Newton Sex Offenders - 07/13/2010

The following is a list of registered sex offenders living in Newton County as of July 12 according to the Newton County Sheriff's Office. For more information, go to the NCSO Web site at www.newtonsheriffga.org.

Lee Atchison, 107 West Clark St., Oxford

Darrell Ayers, 620 Riverfield Lane

James Bagley, 270 Cornish Mountain Circle

Anthony Baisden, Newton County Sheriff's Office

Fred Bates, 464 Bates Road

Sedrick Bell, 75 Woodcrest Drive

Martin Bennett, Newton County Sheriff's Office

Mark Bowman, 755 Navajo Trail

Jamarsa Brown, Newton County Sheriff's Office

Ricky Brown, 6168 Indian Creek Circle

Clarence Camp, 5157 Avery St.

Dennis Canup, 475 Forest Road

Ian Chaffin, 220 Claremont Drive

Benjamin Cheek, 65 Echo Trail

Joshua Clark, 2828 Highway 81 N., Oxford

Rodney Clark, Newton County Sheriff's Office

William Clay, ABSCONDER

Christarius Cody, 380 Willow Shoals Drive

Bobby Collins, 900 Malcom Road

Euell Collins Jr., 4223 Highway 138, Loganville

James Cook, Newton County Sheriff's Office

Sophia Cook, 6133 Clane Drive

William Cook Jr., 60 Jenna Lane

Calvin Cribb, 279 McGiboney Road

Debra Cronan, 102 Cowan Road

Derrick Crooms, 170 Heritage Way

Bryan Curtis, 12087 Brown Bridge Road

Gary Davis, 425 Mountain View Drive

Nicholas Davis, 620 Mayo Road

Kevin Derosa, 136 McGiboney Drive

Keith Dicket, 1964 Highway 81 North, Oxford,

Dewey Dietzell, 465 Parr Farm Road

Douglas Duke, 4831 Highway 212 North

Chad Durden, 245 Lazy Hollow Lane

Terry Durden, 10915 City Pond Road, Oxford

Jarod Farmer, 15 Providence Parkway

Rodney Feltman, 1 South Broad St., Porterdale

Rashan Francis, Newton County Sheriff's Office

George Freeman, 50 River Birch Drive, Oxford

Walter Freeman, 7147 Harmony Place

Steven Fuller, 1117 Kirkland Road

Randy George, 12224 Flat Shoals Road

Darnell Gibson, 8215 Highland Drive

William Gillard, 3401 Highway 81North, Lot 11, Oxford

Demetrius Goggins, 625 Baker Road, Oxford

Bobby Gowen, 5110 Highway 20 South, Lot 26

Kenneth Graham, 755 Barshay Drive

Christopher Green, 270 Pitts Chapel Road, Newborn

Timothy Grier, 9175 Carr Circle

Dennice Hall, 12856 Alcovy Road, Apt. A

William Hall, 2498 Highway 212

Chico Hardeman, 75 Stoneview Circle

Bobbie Harrison, Chatham County Sheriff's Office, Savannah

Joshua Hayes, Newton County Sheriff's Office

Paul Haynes, 150-A Plum Orchard Drive

Kristopher Heine, 2030 Old Concord Drive

Timothy Henrickson, 200 Highway 212 South

Jason Hill, 80 Summer Walk Circle

James Hogan, Newton County Sheriff's Office

Reggie Hooten, 9145 Nelson Drive

Reginald Humphrey, 45 Dianne Trail

Roger Hunsicker, 100 South River Bend, Jackson

James Hyers, 110 Hugh Drive

Oscar Ivey, 1891 2 Access Road, Lot C17

Michael Jackson, Newton Count Sheriff's Office

Brian Jefferson, 9161 City Pond Road, Room 340

James Jenkins, 4990 Highway 212

Ira Johnson, 180 Flowers Drive

Junior Johnson, Newton County Sheriff's Office

Matthew Johnson, 2806 Arbor Court, Conyers

David Karr, 460 Lang Road

Michael Kary, Newton County Sheriff's Office

Bobby Kelly, Gwinnett County Sheriff's Office, Lawrenceville

Timothy Key, 9321 Settlers Grove Road

Martin Kirkland, 7126 Pineview Drive

Marvin Kitchens, 805 Lang Circle

David Lambert, 72 Scout Road

Buddy Lanier, 35 Amber Way

Melvin Lawrence, Newton County Sheriff's Office

Michael Leone, 10107 Hidden Branches Way

Wendell Lewallen, Newton County Sheriff's Office

