Newton Phone Poll - 07-17-10

The Newton Citizen Poll is a compilation of opinions submitted by readers. They do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Citizen newspapers. If you agree or disagree with something you read here, you may respond by e-mailing poll@newtoncitizen.com. Please remember that the Citizen Poll is not a forum for comments either for or in opposition to candidates seeking elective office.

"Those CRCT scores are looking good over there at Fairview Theme School. They must be doing something right. Kudos to the students, Dr.Smith, Mr. Wells, the teachers and, of course, the parents."

"There goes old Darrell Huckleberry writing about something he obviously doesn't know about (that happens quite often). He doesn't think Yankees know about heat! He needs to go up North and stand in a cornfield in the middle of July and August and see if there isn't heat. Many days it is actually hotter up North than in the South. We didn't and don't have a/c in the schools like you softies down here do. Many days I stood on a hayrack or worked in the mow when it was 95-100 degrees making hay, as they say, when the sun shines. So ol' Darrell, go up North where the real people live in heat and don't complain like you're doing, and yes we can drive in snow and heat -- something you have yet to master."

"So, do you really think that it will be cheaper to have county employees and/or work detail crews do the landscaping and maintenance? Perhaps you need to familiarize yourself with the cost and upkeep of machinery, insurance and pesticide licensing. I don't want to demean county employees but do you, any of you, have a real idea how much physical hustling would be necessary in order for the county to even break even on this endeavor? Using county inmates would require that we pay deputies to stand around and watch them work. Yea, that's real cheap. We can't even afford to pay them to watch them while they are in jail."

"Newton Citizen -- First let me say that my original submission was before the new budget was published -- so, technically it was not incorrect, but I understand why you would edit that part of my post. However, the part of 'under the table politics' is true. Check the published budgets and see if the $300,000 for the west side library appeared in the 'new' budget. I'm telling you this, two hours before the vote to raise the millage rate bribes did happen ... not fair to me or your readers to delete that from my post ... just saying ... "

"This is to 'independent leaning conservative' ...If you call Fox news viewers 'couch potatoes,' then how do you know what they report unless you are on that same couch. Give me a break and quit claiming to be conservative or independent and have the guts to admit that you are the liberal socialist that you really are! If you really watched Fox, you would know better! I watch most all media outlets and Fox is the most balanced news out there. If you just wanted to hear Obama's side, then you are right, stay in the mainstream media box!"

"I love Newton County. I lived in Rockdale for 28 years and it was crazy. I live off Highway 81 and it is so peaceful. The thought of losing our protective personnel is scary. I feel safe where I live, but what will happen when the thugs and crooks want to take advantage of the good folks here. Please, don't let our cops get robbed."

"I can't stand the ignorance of the people that has been spoon fed all their lives and the people that has never had to live in an unsafe place or even had to raise children in a poor, crime-ridden neighborhood. I can't express enough on how important it is to everyone that lives in Newton County to have a fully functional Sheriff's Office operating at all times. Crime is like a dirty tub; it's easy to clean if you keep up with it regularly, but if you neglect for too long and let the scum build up, it takes way more effort to get it clean again. You dig? My family's safety is top priority over everything. So let's give the NCSO whatever they need before it's your loved one that becomes a victim! Remember, money comes and goes but lives are lost forever!"

"Well the town of Newborn wants the taxpayers of Newton County to buy them a railroad. They are more than willing to pay their share if they can find the money. I am sure it will be the same amount they were willing to pay when the new fire station was built. They offered to pay their fair share until the station was built, then conveniently changed their mind. Good try Newborn!"

"I am just sitting here in my nine-room house with full daylight basement home in west Newton. We are so thankful to east Newton wealthy people for making it possible for us to have such a nice paid home and for us to be able to college educate our children. Without your generosity in paying for services way out here this lifestyle could not be enjoyed. Please keep up the good work. If you feel we are so poor you can leave us money in our mailboxes. We are so fortunate to live in a county where the east district pays all our county tax and other services. Thank you so much for looking out for us -- a poor old west Newton resident. ... "

"This is to reply to the person who criticized west Newton. I have lived there all my life; we raised two sons who have college degrees with good jobs. They are active in church, do not do drugs, drink alcohol or smoke. That's pretty good since they were raised in west Newton. We live in a nice neighborhood with good neighbors. We have worked hard and are proud and thankful for our accomplishments. My advice to the critical person is to stay away from west Newton and that will help our image a lot. It's hard to believe that everyone who lives in the city of Covington is perfect and has no problems. Watch how you judge it could come back to haunt you."

"To the person who is complaining about why no one does anything for the western side of Newton County, why should we? It's mostly full of starter homes that don't pay enough in taxes to cover the services they use. So what you are saying is there are no homes in east Newton under 300k. Yeah right!"

