made even more difficult. The only part the city plays is to give them a permit to operate."

"If the writer is talking about Food Lion coming to the Martin's Crossing shopping center, then the rumor is false. Businesses such as grocery stores and pharmacies put clauses of exclusivity in their leases, which means they are the only business of their type in the center. So as long as Ingles is there, there will be no other business selling groceries there."