Man attacked in his home

COVINGTON -- A 58-year-old man was hospitalized Tuesday night after he was attacked in his home on Pine Needle Drive, according to the Covington Police Department.

A CPD incident report states the victim reported being assaulted and left with "an abrasion above (his) left eye."

The victim told CPD officers that his 22-year-old attacker came to his house around 7 p.m. and told him, "I'm going to take over your house and you better like it. This is my territory."

Officers have taken warrants out for the suspect's arrest on a charge of battery.

In other crime news, a Newton County Sheriff's Office deputy interrupted an alleged burglary in progress at a residence on Ga. Highway 212 and arrested two suspects Tuesday around 7 a.m.

Arrested and charged with burglary were Dewey Lee Miller, 48, and Nancy Marie Miller, 62, both of 105 Kinnett Road.

According to an NCSO incident report, a deputy was alerted to the burglary by a motorist who told him a burglary was in progress and he'd show him the location.

The deputy followed the man to a vacant residence on Ga. Highway 212.

"I observed a maroon Toyota Corolla parked with a female in the driver's seat and a white male in behind the vehicle pushing a kitchen cabinet inside the trunk of the vehicle," the report states. "The man advised me he had permission from the property owner to remove items from the property."

The officer said when he went into the home he noticed several walls and the ceiling had been torn down, wiring had been removed and the furnace and air conditioning unit was missing.

"The man stated the only item he had removed from the home was the cabinet he was placing in the rear of the car when I arrived. The man stated he had done work for the homeowner four years ago and he stopped by to ask the homeowner for permission and she gave it to him," the report states.

However, when the owner of the house was contacted, she said she had given the man permission to remove windows and doors off an uninhabitable trailer on the property, but did not give him permission to take property from the house, according to the report.

It was also discovered that Dewey Lee Miller had outstanding warrants out of North Carolina and Madison, the incident report states.

After taking the two suspects into custody, the deputy stated in his report that a search of their vehicle revealed "several power tools and hand tools, along with extension cords, a crowbar, tube cutters and bolt cutters."