Newton Poll - 03/20/2010

The Newton Citizen Poll is a compilation of opinions submitted by readers. They do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Citizen newspapers. If you agree or disagree with something you read here, you may respond by e-mailing poll@newtoncitizen.com.

"Regarding Charter Cable TV -- One of our smaller TVs had a stroke and died -- so I bought a small HD Flat Screen TV. Even though I only have Charter's stripped down version bare basics cable, this new HDTV picks up a good dozen more channels than our other two older TVs that are not HD. I'm receiving channels on this set that would be premium on the other two. If you have a High Definition set -- it's a good idea to 'scan' your channels occasionally to see what all might be available to you now. You might be pleasantly surprised -- as I was."

"I would like to comment on two items of interest. (1) I moved to Florida in 1999. I purchased a house in a lovely subdivision. The first Saturday night we were watching TV when all of a sudden it sounded as though there were jet planes running through our yard, we jumped up and went outside, but we could not see anything that would be causing this excessive racket. We later discovered that there were races at the local fairgrounds about 3 miles away, held each Saturday night and practices on Friday night. There were also tractor pulls, with tractors having large modified engines. Depending on the direction of the wind, the noise was unbearable at times. I eventually sold my house and moved just to get away from the loud noise. We moved some 5 miles, but could still hear the noise, we then could hear noise from the air boats with the modified engines. It became too much, so we finally sold our other home and moved back to Newton County five years ago, but it isn't the same county that we left. Too much traffic, noise and crime. The race track here in Newton County will be causing the same noise for the residents nearby. The county needs to outlaw this type of activity. (2) While living in Florida, doctors in our area would not accept Medicaid. If you only had Medicaid you would have to go to one of the large cities to get medical care. The same thing will happen here if Obama care is passed."

"I just wanted to bring to everyone's attention that the red light at Highway 212, Ga. 20 and Brown Bridge Road has been retimed. Anyone who drives north on Highway 212 from the Jackson Lake area knows that there is a huge backup in the mornings -- sometimes almost back to Prospect Methodist Church. A big 'thank you' to Jason Steger with Wolverton & Associates. They are the company contracted to handle the timing of the light! One phone call to our local traffic engineer in District 2 generated the contact with Wolverton. It's been a long time since I have dealt with any company that provided such great customer service. Within a couple of days there were out there, retimed the red light and I haven't encountered a back up yet! I have also sent an e-mail to petition a red light at Butler Bridge and Highway 212. If you would like to see a red light there too -- please send an e-mail to jshurling@dot.ga.gov. We need to have a traffic signal installed at this intersection in the name of safety/increased frequency of accidents as well as increased volume on roadways over the past few years. Let's get our red light people!"

"Another one bites the dust ... another business on the Square is closing .... a new 'for rent' sign is up ... let's see ... how many businesses have come and gone? Doesn't the city of Covington care. Seems all we hear is a bunch of bickering about bike trails, office furniture, etc. 13.5 percent unemployment -- businesses closing left and right ... We have a beautiful little town with lots of young families moving in and trying to own businesses and live, work, play local. But - unfortunately the work option just isn't supported ... something needs to change. The 'city' should be the center from which the county grows .... looks like it's closing up and the entire county is going up 'for rent.'"

"As one of the homeowners on the proposed rails to trails, I agree with the other person, we do not want this in our area. You can keep it in Covington. We bought in the Mansfield area for a reason -- that reason being peace, quiet and away from the crowds. I certainly do not agree with Mayor Cocchi that the citizens of Mansfield want this ... I've personally spoken with about 50-75 residents and we do not want this in our community. The mayor should not be speaking on behalf of the city of Mansfield -- I say to put it up for a county-wide vote and let's see if it passes or not!"

"The Board of Education members have announced the three finalists for the position of superintendent. Already, rumors are flying among system employees regarding the reasons for two candidates' departures from their last positions as superintendents. Hopefully, the rumors ... are unfounded. Hopefully the search committee checked their references with previous employers ... !"

"If you're sending your child to a public school in Newton County, you're doing them a great disservice. Some friends of mine recently went to the extreme of relocating to another county in order to get their son out of this school system. He suffered constant harassment and threats for two reasons: he was smart and he was white. If your child is either of these, and in the Newton system, you can count on the fact that -- besides not being adequately challenged in their schoolwork -- they are suffering at the hands of the illiterate gangs who have overridden the school system and administrators who are doing nothing to stop the misbehavior, oppressive atmosphere and thug activity."

"How could the city spend $200,000 on an expert to plan the enhancement of the Pace Street corridor? Would that be 200 days at $1,000 per day? Or 100 days at $2,000 per day? Or 40 days at $5,000 per day? I would expect that a real expert could to the job in 100 billable hours, and at $250 per hour that would be only $25,000; and even if you double the hourly rate that cost would be only $50,000. As I recall, $100,000 has already been spent for a plan for the 278 corridor, and what has that accomplished? It is so easy to spend someone else's money; but this is the money from the taxpayers, whether through the city, the state or the nation. What has happened to common sense?"

"I just want to say that the dirt Newton County is trying to hide will eventually come to light. People can do illegal stuff, lose their job but all of a sudden because you 'know' someone you can get your job back. Please! I have to pray every night to give me strength to go to work in a place that is so fake .... I did a vow to not show favoritism .... I wish the person who I did that with would do the same."

