Newton Poll - 03/06/2010

The Newton Citizen Poll is a compilation of opinions submitted by readers. They do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Citizen newspapers. If you agree or disagree with something you read here, you may respond by e-mailing poll@newtoncitizen.com.

"LOL. To the ... person that responded to my comment about the 'resegregation going on in our community by the ones screaming 'its racial' all of the time ... here's a bit for you. 1. I have not one but two biracial children. By choice. 2. I am not a hillbilly. 3. If blacks were all about equality then why are they the first ones to shout it's racial or to say someone owes them something just because they are black. 3. All I was saying was if God says he does not look, then why do you all still live in the past. And finally, I do not owe you anything, not even the time I am spending on your response. Might I add as well how 'classy' and 'dignified' your response was written. LOL!"

"Hooray for the school superintendent making positive changes in Clements Theme School for next year. We have been there all year and it has been tough. Our team of teachers is wonderful, but the administration is terrible. A lot of parents are waiting to decide on enrollment for next year, based on if there is a change in leadership. ... "

"I would like to thank council members Keith Dalton, Chris Smith, Ocie Franklin and Hawnethia Williams for voting against pursuing a grant for construction of a trail system. They voted and acted responsibly in the matter and should be commended. I'm sure the majority of citizens would agree. On the other hand, being called out by the mayor was uncalled for and, therefore, I would highly recommend that the council take action. She should be censured at the next meeting. We've heard enough already."

"I was dismayed at the Clements Theme School parent meeting on 02/25/10. Parents were making inappropriate comments among each other that definitely suggested that they were out to control the school and destroy the administration and staff. Since when does a parent have to be a part of one of the sacred committees to be nominated for president. The school's PTO does not even try to include others. Only because of the election did the PTO board show up. I was at the last two meetings and none of the PTO board members showed up. How can these same parents complain about the school staff and administration when they strive to destroy the school?

"I was so pleased to see a wonderful performance in honor of Black History at Clements Theme School. It was clear that the students were well behaved and the parents were well behaved. I will say that I was very saddened to see a fourth-grade parent instigating a situation. The parent was trying to stir the pot because a new PTO president was put in place. It was clear that this parent did not want the new lady in place. Sadly enough, they don't want to give her an opportunity to make this a positive PTO board just like many have not given the administration and staff an opportunity. Parents, it is time to grow up and stop misbehaving."

"I know in this economy everyone is hurting. That does not mean we have to allow our roads and neighborhoods to be covered in litter/trash. It does not cost anyone a dime to pick up around their yards or along the streets in front of their house. We all may be living on less but it would be nice for us all to live cleaner."

"No matter what party you support, please look closely at the candidates running against your current elected representative and choose one. We need new representatives, ones who listen to their constituents."

"I just want to thank the members who voted against the trail grant. The citizens of Covington nor the citizens who live in the outlying areas of the county want the trail to be developed along the proposed railroad line that runs from Porterdale to Newborn. You've made the right decision and as a homeowner along the railroad, I thank you for it!"

"I am upset that I am no longer to see funeral announcements and church announcements on Channel 6. Does Charter even care? I have called the 800 number on numerous occasions but no one can tell me who to contact."

"How can we contact management at Charter to complain about the funeral announcements being gone?"

"I am on a fixed income and liked looking at the community bulletin board to keep me informed of upcoming events. Now I guess I will have to go back to reading the paper to keep up with local events."

"Will someone please answer this for me? I have been layed off from my job and unfortunately I have had to try and get some help. I have worked all my life, never had any kind of government aid, I live a very lean kind of life. I have two children and I am trying to put them through school. I live in an old house that needs work, and I drive an old vehicle. I was at the DFCS office several weeks ago trying to get food stamps so I could at least feed my family. While I am sitting there a man comes in dressed very well, you could tell his clothes and shoes were not cheap, and he says he wants to continue or renew his case so he can continue to receive his food stamps. I had finished with the application and left at the same time he did and I was really amazed at the vehicle he was driving, it was a red Hummer H3. How can people who have this type vehicle, dress to the nines and probably lives in a nice home get food stamps when someone like me that has next to nothing is turned down. How can the system justify such action?"

