Newton Poll - 06/26/2010

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"How many times have you heard 'The majority of the American people voted for Obama?' Granted, he received the majority -- 53 percent -- of the votes cast, and a majority of the Electoral College votes. Therefore, he is the president. However, he received only 22.3 percent (66.9 million) of the votes from the 300 million American people and only 31.5 percent of the 212.7 million American people eligible to vote. Why were the American people so blinded by a Socialist community organizer who has cost us 4.2 million jobs, tripled, our deficit and doubled our national debt?"

"Take heed to the promises made by those seeking the governor's office. Teacher salaries and furloughs are regulated by the county BOEs, not the state. Bank loans are regulated by the federal government. Not the state. ... "

"Three Newton County commissioners did the right thing in voting for a budget that would require a rollback of the millage rate (small increase) in order to minimize the loss of county jobs, especially in public safety (deputy sheriffs and firemen). They are to be thanked and praised. The two commissioners who voted against the budget, in other words for maximum layoffs, explained their vote to a hall peppered with sheriff's deputies attempting to justify their action. It is known in some circles that one of those commissioners has aspirations to be the youngest governor in Georgia history. His platform-to-be would include a brag that he never voted for a tax increase. Once again, a politician who treats his public service as a career, looking to either stay in office or move up. Remember this vote when you see his name on future ballots. If he had had his way, Newton County could have become a mecca for criminals knowing we didn't have enough law enforcement power on our streets."

"A challenge to Newton Citizen. Find out what cuts were required of our 911 Center. Mike Smith's salary along with the other employees' are supplemented by more than half, with county funds. They are governed by the city and answer to city officials. I know all county employees holiday and overtime has been cut out. I understand that city employees still receive their holiday pay. Is the county paying city employees holiday pay? His salary along with the dispatchers are set by the city of Covington. Now I know we need these dispatchers, but every other department has made cuts. Let's find out about 911. The current radio equipment needs attention also. Rumor has it that the system has been sold yet again and public safety is still without coverage in some areas."

"The bigwigs at the BOE are perpetually tone deaf and just don't get it. In the midst of the lowest morale in decades, NCSS has transferred an excellent teacher for being married to another teacher at the same school -- even though this 'policy' is not written anywhere. The actual written policy simply states -- as it absolutely should -- that family members cannot supervise, evaluate, or promote each other (NCSS BOE Policy GAG, adopted 1/4/1999). In this situation, we're talking about two teachers on equal footing in completely different departments. There really is no conflict of interest. With all of the actual, real, live problems schools are facing right now, this is what we're paying deputy superintendents six figures to spend time on? Parents and students ... have a right to know that they're losing a high-caliber AP teacher. Taxpayers have a right to know that the AP training they funded for this teacher is now basically being thrown away on a whim. Now more than ever, student learning and achievement must be the highest priority, and that priority also must be balanced with responsible stewardship of the taxpayers' money. BOE, you fail on both counts in this case. And what's more is, throughout the system -- and even in the same school -- there are other faculty and staff who openly live together and even have children together, but that is apparently just fine. What kind of message is that? It seems to me that there need to be some 'transfers' over at the BOE."

"The Newton County School System has recently transferred a teacher who was married to a teacher in a different department at the same school. However, there are many couples who live together, have children or are having children together and are allowed to remain at the same school because they are not married. Is this punishment of married teachers and the reward given to those who are not really the message that the school board wants to send to children and the community?"

"Just read about the county layoffs. We just need to add two more to the list. Both from the BOC."

"I tried to get to the correct department about a citizen concern but never received a call back. My concern is the side road beside the Chevy dealership, which leads into the Kmart shopping center. A no left turn in writing needs to be put in place before someone gets hurt. The sign with the big red circle just doesn't sink in for some drivers. Don't blow your horn at me when you are in the wrong and breaking the law for a illegal left turn,"