Newton Poll - 06/12/2010

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"People seem to forget that 'reasonable suspicion' as a prerequisite for questioning is a huge power-grab by the state.... the very type of policy the teabaggers set out to fight against. ... this little detail alone would be considered 'communist' if a Democratic policy was to advocate the empowerment of state as much as SB1070 does. This is what makes this bill bad for everyone. This just sets a stage for 'reasonable suspicion' to be enough to question anybody for any crime."

"Many of the staff members were not thrown a curve ball with the closing of Clements Theme School, we saw it coming. Many of us are relieved that the school has been dissolved with the current leadership and yet very sad that we will not be able to see our students become seniors in this school. It was a wonderful concept, but the administration and the faculty were not on the same page. The school was not open to parents or teachers and truly became the vision of one person. Because of this the door to suggestion and logic was slammed, never to be reopened. We hope that Fairview continues to thrive and that the theme school concept will spread to the middle grades in the future with strong leadership and with and ear for suggestion and growth."

"In response to CTS staff not knowing about the possible closing: The Monday before the board meeting, the options for CTS was discussed in a staff meeting. I do not know why certain individuals want to act like they did not know. Perhaps they were not at the required staff meeting. The discussion was the reason that some CTS teachers attended the board meeting in which the Fairview teachers spoke."

"I am posting a response to the person who wrote about cutting the county positions at Gaithers and Factory Shoals. Can the paper verify the following? I believe those employees are paid through a fund that doesn't directly come from the county. Also, as for Gaithers -do you not realize this is a form of income for the county? Have you seen how many weddngs/events are booked this summer? It would benefit people if they would research things before making comments that make them seem ignorant. No one wants county positions cut but throwing some positions "under the bus" doesn't benefit anyone."

Editor's Note: According to Newton County Administrative Officer John Middleton, the position of the Gaithers/Bear Creek caretaker is funded through the county's water fund. Responsibilities include managing the property acquired by the county for the future Bear Creek Reservoir. The position of park ranger at Factory Shoals Park is funded through gate fees, campsite rentals and the general fund.

"RE: 'C' average. Obviously, you do not know what that the 78 percent in math represents that is posted on a middle school sign. The percent is well above the state average and is a fantastic score. It does not represent a 'C' average as you seem to think. Do you realize that those teachers are still teaching the new curriculum to middle grades students that have missed the new curriculum in elementary school? In fact, most of the middle school math teachers are having to teach one and one-half grade levels in one school year because of the way that the state rolled out the new curriculum. Do you realize that many of the parents do not support their own children in the area of math? Often times they tell the children that they were not good in it so they do not need to worry. Why would you bash a school for being proud of the hard work of the students, teachers, and parents? Perhaps had you looked at all of the other middle schools, you might see that this one actually was on top with their math scores."

"To the person wondering what's happened to the America he/she woke up in, I'm right there with you! It makes me sick to see how our government and corporations cater to those who refuse to learn English! The bank ATMs and company telephone prompts should automatically default to English! Even job positions posted for local government often require applicants to be bilingual! Disgusting! As for the illegal college student, you're absolutely right! She's here illegally -- she should be deported -- why is this even up for discussion? The Arizona law? Anyone who's here legally has nothing to worry about! No other country allows the immigration issues that we're currently having to deal with. Why do you think that is? It's time to take this country back! I'm more than happy to welcome anyone into this country who is willing to come here legally and learn our language. Otherwise, get lost!"

"I have been complaining about our leaders and the lackluster job they have been doing. This week it is going to be different. Back in the late '80s and early '90s I would call a man in our county government about a problem in the western part of the county. That man always did what he said he would do and he would give a straight answer to your question. You may not have agreed with him 100 percent of the time but you knew he cared for Newton County, all of Newton County. To Varner. Thank you for sharing Roy with us."

