Man charged with Peeping Tom at Wal-Mart

CONYERS — Police recently arrested a man who cited a poor sex life as the reason he allegedly captured cell phone images directed under women's skirts while at the Conyers Wal-Mart.

Tysinger Markell Simmons, 41, of 2711 Valleydale Drive, was arrested Saturday afternoon at the retail store on Dogwood Drive after a Wal-Mart employee called police when she reportedly saw Simmons putting a camera phone under a woman's skirt.

During police questioning, Simmons first denied taking any pictures and said he just asked for a couple of phone numbers, according to police reports. Simmons consented to letting the officer see his phone and the officer found several video recordings directed under women's skirts. The phone also contained a video focused on a woman's backside while she was walking.

Simmons admitted to making the recordings that day and admitted to regularly recording women at Wal-Mart in the past. The man said he did it for pleasure because he and his wife were not having a good sex life, the reports said. Simmons also told the officer how he took the videos of the unsuspecting women, explaining that he would bend over, pretend to reach for something and position the phone under their skirts.

The officer noted in his report that Simmons said he wanted to stop and would consider counseling.

None of the unsuspecting women in the videos were identified.

Simmons was charged with Peeping Tom, loitering and prowling, and unlawful eavesdropping or surveillance.

He posted a $5,150 bond and was released a day after his arrest on June 27.