Newton Poll - 07-31-10

The Newton Citizen Poll is a compilation of opinions submitted by readers. They do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Citizen newspapers. If you agree or disagree with something you read here, you may respond by e-mailing poll@newtoncitizen.com. Please remember that the Citizen Poll is not a forum for comments either for or in opposition to candidates seeking elective office.

"To all you people traveling Hazelbrand Road! The three-way stop at Cochran Road means 'stop.' I live off Cochran and am afraid each time to pull out due to limited vision. The cars traveling west are speeding and run this stop sign time and time again, male and female. Just asking for help and a solution before there is a major accident here involving some of my family and friends. This could be a steady income for our Newton County Sheriff's Department. If I see you again I will turn in your tag number!"

"To conservative liberal Fox basher ... Don't give yourself credit for getting me off of the couch ... have you ever heard of a laptop? Have a great day!"

"We received our notice from city of Covington re: garbage pickup -- as of Aug. 1st they will no longer pick up any old furniture or other household items with trash trucks. Other than yard waste such as tree limbs, shrub and grass clippings or leaves will be picked up. Other trash disposal to be taken by customer to recycling or waste disposal centers. My statement is 'senior citizens who are not able to haul off trash to centers are left out in the cold.' We senior citizens have all we can handle without now having to haul off our 'excess' trash to the centers. Also, this probably means it will just stack up in the yards, or worse, in the house. I love the statement that our neighborhoods would be cleaner. Have you been out through some of these neighborhoods? It will take more than garbage pickup to improve some of them. For once do something for the senior citizens of Covington! We are the ones that help pay your salary."

"Can anyone tell me why we still have to stop at the railroad crossing on the Bypass road near Dearing Street? There hasn't been a train through there in years. We don't stop at the one on Turner Lake Road near Highway 81, nor the one on Clark Street near the future roundabout. There are several others on this now defunct railroad."

"I thought the city built parking decks for city employees to park in. You can never find a parking place around the Square if you need to run in somewhere for a minute. I know of one car ... This vehicle parks there every day and some days all day. This has gone on for over a year. It makes me angry when I know this is someone who works in the same building with me but I am parking in the designated areas. What happened to giving tickets after so many hours? This car is sometimes there eight hours. Then, I go out into the community and hear people talking about trying to find a parking place but Ms. so and so has her car there and Mr. so and so has his car parked on the Square. What? They don't have to follow the rules? You know these people that think because they are somebody that the rules are not for them. Check on it and see how that works and maybe I can not follow rules too. Thanks."

"Darrell Huckaby needs to be careful what he writes in his column. Educators do not understand how he can write the things that he does. Some articles are incorrect and some are his own opinion. If we, as teachers, expressed these opinions about events or people just in a conversation with children or parents we would be fired. I know we should have freedom of religion, freedom of speech and so forth, but it does not work that way for a teacher. However, he gets away with it. Could the board please explain that? This goes back to him being one of those favorite people who get away with things. It's this kind of junk that teachers are getting fed up with. We have to get the same rules mandatory across the county. People must have the same consequence. Our system is run so shoddy. Board members please wake up and make some calls. Stop favoring some teachers and tearing others down and not ever helping them out. It is not going to be a black-white discrimination -- it is going to be that a white person is being discriminated against. That's the talk in the county right now. There are some changes that must come. Same rules -- at every school -- same punishment for each person. Let's get some straight things across the county."

"Newton County schools have some problems that are being worked out. They are working hard on their budget. They are not perfect by far. However, they do treat their staff with respect and listen to their concerns. They give different people different assignments and give them different opportunities to serve on different committees and after three years one group of grade chairs, social committee, math committee, reading committee and so forth roll off and new ones are given the opportunity. New ideas are welcomed every year. Improvements are the goal. Rockdale only uses people who will pat their back and do something underhanded to help them out. I want to applaud Newton for how they work these committees and responsibilities out."

"Please get the dead weight out of the Recreation Department. There is so much of it. Drop by and just walk around and observe. There are certain people that are not doing one thing 90 percent of the time ... Who really comes through and looks at what their people do? If you go in over there it looks like one big happy party on the inside office as well as the people who sit outside the glass office."

