ON THE BEAT: CPD: Man claims son's toy riding cars stolen from backyard

On the Beat is an occasional reporting of various crimes and complaints confronted by law enforcement personnel in Newton County in the course of their duties. It is compiled by News Editor Barbara Knowles, who can be reached at barbara.knowles@newtoncitizen.com.

Learning young

A man notified the Covington Police Department that his son's toy riding cars were missing from his backyard. One was a red Dale Earnhardt car valued at $100 and the other a John Deere tractor valued at $300. The man told the CPD while out in his front yard, he noticed another young boy pushing the red car up the street. He asked the young boy where he got it and he said in the trash. The man then asked the youngster if he'd seen the tractor and he said it was in the trash as well, but some other boys had taken it and were playing with it. The man walked down the street and found the tractor, but it had been stripped of everything except the frame and wheels. On closer inspection, the car had missing parts, as well.

See no evil

A woman was the victim of a hit and run crash when the driver of a dark color Ford or Chevrolet truck did a U-turn in front of her and traveled in her lane of traffic, hitting her vehicle head-on. She told the NCSO deputy she couldn't provide a better description of the truck because her eyes were closed.

Where, oh, where?

A woman called the Newton County Sheriff's Office to report that her $7,200 engagement ring was missing. She said it was on her finger when she went to the mall in DeKalb County, but when she returned, it was gone.

Can't get along

A man called the NCSO to report that his next-door neighbor drove through his yard and then flipped him off.

• A woman called the NCSO to report she and the woman living with her had been arguing over her disability check.

• A woman told NCSO deputies that she was holding her granddaughter in her lap when she was attacked by her sister-in-law.

• CPD officers were summoned to Wal-Mart when a woman punched her old boyfriend in the face and struck his new girlfriend on the forehead. The woman was apparently upset because he had cheated on her while they were dating.

Forgot a few things

An NCSO deputy stopped a man for driving without wearing his seat belt. It was also discovered that he was driving without a license. He was arrested.

A new kind of hex?

A man reported to the NCSO that someone had put forks under his tires and spray painted profanity in front of his residence.

They'll take anything

A man called the NCSO to report that his neighbor had stolen his boat dock and was now using it as his own.

Cleaned out

A woman reported a burglary to the CPD, saying that her home had been burglarized. Missing were two recliners, a couch, two speakers, a table and chairs, and a TV, all valued at a total of $750. The big ticket item that was taken was the vacuum that kept it all clean. That was valued at $2,500.

Employee nabbed

A Wal-Mart employee was observed cutting the security cables from a TV in the electronics section. This also made him a suspect in the theft of a PlayStation portable gaming system that had gone missing the same day. Packaging from that item had been found in an "employees only" section of the store. The employee admitted to stealing the PlayStation, but said he had no intention of stealing the TV. He said he was just curious to find out if snips would cut through the security cable.

Too close for comfort

A woman called the NCSO to report that she had discovered a bullet had been fired into her home. It entered the back of her dishwasher and broke a plate. She retrieved the bullet from the dishwasher.

Missing vehicle

A woman reported that someone had stolen her 15-year-old Honda. She said there was a dent in the door and the driver's side headlight is being held on with tape.

"I thought you had it!"

A woman called the NCSO two months after her Dodge Ram pickup was apparently stolen. She said she thought it had been repossessed, but now the finance company is demanding that she turn it in and say they did not pick it up.

Almost made it

A man who said he was on his way to the jail to visit his girlfriend was stopped by a CPD officer after he pulled out in front of an NCSO deputy who was going to an emergency with blue lights flashing and sirens blaring. The officer stopped the vehicle and asked to see the man's license. The officer had apparently seen the expression on the man's face before because he said to him, "You don't have a license do you?" The man admitted he did not. It turned out his license had been suspended about a year. Everything worked out because the officer took him to the same jail he had intended to visit.

• A customer informed a cashier at a convenience store he witnessed a man take five cartons of cigarettes and put them under his shirt and leave the store. The cashier went outside in time to see the man put the cigarettes down on the seat of a car driven by a female companion. The cashier told him to return the cigarettes or he would call the police. He said the man looked "disappointed," and then told the driver to go. She went, taking the cigarettes with them. The cashier got the tag number and called the NCSO.

Not too mellow

A complaint came in to the CPD about an intoxicated man yelling at neighbors and playing music too loud. An officer investigated and discovered that the man was in possession of a suspicious green leafy substance, believed to be marijuana. He arrested the man who threatened to kill the officer and his family, including his wife, kids and mother. After which he said he would cut everybody's hands and heads off.