"Nice ceremony for our returning soldiers last Sunday on the Square. We are safe to meet in this manner because of those boys. We are safe to go to any church we please because of those boys. We are safe to vote freely because of those boys. Speaking of voting, with the exception of the mayor and council chairwoman, I saw one Newton County (commissioner) and no Covington City (council members) present. It's not enough to attend the regular meetings and then disappear except at election time. Very disappointing but, unfortunately, and in the case of some, not surprising. You never see them at public gatherings."

"This statement was made by our 20th president, James Garfield. We need to listen and learn about how our country is being changed and become involved in ways to make it like it was so our children and grandchildren will have America like we had it. ... "Now more than ever before, the people are responsible for the character of their Congress. If that body be ignorant, reckless and corrupt, it is because the people tolerate ignorance, recklessness and corruption. If it be intelligent, brave and pure, it is because the people demand these high qualities to represent them in the national legislature ... If the next centennial does not find us a great nation ... it will be because those who represent the enterprise, the culture, and the morality of the nation do not aid in controlling the political forces.'"

"Can someone tell me if Newton High will have a 10-year reunion for the class of 2000? If so, where can we get information on it?"

"I was wondering if anyone could explain to me why for at least the last year, possibly more, that gas has consistently been 10 to 20 cents lower per gallon in McDonough than in Covington. Since it is so much lower, I do all my shopping there so I can fill up. Sorry about that Covington, but you go where the prices are lower."

"Roy Varner was, by all accounts, the nicest of men who was able to get more done by emphasizing cooperation and consensus, not seeking any credit. Where are those politicians now? Covington and Newton County seem to have devolved into a simmering pot of pettiness, personality conflicts and egotistical agendas. I knew it when it worked better. We need a better class of elected officials, and this election provides a few chances to make some needed changes."

"'Money does not grow on trees.' Have you heard this before? Seems that several elected officials can't come to terms with that old saying. 'Because I am the ________, (you fill in the blank) I can spend whatever I see as necessary.' There is a movement in this country to recall the president. Maybe the top Democrats in this county need to pay attention. They rode in on certain coattails that seem to be getting shorter. Blame all you want but remember the chicken coop is empty and you all have taken your share. Clearly the top seats are at odds. At least remember the ones who choose to live in this county and raise their family here. The ones that live in other counties usually shop in those counties."

"If anyone saw the accident on Hwy. 278 and Turner Hill Road on Sunday June 6th around 10 p.m. between brown car and white Explorer please e-mail me at ReneeWright123@yahoo.com. We would appreciate any and all help, thank you.

Editor's note: Was this at Turner Hill Road or Turner Lake Road?

"In reading over our district candidates for the school board, I have become very disappointed that things in our county schools will never improve. Out of the three candidates, not one mentioned improving the school system to help out children meet their academic potential! Not one even mentioned our children's education in their platform. The school system was not developed to be the largest employer in the county, a business where jobs are protected, a place for performing arts, or a place where what was good enough 30 years ago is good enough today. Would someone who wants to move Newton County from being the lowest of the school districts in one of the lowest states in our country, please step forward?"

"To the people blasting Sheriff Brown and his budget. The sheriff's budget increased due to the fact this is a growing county and with it you need more deputies and firemen. The sheriff's office still does not have the money they need. They are patrolling the streets with cars that have over 250,000 miles on them. A close friend of mine actually had a car that was rebuilt from four wrecked cars. They are one of the only law enforcement agencies that don't have long guns in their cars -- yes, some do, but when there are only two or three a shift, that is not acceptable when almost every house in the county has some type of shotgun or rifle in it. That means that our deputies are outgunned in most cases. When there are nights that we only have five deputies in this county. We are unsafe and he needs more money. For the second straight year the BOC has decided not to give him any money for cars and are talking about laying off 38 people from the jail and 28 from patrol. If that happens and you call 911 and it takes someone two hours to get there, you will know why. With the crime rate going up and less deputies on the road, it's only going to get worse. So vote out the people that are trying to lay off the people that protect us."