Meeting set for new farmer's market plan

There will be a public meeting to discuss the development of a farmer's market for Newton County at 5:30 p.m. Thursday at The Center for Community Preservation and Planning at 2104 Washington St.

This initiative is an outcome of the program of work being undertaken by the Green Enterprise Group, a working committee formed under the auspices of the Newton County Leadership Collaborative. The mission of the group is to promote the creation of a green enterprise economy with agriculture at its core. One of the identified priorities was the redevelopment of a farmer's market.

A community resource panel has been formed for the meeting. Members of the resource panel will describe the context of the farmer's market within the 2050 Concept Plan and the Economic Development Strategy for Newton County and specifically the program of work being undertaken by the Green Enterprise Group.

Other panel members will describe previous local markets and concepts and best practices for developing a new farmer's market. In turn, attendees will be asked for input on how the future farmer's market could be developed.

This public meeting is open to all producers/growers, consumers, localism advocates and interested residents.