Money snatcher banished from Rockdale

CONYERS — A DeKalb County man with a record of snatching cash from unsuspecting victims was banished from Rockdale County this week as part of his sentence.

Tommy Lawayne Leach, 41, of Lithonia pleaded guilty to four counts of robbery before Rockdale County Superior Court Judge David Irwin on Wednesday.

Irwin sentenced Leach to 20 years to serve 10 in prison and ordered that Leach be banished from the county.

Leach's robbery charges stemmed from four separate incidents where Leach snatched cash from the victims.

Two of the crimes happened at the Piggly Wiggly on West Avenue. Leach threatened the cashier, saying he had a gun, and demanded money during the April 2008 incident. In another incident, Leach swiped $400 in cash from a cash register at the grocery store.

The other two robberies occurred at Hobby Lobby on Ga. Highway 138, where Leach took money from the cash register in July 2009, and the Family Dollar, where he snatched $100 from a customer while she shopped in April 2009.

Leach was on probation or parole during the time of his arrest in Rockdale for other robbery charges in DeKalb. According to court documents, a DeKalb County judge sentenced Leach in January 2009 to 10 years to serve five. Leach also had at least seven other robbery charges since 2002.

Irwin sentenced Leach as a recidivist.