"'Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.' I believe that or something similar is on the Statue of Liberty. It might as well be written on every state, city, county welcome sign because we have welcomed this, that and the other over and over and over again. Hey, I'm not a bad person, but I just can't get used to 'press 1 for English.' I also can't seem to fathom the jobless, the foreclosures and the economy in general. Oh yes, the humongous debt we heaped on our children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and so on down the line. Perhaps if we hadn't opened our doors so wide and left them open for so long we wouldn't have this problem. The bail out, oh don't get me started. The only ones benefiting from this fiasco are the CEOs and their big fat bonuses. Oh yeah, they are walking in high cotton at your and my expense and the generations to come. I guess I am done, and jobless and by the way. I had to pay my city of Covington utility bill today, so I am broke."

"I wish everyone would keep their comments brief. Some people want to write their whole story in the paper. The park in Covington, if you would ever visit the park in McDonough and see how beautiful it is winter and spring, I believe we could do the same thing in Covington. I see so many dogs tied that I just want to cut them loose and let them run. They are left there day and night without water and food and in the cold."

"I would like to tell the Republicans to get on board with Democrats and get this country moving and get it back on track and help them to get the job done where the American people can have health care and jobs instead of saying no, no, no. They ain't nobody gonna vote for them if they ain't gonna help do nothing 'cause that shows what kind of party they are. American people are hurting. They need health care, they need jobs, they need somebody that wants to work for them. Will they please get on board and help this country get on track by saying no and doing nothing does not accomplish nothing."

"Newton County is included in a recent poll of the unhealthiest county in the nation. No big surprise since the county offers very little in the way of quality of life recreational facilities. Thank goodness for the YMCA, but the Y can't handle the burden alone. There is a huge need for a year-round indoor aquatic center for swim lessons, competitive swim teams, recreational swimming and water therapy for the handicapped and the arthritic. Is it possible for the county commissioners to work with the YMCA and together give Newton County citizens an indoor facility similar to Rockdale county Johnson park with the addition of therapy pool."

Editor's note: A recent Gallup-Healthways Well-Being survey found that the 8th Congressional District was the lowest ranked district in the state and ranked 373rd out of 435 congressional districts nationwide in a well-being index. The 8th District runs from Covington south to Moultrie in Colquitt County, covering most of central Georgia.

"When did it become acceptable, not to mention legal, for businesses to offer discounts to those with certain religious beliefs? Several businesses in the area have signs posted offering discounts to customers who present their church bulletins. This is outrageous! If any business gave discounts for proof of attendance to a mosque or Jewish temple, Christians would be rioting in the streets! Perhaps the ACLU needs to be contacted concerning this discriminatory practice!"

"First of all, the Clements and Fairview theme schools have done nothing but hurt public education in Newton County. Many wonderful students and parents left schools where they were contributing in order to not have to be with the 'regular' kids at good schools like East Newton, Ficquett, Mansfield, Palmer Stone, etc... -- all because parents wanted their own 'private-like' school without having to pay for it. It serves them right that the theme is not working."

"Today I received a text from my child saying -- get this -- ... Her teacher was bullying her -- haven't we flipped when now these days teachers have enough time to indulge in negative, hateful remarks to his own students? We have really gone to the birds! When we teach our kids to be respectful and others disregard that concept entirely. The teacher at my child's school is in no way easy on the eyes, tries too hard and, of all things ... is now filled with negativity. I hate when we have ... within our own ranks. Anywho, change is gonna come! I was deeply saddened by the tone, the words exchanged that parents need to be aware that even some of the educators are not able to teach."

"I would like to know if someone could answer my question I have for this week. The Lifeflight helicopter was stationed over here at the Covington airport and I was very pleased with that knowing if there was a critical situation that they could have you in a trauma center quickly and that was a good thing for us to have here in Newton County. The airport was closed for construction and Lifeflight left. Now that the airport seems to be open again, I don't see the Lifeflight helicopter returning. I would like to know if they are going to come back or did we lose them by closing this airport down for this construction work. If we did that is a very bad move for this county. That was the only good thing I have seen in this airport to start with was the fact that we had real quick care to a trauma center if we needed it and I know it was used very regularly 'cause I could hear it leaving and coming back very often."

"Regarding the opening the alcohol sales within the county. It is an excellent idea. Finally, it is catching on that this county needs to move in to the 2010s and beyond. Regarding it becoming the wild, wild, west, what kind of idiotic statement is that. That is prejudicing the voting public right off the bat. That so many bad things are going to happen if we bring in new restaurants, new revenue in to the area. How much does it take for you to understand the reason Newton County is not moving forward is because it is still living in the 1950s. That is the major problem, and to make statements that are not true is just a way to scare the public. I would appreciate it if you would give it a fair vote and show both sides of the argument, both pro and con without making personal statements."