ON THE BEAT: Couple goes on theft spree at Wal-Mart before authorities step in

On the Beat is an occasional reporting of various crimes and complaints confronted by law enforcement personnel in Newton County in the course of their duties. It is compiled by News Editor Barbara Knowles, who can be reached at barbara.knowles@newtoncitizen.com.

Kids will be kids

A young couple was spotted by a Wal-Mart loss prevention officer in the sporting goods department, apparently looking for cameras and for store personnel. When they were sure no one was looking, they proceeded to put merchandise in the female's purse. They then made for the health and beauty department, where they concealed even more items. The Covington Police Department was called and the young man was arrested, but the young girl was discovered to be a juvenile and was sent home with her mother. The items recovered included hunting equipment, a "birth control package," a Clear Blue Pregnancy Test and a tube of K-Y Jelly.

Needed a ride

The mother of a young boy called the Newton County Sheriff's Office to report that her son's bicycle was stolen off a friend's porch. She said three youngsters, two on bikes and one walking, were seen near the scene of the theft.

Just friends

A man called the NCSO to report that he took a female friend home from a bar and then her ex-boyfriend started calling him, leaving threatening messages.

* A man called the NCSO to report that he had been struck in the face by a man who had been his friend for 20 years. He didn't want to prosecute, he just wanted to report it.

Was it revenge?

A woman called the CPD and said two of her tires had been slashed. She didn't know who did it, but said she had sold a puppy "as is" to a neighbor earlier in the week. The dog died and the man wanted his money back, but she refused. She thought it possible he could be a suspect because his last words to her were, "You got something coming to you."

Family connection

A woman called the NCSO to report an assault. She said her stepfather had punched a man in the face because he caught the man having sex with the stepfather's girlfriend, who is also her mother. The man who was hit went to the hospital. The stepfather fled the scene.

Taxi fare

A woman called the CPD to accuse a cab driver of stealing $400 from her purse, as well as her drivers license. When she opened her purse in front of the police, however, her driver's license was there and she said, "He must have put it back."

A taxi driver had another tale to tell. He said she had him pick her up at the Holiday Inn Express and take her to The Depot and the Waffle House. He said when he asked the woman for the fare, she told him she had no money. He said the two then "discussed sexual intercourse as a means of payment." The taxi driver said he went as far as purchasing condoms, but apparently decided he'd rather have the fare as he did not follow through with the alternate method of payment.

Nobody was charged and the woman was transported back to her motel.


A woman was arrested by the CPD for attempting to shoplift a buggy filled with soft drinks and beer from Kroger. The total tab for the beverages was $114.57.


A man called the NCSO to complain that someone was calling 911 from an unoccupied mobile home behind his residence and that deputies keep coming to his house and asking him about calls he didn't make.

It's broken

A woman reported to the NCSO that her automatic window on her vehicle had become inoperative. The deputy who answered the call said there appeared to have been no vandalism.

Greedy folks

A woman said she gave her neighbor the key to her house so the neighbor could remove two microwaves. When she came home, she discovered a lot of other stuff missing. Items included jewelry, clothing, a refrigerator and more $17,000 worth of wigs and weaves.

* A complainant reported that someone had stolen his refrigerator and stove. When asked about the theft, the suspect admitted to taking the refrigerator, but not the stove. A witness said she saw him load up the refrigerator, but she really couldn't say about the stove because after she saw him getting the refrigerator she had gone into the house to watch Jerry Springer.

Exploding TV

A man accused a Charter Cable subcontractor of "flipping a wire" that caused his plasma television to "blow up" during a recent thunderstorm.

Just like Wimpy

A CPD officer noticed a man driving a vehicle with an out-of-state tag that had over half the front windshield obscured by a web pattern crack. He stopped the vehicle and recognized the driver as someone he and other officers had frequently stopped for traffic offenses. He asked the gentlemen if he'd ever taken care of his suspended drivers license and getting a Georgia tag. The man replied that he was working too much to take care of the tag, but, just like Wimpy who was always going to pay for the hamburgers Tuesday, he had an appointment with the judge on Tuesday to fix his license. He went to jail.