ON THE BEAT: Man loses two handguns in county

On the Beat is an occasional reporting of various crimes and complaints confronted by law enforcement personnel in Newton County in the course of their duties. It is compiled by News Editor Barbara Knowles, who can be reached at barbara.knowles@newtoncitizen.com.

Where, oh where, could they be?

A man notified the Newton County Sheriff's Office that he lost two handguns "somewhere between his work in DeKalb and home" in Newton County.

Happy birthday

A woman called the NCSO to report that she was planning an upcoming birthday party for her child with a friend.

The friend did not like one of the guests she planned to invite and began cursing the woman and threatening to "whip her a--." Her sister came and led the woman away.

Dead trees

A woman called the NCSO and reported that someone had sprayed 15 Leland Cypress trees on her property with something to kill them.

Take it away

A man called the NCSO to report that he filed bankruptcy and had contacted Ford Motor Company to come and pick up his 2004 Ford F-150. He said Ford keeps telling him to send them $17,000.


A 9-year-old child called the NCSO to report his mother and father for "yelling and cussing." The mother said the father had been drinking and doing drugs and had slammed her toe in the door and it was bleeding because her toenail was forced back into her foot, causing her to yell and cuss. The father was arrested.

Sugar, sugar

A man accused his ex-girlfriend of putting sugar in his gas tank because she had told him she would do just that if she saw any other women riding in the car with him.

Refreshingly honest

A Covington Police Department officer stopped a woman driving a van after he saw her weave more than 2 feet over the center line several times. When he told her why he stopped her, she said, "I will agree with you on that. This van does not have power steering and it is hard to drive."

The officer asked her where she was coming from and she told him the Baymont Motel on Alcovy Road. He then asked if she was staying at the motel, to which she responded, "No, I was just meeting my boyfriend there so we could have sex."

She was found to be in possession of several Schedule IV drugs and was taken into custody.

Dirty laundry

An employee of a dry cleaning establishment called the CPD to report that a woman had just grabbed $12 worth of laundry and fled the store without paying. It seems the woman had complained that the shirts and aprons she had brought in to be cleaned were still dirty. The dry cleaning clerk told her they would clean them again, but the woman said she needed to take one of the aprons so she could go to work. However, the woman then grabbed the whole batch and ran into the parking lot. The clerk followed and said the woman almost ran her down.

BOLO for fries

A truck driver notified the NCSO that he had parked his truck overnight on Industrial Drive because he had a delivery in the area the next day. When he returned to his truck, he found the door to the trailer had been tampered with and a case of curly fries valued at $50 was missing. He knew of no suspects.

Will steal anything

A man called the NCSO and told them an unknown suspect had tried to steal sand out of his backyard.

Costly shopping trip

A woman reported that she had gone to CVS on U.S. Highway 278, leaving her unlocked car with her purse under the driver's seat for an hour and 45 minutes. She left the store and approximately four hours later, noticed that her blue jean purse valued at $14 was missing. She said it contained $1,400 in cash, three checkbooks, a $200 gold bracelet, musical accessories valued at $175 and $40 worth of miscellaneous items.

Threats to cops

Two high-ranking police officials were threatened with death by a man who was walking up and down Floyd Street and acting in what CPD officers described as a "violent or tumultuous manner, screaming and cussing ... (threatening) to damage property or harm another person." The police officials called the CPD and the man was arrested. He was found to be carrying mints, plastic bags and a wrapped up ham bone.

OK to drive

A man was stopped by deputies on Ga. Highway 142 after he was seen blocking traffic after he had tried to jump a red light. The driver gave the deputy a Georgia ID card, explaining that his driver's license was suspended but he thought it was OK for him to drive. He was taken into custody.

Dog Gone

A man went to the Sheriff's Office to report the theft of his "blue" pit bull. He valued it at $7,500.

Gatorade bully

A woman called the NCSO to report that her son was "getting assaulted with a Gatorade bottle on the school bus nearly every day." She said this problem had been ongoing for four weeks.

Interfering husband

A woman went to the Sheriff's Office to report that she was working with the bank to refinance her home, but her husband had called them and said she wanted to cancel the transaction.