City to address commercial vehicle parking

COVINGTON -- Covington officials are drafting an ordinance to address parking of commercial vehicles in residential areas.

The City Council tabled a first reading of the ordinance to get more information before voting and Monday afternoon held a work session to begin hashing out the details.

The council has yet to reach a final decision on which commercial vehicles will be banned from parking in residential districts, but City Manager Steve Horton said it will likely have to be regulated based on weight and length.

As currently worded, the ordinance prohibits any vehicle with a gross weight rating of 15,000 pounds or greater from parking in residential areas, excluding pickup and dually style trucks. Council members also wanted to make clear that personal SUVs would be excluded. The draft ordinance also would prohibit vehicles in excess of 30 feet in length.

Allowed would be recreational vehicles, including motor homes, campers, toy haulers and other such vehicles; water crafts; and business vehicles, defined as those other than commercial vehicles that have an exterior logo, design, lettering or advertising display or are equipped to openly store ladders.

At the work session the consensus was to prohibit lift trucks; equipment haulers; equipment trailers more than 16 feet long; and grading, trenching, digging or well-drilling equipment. The council is seeking further information on weights and sizes of various other commercial vehicles before making a final decision.

Councilman Keith Dalton said he doesn't want to hinder anyone from earning a living, noting that wrecker drivers and others may need to drive company vehicles home.

"If it weighs more than our garbage trucks, I've got a problem. If it doesn't, I don't necessarily have a problem with it," he said.

The council agreed that no commercial vehicles, even those that will be allowed under the ordinance, should park on residential streets.

The council will have another work session prior to bringing the matter to a vote.