"Our narcissistic president is trying to rewrite the Constitution to suit his purposes. Since it appears he does not have enough votes to pass Obama care -- he plans to use 'unscrupulous means to an end.' Since when has a bill been signed into law by a president without the proper votes? Obama will use whatever measures the ANOINTED ONE feels necessary to get his way. He obviously doesn't care whether his constituents want his health care plan or not. True Americans need to show him how we feel about what he is trying to do. The outcome of the November 2010 election will 'fire' all those who did not think our voices meant anything. We will also show Obama in 2012 that he will need to be looking for another job! We shall not allow his socialist agenda to bring our great country to her knees. With God's help, we can and will make the change America needs to return her to her former greatness. We can and will make this difference ... "

"Could we please get someone intelligent to run for the school board? I would, but I am a teacher and as such am ineligible. Also the guy who articulated praise for all the positive aspects of the 'new' Clements should not be so quick to dismiss the observations of the theme school's critics. There are many wonderful teachers and parents who want the best for the school system. Also, why is it that other school systems have been able to approve and announce 2010-2011 calendars and we cannot?"

"This comment is in regards to the proponents of tax money being used to purchase abandoned railroad property. One of their arguments is that a public hiking trail will increase surrounding property values. I wonder whose Kool-Aid these people have been drinking? All they have to do is go the Newton County tax assessor's Web site and look at the property values surrounding Turner Lake Park with its many hiking trails. There has been a steady decrease in those property values since the inception of Turner Lake. The supporters of new trails need to do their homework before writing letters to a paper."

"I am a resident of Rockdale County, however I have a Newton County address and I just want to address something that is very irritating to me. I hope the citizens in my neighborhood read this. When a dog runs loose in a neighborhood and relieves itself in someone's yard the dog doesn't know any better, but when the dog owner is walking the dog and stops and lets the animal relieve itself on the grass or shrubbery in another person's yard, that is very disrespectful to the homeowner. Shame on the homeowners who live in my neighborhood and allow this to happen. I saw it myself yesterday. Who wants to get out and work in the shrubbery after somebody has just let their dog relieve themselves on their shrubbery? I would never do this to my neighbor. I have more respect for the people in my neighborhood. Shame on you."

"There has been a rumor floating around Newton County that where the old Wal-Mart is that there is going to be a Food Lion grocery store open up. I just wonder if anyone else has heard this same rumor."

"My comment today is -- first of all to the carrier or citizen who said or bragged about delivering the paper in the 30016 area during the snow before sunlight -- that is false. We used to get our paper around 5 a.m. in the morning; now it is 7 a.m. or later. Any explanation let me know. I know you don't like to put anything derogatory about your paper, but maybe the right person will hear my comment. We would like to get our paper at a better time."

Editor's note: Please call Subscriber Services at 770-860-0270 so that we can address your question directly. Also, multiple carriers deliver in the same ZIP code, so it is possible that some readers received their papers in a more timely manner than you did on the snow day.

"To the person responding to the column bemoaning the current illegal immigration in our immediate area and the overall state of our financial difficulties, they say ignorance is bliss, so you must stay in a constant state of euphoria. Thanks for your lineage, the part about Germany is especially interesting and using Xs and multiply Xs instead of using percentages is pure genius. And by the way, I hope there is someplace you can go that will help you with your reading comprehension."

"I am sick and tired of seeing out-of-state tags dropping kids off at my child's school! And no it's not their granny from out-of-state visiting. It's been the same vehicles every day since the beginning of the school year! Here's your fair warning ... I'm going to start photographing your tag on your car and turn them over to the county tag agent with a log of every morning I see you!"

"In response to the person that commented on the Clements PTO meeting on 2/25/10, perhaps the reason that parents were making comments was due to the fact that even though Clements is supposed to be a 'parent involvement school,' they were not allowed any input into the new PTO candidates. Contrary to what the administration wants you to think, the PTO board requested that ballots be sent home ahead of time, so that parents could make nominations, and also requested that nominations be taken from the floor the night of the election. The administration refused. ... Contrary to popular belief, the PTO board does not have parents' contact information. ... if you want to be on a committee, maybe you need to contact the board. The bottom line is that if the administration would concentrate on working with the parents and the PTO board, instead of trying so hard to control the fund raiser purse strings, the school might actually have a chance."

"I think it is a crying shame that the Newton County teachers do not have their contracts while the Board of Education is trying to decide on job cuts. These teachers will not have an opportunity to seek other employment in the education field while waiting on these contracts. Shame on the Board for putting these professionals under such stress, shame, shame, shame.....

"Cry, cry and cry, that is what Newton county residents are doing. Every November we have an election in this county. Every November someone is up for re-election. Quit your crying and vote the incumbents out of office. If you don't like the way Mayor Carter is doing, get her out. Don't keep voting them in. Do not cry all year long and when it comes time to put someone in to office put someone new."

"I would like to know who needs a bike trail or who would really likes to live near one. You certainly wouldn't want to walk or ride on one and our police department doesn't have the time to babysit us. Ride on, folks, but don't do it alone."

"In the paper they are saying that school system is in debt. Can't keep the schools open and everything. I just was reading in the Newton Citizen that they are serving 6,026 meals a day. That is about 124,520 meals in the month for February. If each one of those meals cost a dollar a piece, and I know they cost more than that, you could save $124,520 by making the children bring their on meals. I come from the old school; we brought our meals every day. My momma made them and we took them to school with us. We drank water. I don't see any reason why these moms and dads can't get out of bed in the morning fix their children their breakfast and lunch and send them off to school."