"The Citizen Poll is a joke ... You, the editors, are obviously censoring what the citizens are trying to express. Every week we get to read negative bantering back and forth about such stuff as lawn care, being a couch potato ... I believe you get enjoyment out of keeping stuff stirred up. I say this because last week I submitted something of a positive nature, my husband and I were assisted by two NCSO officers on I-20. They were very professional and courteous. We simply wanted to publicly thank them. Instead of printing my submission we were treated to more negative responses about the same old arguments. Since you seemingly like to print about the same old stuff over and over I will use a line that I read several weeks ago ... Editors of the Citizen Poll, bad form!"

Editor's note: We have searched the Citizen Poll submissions from last week and were unable to find your comments thanking the two deputies for helping you out on I-20. However, we are sure they will appreciate your kind words just as much this week.

"This morning I went for a walk at Lake Varner. The park is beautiful and the county takes excellent care of it. However, the people who visit there don't. There were beer cans and dirty diapers along the banks of the water. The park workers that had to clean up the area were thoroughly disgusted because there are trash cans placed everywhere throughout the landscape. I don't understand lazy mothers and drinking fathers. Don't they want nice things for your children in the future? Issues like this cause facilities to be closed to the public permanently."

"It appears Donnie Clack is prepared to buy the approval of Newton County residents for his drag strip by offering each and every one of them a free night at Lanier National Speedway. Quid quo pro? Clack said he doubts the speedway will cause more noise than what can already be heard from Interstate 20. I have lived in this area for eight years -- the noise from I-20 is not much more than a hum. In January of this year, a motocross competition was held on the Penland property, which is located between I-20 and Surrey Chase subdivision. From Saturday afternoon until late in the evening and all day on Sunday we were forced to endure constant noise that was at least 10 times greater than that from I-20. That, in addition to exhaust fumes. I am told that Clack has lots of acreage surrounding his home in Walton County. Why would he not build a speedway there? Too much noise and gasoline fumes?"

"At first I was offended that Obama canceled his attendance at the National Boy Scout Jamboree, where he was going to be named honorary Chief Scout, in order to instead go on the TV show 'The View,' but then I began to really think it through. Each Boy Scout is expected to live every day by the high standards of the Scout Oath and Scout Law. I think that maybe Obama is smart enough to realize that he can never live up to these tenets. Let's look at each. The Scout Oath says, 'On my honor, I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law. To help other people at all times. To keep my self physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight.' The Scout Law states that, 'A Scout is Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean and Reverent.' Maybe it is better that Obama goes on 'The View' to pander for votes from the liberal bedwetters that watch the show, rather than attempt to influence 50,000 boys living by these high ideals. Oh but, that's right, the liberal View watchers vote, the Boy Scouts aren't old enough to cast a vote yet, and it is always about the vote. Good choice Obama. Go spend some time with Joy and Whoopie and leave our youth alone. Thanks to Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell for recognizing the importance of this event and attending."

"In response to the person who submitted the item about half-dressed people showing their under pants. Yes, I think you are right that women would be arrested for the same infraction ... but allow me to tell you what I do when I see someone walking in the same vicinity as myself who is wearing the 'pants on the ground' attire. I simply walk up to him and say ... 'son, you seem to be the same age as my grandson and I certainly wish that if he were walking around with the skid marks in his drawers showing he would want to know. The pants come up immediately. I'm sure they stay up at least long enough to realize he's been pranked by a little old woman. I've done this 10 to 12 times and it works every time."

"In Thursday's paper (July 29) there was the listing for the Honor Roll for Newton High School for the last grading period. School will begin next week? I am still waiting for the Ficquett Honor Roll to be published. School was dismissed in May -- why does it take so long to have the honor rolls published?"

Editor's note: There are several factors that affect when honor rolls are published. We typically receive them from the school systems around mid-June. Then, due to length of the honor rolls and the volume of other student news that we publish, it sometimes takes a few weeks before they appear in the paper.