Police say woman lied about rape

CONYERS -- A Newton County woman has been charged after police determined that she fabricated a story that she had been kidnapped from a parking lot and raped by four men.

Amanda Gayle Little, 26, of Oxford initially told Conyers Police on July 24 that she had been walking in the parking lot of the Wal-Mart on Dogwood Drive around 1 a.m. when a man dragged her and forced her into a van. Little said she was taken to a location about 15 minutes away and raped by four men, according to Thursday's press release.

Detectives picked up on several inconsistencies in Little's story during the course of the investigation, Capt. Scott Freeman said in the release. One glaring contradiction was Little's claim that she was kidnapped. Police obtained video surveillance that showed Little's car driving through the Wal-Mart parking lot without stopping.

After seeing the footage at the police station, Little admitted to fabricating the rape story and told police about a sexual encounter that prompted her to make up the rape story. According to the release, Little admitted to officers that she had sex that evening at another location. She kept her cell phone in her back pocket during the act and accidentally called her boyfriend's friend, where the act was recorded on his voicemail.

"Looking for a way to cover up her activities, Ms. Little stated that she came up with the abduction and rape as a cover," Freeman said in the release.

Little was charged with false report of a crime.

The police captain commended the detectives who were able to uncover the truth.

Freeman said the Police Department does not assume victims are lying when reporting crimes, but the possibility has to be considered when "pieces of the puzzle just don't fit."

"We are an agency that focuses in on the needs of our victims, and cases like this simply are a waste of time and tie up valuable police resources that could be going to address other concerns," Freeman said.

Conyers PD has a zero tolerance for false reports, Freeman said, and those who do so will be charged accordingly.