Forestry commission seedlings for sale

COVINGTON -- It may be cold outside, but it's perfect tree-planting weather, according to the Georgia Forestry Commission.

"Tree seedlings are dormant in winter," said Russ Pohl, chief of reforestation for the GFC. "In this condition, they can tolerate the stress of storage, shipping and planting, so it is the ideal time to get them ordered and in the ground." Pohl added that the wet weather is making planting conditions even better.

The GFC sells seedlings from its Flint River Nursery through the last week in February. Seedlings offered include dogwoods, crepe myrtles, redbuds, longleaf pines and Georgia's state tree, the live oak. They are available in packages ranging in size from 10 or 15 seedlings up to thousands of seedlings. Prices vary depending on the type and number of seedlings.

An ornamental package is also offered consisting of five dogwoods, five crepe myrtles and five red buds. The wildlife package includes five crabapple, five persimmon and five sawtooth oaks.

"They all come from our native Georgia stock and are adapted to Georgia's unique climate and soil," said Mike Sapp, chief ranger for the GFC's DeKalb/Henry/Newton/Rockdale unit.

Orders can be made by visiting www.GaTrees.org or by calling 1-800-GA-TREES. Orders can be picked up at the local GFC unit, located at 2707 Access Road in Covington, where shipments come in weekly.

"They are bare root seedlings that don't come with a ball of dirt or burlap. They are a lot less costly that way," Sapp said. "We have a very good success rate on them. We feel they're a very good value for the people."