"Wow, should I say thanks Mr. Ewing for keeping the lawn care and laying me off? Would have taken the job of cutting grass to keep food on my table for my family."

"Last night I was watching the new TV show 'Rizzoli & Isles' when much to my surprise Ms. Harmon's character shared the screen with a picture of Barack Obama -- not once but in two scenes. It was a very obvious attempt to make an impression on us and to get our attention. It was a very tacky thing to do and it distracted me from the point of being entertained. I turned the show off. Can we now expect to have politics shoved down our throats by weekly TV shows? I wish I knew who to contact at the network to express my displeasure. Any suggestions? It's obvious to me our government has lost what little class it might have once had."

"It looks like to me if the county is laying off so many employees and cutting the budgets for departments, the commissioners would vote no to the lawn care contract. If Durden has been cutting grass for nine years, no wonder the county is losing money. Taxpayers look at the sites and see for yourself. I would hate to hire him for my lawn care. ... Think about it $103,000-plus a year equals to at least two to three jobs in the county that was cut! Commissioners, shame on all of you!"

"In response to the independent thinker? with conservative leanings? There is no way that you are a conservative, if you think the liberal Obama-loving media are fair and balanced. They cover up everything detrimental to Obama and try and keep Americans in the dark. What we don't know won't hurt or anger us, right? After Congress recessed last week, Obama appointed the new Medicare/Medicaid head without notice or fanfare of any type. This man has openly admitted that he loves England's socialized medicine. This, of course, was never brought out by any of the liberal media. You did not mention if you are a senior citizen and on Medicare. If you are, you better get ready for what is ahead from this man. It is called Obamacare rationing. That is part of his agenda and has been from the start. It is a great way to handle the problem of over-population. Ration care to the elderly and any person suffering from an incurable disease, so they will die sooner. This man obviously wants to play God! You stated that Fox pimps out their female newscasters. How did you come up with that line of bull? Just because they are better looking than the left wing media women does not mean they are prostitutes! With a statement like that, you are the one who needs your head examined."

"I would like to thank all the Porterdale Police officers that worked the Fourth of July celebration! They were not mentioned in the paper or brochure that they were giving out there. They worked long hours in the heat to make sure everything was running smoothly. They are not even on the Website pictures! Also, many Explorers were there helping out. Thanks again to all the volunteers!"

"A recent article commented on the conditions of Rockdale County jail. Same must be for many others, too. However, one must remember inmates are there because they made the wrong choice at one time. However, it was reported as of 1991 it cost an average of $ 65 per day to house an inmate. So why not ease our economic problems and help inmates at the same time. Let the inmates do social work, ie trimming along the highways, mowing public areas etc., etc. For every day worked reduce their sentence by one day. This way everyone wins. We the taxpayers and quicker freedom for the inmates. Would be very simple to administer."

"Who is minding the store in our county office? For the second time this year Newton County has missed the deadline to turn in the required planning documents to the Georgia Department of Community Affairs. Blaming the error on employee turnover is not a reasonable excuse. If the impact fee coordinator retired last year surely her department head knew about the deadline. How many other deadlines have been missed? I hope Chairman Morgan's new procedures will alleviate this problem and it won't happen again."

"Hey y'all. I am the man that was dancing on the Square the other day. I fell down and busted my knee wide open. Well, they say I was giving the Michael Jackson imitator a run for his money. Course he was a good dancer, too, probably better than me. Anyway, I am doing OK. Thank y'all very much for y'all's nice kindness and not laughing at me when I fell and busted my knee wide open and made my self look foolish. I am doing a lot better. Thank you very much to the people who were nice to me. I had to get the bone pushed back in my knee, but I might be down but I am far from the Lord."

"To the finance department for the BOC: As a taxpayer and a business owner myself for 25 years I would love to see how you managed to find over $58,000 in savings on the lawn maintenance contract for Newton County. As an educated business owner myself I understand the cost of doing business. The average taxpayer does not understand that the finance department had planned to hire one prison guard to oversee seven inmates at a cost estimated at $45,000 per year, so my question to the finance department -- tell us who pays for two commercial mowers that is estimated at $12,000 apiece, three Weedeaters at $300 apiece, two blowers at $400 apiece, 550 bales of pine straw at $3.40 a bale, which equals $1,870 per application. The two-cycle oil, tires, fertilizer, filters, string, herbicide, weed killer etc. and who will maintenance all this equipment? The maintenance department at the taxpayers expense. That is exactly who. As a taxpayer I resent the fact that so many details of this so-called savings were left undisclosed as a Newton County citizen I thank the commissioners for reading through the finance department smoke screen. In general the BOC has saved taxpayers money in the long run."