Authorities looking for 4 sex offenders

David Wauchope, Charles OKelley, Martin Bennett, William Clay

David Wauchope, Charles OKelley, Martin Bennett, William Clay

COVINGTON -- The Newton County Sheriff's Office is asking the public to notify them if they know the whereabouts of four convicted sex offenders who have left supervision.

Arrest warrants for violating requirements of the Sex Offender Registry law have been issued for:

* David Fisher Wauchope, convicted in 2007 of child molestation;

* Charles OKelley, convicted in 1999 of statutory rape;

* Martin Varnell Bennett, convicted in 2008 of statutory rape;

* William Henry Clay, convicted in 2003 of child molestation.

"Currently we are down to four absconders. That's not bad, but zero is preferred," said Deputy C.D. Ammons who is a member of the NCSO Sex Offender Registration Task Force. "Recently we had seven and three of them have been captured."

Ammons said each of the four men they are seeking has been an absconder for "weeks, if not months. We're very anxious to get these guys off the street."

"When they abscond, they leave supervision without consent and there are arrest warrants active for each one of them. Under sex offender registration laws, they are required to report and required to maintain current information with us with regard to residence and employment. If they fail to do that, they are prosecuted. They will be taken into custody if they are found," he said.

Ammons said Bennett could possibly be in the Conyers area, Clay is probably somewhere in Atlanta, OKelley is probably in Walton County and Wauchope is probably still in metro Atlanta.

"We work in conjunction with the U.S. Marshal's office, and they've made several arrests for us lately," Ammons said. "They're working with us on these four also."

Ammons said any citizen who thinks they know where any one of these four men are should call the Sheriff's Office at 678-625-1400.

"And, if they see them and actually have good information where they are at that time, it's perfectly acceptable to call 911 and tell us where they are. They'll send a deputy out to arrest them," he said. "These subjects are wanted fugitives. It merits a 911 call if you see these people on the street somewhere."

Also, anonymous tips can be made through the NCSO website at www.newtonsheriffga.org and by clicking on "anonymous tips." Those who want a response from NCSO personnel should leave contact information.

"Any form of contact they want to have with us is perfectly acceptable," Ammons said. "If they don't see the person right then, but think they know where they live, they can call me at 678-625-1499 and I'll take it from there."

Ammons cautioned that these fugitives should not be approached by the public.

"They should never, ever contact these people themselves. I want to stress again, they're wanted felons now and it should be left up to law enforcement to make contact with them," Ammons said. "If someone encounters one of these men, they should be observant, make a good witness for us, gather all the information they can like an address or a tag number if they can do it without being noticed. We want in no way shape or form for the public to put themselves in danger for us. But any information they can provide to us will be greatly appreciated."

Ammons also said anyone who has concerns of any type about others on the sex offender registry or anyone causing them to be alarmed, should feel free to call him.