School enrollment up from last year

COVINGTON -- The final 2009-10 count of students enrolled in the Newton County School System shows that the system's schools are still growing.

According to the enrollment report for May 28, which was the last day of school for students for the 2009-10 school year, 19,303 students were enrolled at Newton County's 24 schools. This is 324 more students than were enrolled in its 22 schools at the end of the 2008-09 school year and 40 less than the last enrollment report on May 5.

"That's a little more growth" than NCSS has been experiencing, said Linda Hayden, assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction at NCSS.

Throughout the school year, NCSS had been averaging a growth of about 250 students, she said.

The report shows that 9,559 students were enrolled in the 14 elementary schools. That is down 87 students from last school year and down 17 from the May report.

It shows that 4,434 were enrolled in the five middle schools -- 149 more than in last year's four middle schools and just one less from the last report.

The three high schools showed enrollment figures totaling 4,995, which is 261 more than last year and 17 less than last month.

Sharp Learning Center had 164 students enrolled by the end of this school year, which is 43 less than last school year and one less than in May. Challenge Charter Academy had 151 enrolled, 44 more than last year and four less than last month.

NCSS officials expect student enrollment between 20,244 and 21,676 for the 2010-11 school year, according to its budget. This includes a projection of between 9,626 and 10,536 elementary school students, between 4,783 and 5,065 middle school students and between 5,835 and 6,075 high school students.