Newton Poll - 01/16/2010

The Newton Citizen Poll is a compilation of opinions submitted by readers. They do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Citizen newspapers. If you agree or disagree with something you read here, you may respond by e-mailing poll@newtoncitizen.com.

"I agree with the person last week about some people being so inconsiderate when it comes to their pets, especially their dogs. I witnessed several dogs left on chains, in the freezing cold sleet and snow, with no shelter to get in. If you are one of these people, I have a question for you. How would you like to be left out in below zero wind chills in the snow and sleet with no shelter? It wouldn't feel so good, would it? They breathe and feel just like you do. I also wonder when Newton County is going to adopt the 'no tethering' law like some of our surrounding counties? We need it badly!"

"Question -- What do the county commissioners, Obama, Congress and Nancy Pelosi have in common? Answer -- spend, spend, spend. The county is $900,000 in the red with people laid off and on short hours but they continue to spend. They gave the Chamber of Commerce a raise of $120,000. I asked one of the people that is affiliated with the board how many jobs has the Chamber of Commerce brought to Newton County in the past year and he answered none. I said how long has it been since they brought a job to Newton County, and he said three years. If they haven't done anything for the county in three years why do they need a raise? When you go to the meetings on the first and third Tuesday at 7 p.m. each month you cannot have a say about anything they do at that meeting before they vote on it. You have to wait until the end of the meeting until they ask for citizens' comments, but what good does that do after they have already voted on the issue. Then they do not comment on what you have to say. I think it should be like an open forum where the people are able to comment before they vote. I believe the next election we should have a full turnover."

"So, what's new about Covington and Newton County passing on public money to the local Chamber of Commerce? Past members of city, county and state governments here and elsewhere have well-earned, if notorious reputations for standing by the road with handshakes and handouts for whoever showed up. Tax breaks costing uncounted public dollars still flow to industrial and commercial prospects that promised new jobs and came up short or not at all. Meantime, schools and other public services have gone begging even though they provide the skilled labor pool and quality of life that are the true magnets for growth. Mayor Kim Carter, county Chairwoman Kathy Morgan and their colleagues might quit this giveaway game and join the 'claw back' movement, described recently by The Associated Press to be sweeping the country. A puttering economy has led many local governments to rescind tax abatements to companies that fail to deliver on their promises, says the AP, thus plugging leaks in the revenue dam and also helping to quiet rising public anger over corporate handouts. Telling the Chamber and other private feeders at the public trough to look elsewhere could bring a similar result here."

"Even though we have had all these days of Arctic blast freezing temperatures, please tell the governor not to pray for warm weather. During the drought he prayed for rain. In September my home got totaled from flooding. I'm scared that if he prays for warm weather we might turn into a desert and everything will start dying."

"Last Tuesday I was driving on Kirkland Road and I had a wonderful Newton County deputy follow me for about a quarter of a mile, then all of sudden he decides he is going to pass me. Well that is fine and dandy except he passed me in a no passing area going up a hill about 50 mph, stopped at Kirkland and Neely, and then proceeded to cross Jack Neely Road and drove through the school zone doing about 40 or 50 with no lights on. I couldn't get his tag number or the unit number because he was going too damn fast. This is ridiculous."

"I was calling about whoever went out Brown Bridge Road on Monday morning and strowed garbage all over the place. It was a total mess. We came by over there and there was garbage in the road on the side of the road and everything else. I don't know who done it, but the person that done it knows who done it, and I hope they find out and fine them big time. I would just laugh at him; I think he deserves that."

"Kudos to the Newton Citizen for having the guts to print what most Newton County citizens are thinking in their column 'Our View' on Jan. 8. Considering our present economic environment the mayor et al. shows little intelligence in the realm of public spending habits ie. lavish office furnishings, doubling the council members' salaries and now wanting to go to a retreat at a North Georgia spa. Times are tough right now. Don't they get it? Thank you to Mr. Dalton, who seems to be the only voice of common sense. I also wanted to add that I appreciated Mr. Kevin Ricks' letter to the editor. It was right on target."

"My comment to the mayor would be why should I shop local if you don't. The mayor is out of control with her spending and, unfortunately, we have only one council member who knows how to say no to her."

"I would like to make a comment that the county commissioners need to pay attention if they want business in this county. It is long overdue. We need to start a referendum and they could certainly get the ball rolling on it with the power they have as well as the Chamber. If they want new business in this county, they need to let the folks who put them in office vote on a referendum to sell alcohol by the drink. You are never going to get any of these upscale restaurants in these sublet places without -- sad as I hate to say it -- without some alcohol other than the city. That is the only places that one can get a beer or drink if you would like to have one. It would be more attractive to folks like myself instead of having to go all the way over to Conyers. It just amazes me this hasn't happened yet. I don't understand why they haven't thought about this. As far as the Chamber goes, I don't see where they have done anything. We have lost in 10 or 15 years I have been here we have lost businesses instead of bringing them in. This would certainly be attractive to those who have those restaurants."

"This is concerning the J.C. Henderson saga. What has happened since he had the arrest for allegedly hitting his wife and the thing going on with the government agency where he is trying to cut the money from coming to this county. I think a lot of people are interested in this."

"I just want to know where the media and all these people come up with mother nature. There is no such thing as mother nature. It is plain nature and the weather, and God controls the weather. So all y'all people talk mother nature -- there is no such thing as mother nature. That is all I have to say about that. Also, when people say the word 'holy' -- cuss words and stuff do not go behind that word. Holy is a supreme being word -- holy. Get that in your brains people."