Newton Poll - 01/23/2010

The Newton Citizen Poll is a compilation of opinions submitted by readers. These opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Citizen newspapers. If you agree or disagree with something you read here, you may respond by e-mailing poll@newtoncitizen.com.

"To the person who commented on animals not having proper shelter or any shelter at all. Please pick up your phone and contact Newton County Animal Control at 770-786-9514. It is against the law for a pet to be without shelter. All you need to do is call and give them the address. One of the officers will be out before the day is over. Trust me, I call them on a regular basis and like clockwork, they take care of the situation. But you have to call so they will know there is a problem. The owner must get shelter or be subject large fines and/or could lose the dog eventually. But, you must make the call. We can help out just by getting involved, just by making a phone call. If you see something that is wrong, inhumane, or cruel and do nothing, you are just as much at fault. ... Always help where there is a need. It could be you one day."

"So Councilman Whatley is a bit miffed that the local media has the audacity to inform the public about the actions and decisions of elected officials? I guess offering his opinion, from the very public stage of a City Council meeting, is a luxury only afforded him. God forbid the great unwashed dare opine in equally public forums. You know, Councilman, there are places on this earth where government works in harmony without interference from the public -- peaceful places like China, Cuba, Venezuela."

"Obama's Washington games aren't going to work anymore. Massachusetts voters have spoken! The blind eyes and deaf ears have been opened at last. Massachusetts is just the start of real change true Americans can believe in and trust. Every Patriot now knows that the truth will prevail. The next elections in November will rid our country of so many of these Capitol Hill politicians who only care about themselves and their special interests. We can make a difference in our country with our votes. Remember folks -- these people work for us, not vice versa. They can and should be fired! Our votes in November will bring about the right kind of change we desperately need and want. May God bless each and every American and our wonderful U.S.A."

"I noticed in the last few years there has been a lot of people just been around and doing some killing, killing folks and then on TV after these guys went and killed people they want to worry about giving these people a fair trial. I say who gives a hunk of what about giving them people a fair trial. If they hadn't went out and killed some girl they wouldn't have to worry about no fair trial cause the girl refused their advances. If they had left the Ten Commandments in the government school buildings, all these people would have read 'thou shalt not kill' and there wouldn't have been half as much crimes nowadays."

"Let's see -- November 2009 Newton County had an election. Nov. 9th, 2009, Newton County put the same people they want to complain about in the Newton Citizen right back in office. OK. Quit complaining to the Newton Citizen for the same people you people keep on putting back into office. Qualified candidates run for every office in this county. Vote for them if you do not like they way the county commissioners, the city of Covington, city of Porterdale, Oxford, Newborn and Mansfield are all running their cities. If you don't like it, don't vote; if you do like it, vote them out."

"After reading about Covington and Newton County's houses on rental property average between $600 to $1,000 monthly, like the person stated, that is high. A person making $12 an hour brings home usually $410 on a 40-hour week. So that means putting two checks together to just pay the rent. So, the leaders of our fine county and city need to get more affordable houses in Covington and Newton County area to bring more industries in. Also the person about sales tax last week was right on it. I seen it for myself -- 7 cents on a .99-cents Coke even rung up on the cash register for a $1.06. That is wrong."

"More than 236 years ago, the good people of Massachusetts told the British where to go by dumping three shiploads of their tea into the Bay. On Tuesday, those good people dumped the Democratic Party into the Bay!

"Holy Moley, Batman ! ... Mother Nature is playing cards and dancing with the Holy Spirit."

"Jan 20, 2009 -- Jan 20, 2010: 4,000,000 jobs lost, unemployment 10 percent, budget deficit tripled to $1.5 trillion, national debt up $1.7 trillion. Is this the change you hoped (and voted) for?"