Debra Lowry, 40 Arthurs Lane

Curtis Maddox, 60 Flat Rock Road, Oxford

Timothy Maddox, 10141 Hidden Branches Way

Tony Maddox, 10603 Highway 36 South

Stephen Martin, 211 Island Shoals Road

Cris McDaniel,110-B Sears Road

Jason McMullen, Newton County Sheriff's Office Work Release

Rogelio Medrano, 11220 Flat Shoals Road

Donald Mericle Sr., 557 King Bostwick Road

Shane Milligan, 61 Gum Creek Road

Curtis Moon, Newton County Sheriff's Office

Donald Morris, 7161 Harmony Place

Abdullah Mukhtar, 255 Landon Way

Jerold Myers, Newton County Sheriff's Office

Jeffrie Nelson, 85-A Plum Orchard Drive

Steven Nester, 3092 Horseshoe Springs Drive, Conyers

Shawn Norcross, 4681 Highway 81 South

Roy Normon, 3400 Salem Road, Apt. 155-G

Bruce Odum, 9161 City Pond Road, Room 114

Charles O'Kelley, ABSCONDER

David Pace, 5115 West St.

Daniel Padovani, 1891 Access Road, Lot 15

Steven Palmer Jr., 55 Taunton Road

Christopher Peters, 5510 Salem Road

Shanon Petsko, 935-B Fincher Road

Michael Phillips, 9161 City Pond Road, Room 332

Richard Pinson, 12236 Highway 36 South, Lot 8

James Poole Jr., 1045 Fincher Road

Darrell Pidgett, Newton County Sheriff's Office

Steven Quillen, 1505 Hodges Circle, Mansfield

Eriskine Ragland, 35 Falls Crossing

Hughie Ray, 105 Doves Nest

John Ricks, 510 Rocky Plains Road

Jerry Robinson, 175 Melton Way

Willie Rogers, Rockdale County Sheriff's Office, Conyers

Michael Sammons, 5204 David Circle

Lewis Scott, 1938 Bailey Creek Road

Everal Shaw, 235 Crestfield Circle

Jeremy Shirah, 9168 Lakeview Drive

Howell Shumake, Newton County Sheriff's Office

Oliver Singleton, Newton County Sheriff's Office

John Skalku, 460 Highway 142 East- Lot 7A

Alan Smith, Newton County Sheriff's Office

Jimmy Smith, 573-A Richards Chapel Road

Michael Smith, Gwinnett County Sheriff's Office, Lawrenceville

Reggie Smith, 75 Oak Hill Drive

James Sneed, 9161 City Pond Road, Room 101

Roger Snipes, 80 Berkshire Run

Michael Speaks, 400 Crestfield Circle

Lincoln Spence, 125 Bradley St.

Donny Stafford, 799 Cowan Road

Arthur Stapp, Newton County Sheriff's Office

Milas Stephens, 223 Anderson Circle

Ronald Stephens, Newton County Sheriff's Office,

Thomas Stephens, 531 Baker Road, Oxford

Terry Stewart, Gwinnett County Sheriff's Office, Lawrenceville

James Taggert, 9216 Flat Shoals Road

Jerrry Tamlin, 5128 West Herring Street

Robert Tanner, 6 Meadow Lane

Wesley Taylor, 1275 Cornish Mountain Road

Linton Thomas, 277 Mabry Road

Robert Thompkins, 25 Kendall Lane

Leon Thornton, 70 Bramble Bush Trail

Lenny Thrasher, 204 Oxford Way, Oxford

Lawrence Timberman, 9161 City Pond Road, Room 123

Michael Tinsley, 250 White Birch Drive

Donald Tisdale, 260 Radcliff Trace

William Travis, 814 Rocky Plains Road

Jerry Trover Jr., 6186 Green Acres Drive

Eric Vevang, 45 Laurel Ridge Court

Dexter Victor, 118 Longstreet Circle, Oxford

Christopher Walker, 9161 City Pond Road, Room 320

Michael Wandell, 14158 Brown Bridge Road

Michael Watson, 10921 Highway 36 South, Lot 27

David Wauchope, Dekalb County Sheriff's Office

Eldonta Wesley, 65 Mabry Farms Court

Michael West, Newton County Sheriff's Office

Lee White, 292 Highway 162 South, Apt. C

Michael White, 45 Hardeman Lane

DeShawn Whitehead, 144 Gum Tree Trail

Allan Williams, 30-A Plum Orchard Drive

Lucas Williams, Newton County Sheriff's Office

Mark Williams, 330 Willow Shoals Drive

Robert Wisner, 14 Walnut St., Porterdale