Newton Poll - 01/09/2010

The Newton Citizen Poll is a compilation of opinions submitted by readers. These opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Citizen newspapers. If you agree or disagree with something you read here, you may respond by e-mailing poll@newtoncitizen.com.

"The first comment printed in this week's poll makes a blanket statement without a comment on its content. The statement was not identified as the subject of the week so I can only assume it was approved by the paper. Since when is the local poll a place to put an unsubstantiated comment by the president? Are we supposed to think that he sent this comment to the paper for the express purpose of making a statement to the local residents? You advertise the Citizen Poll as a forum for those who want to sound off on the topic of the week. Please don't do this again. It appears you are trying to sway readers or take a position on politics."

Editor's note: The Citizen Poll did not propose a topic of the week last week or any time in recent history. Only occasionally do we suggest a topic. The comment to which you refer was submitted by a reader in response to a comment the previous week and apparently was an attempt to distinguish between "Medicare" and "Medicaid." There was no suggestion that the comment actually came from the president. It was our understanding that the caller was quoting the president.

"I don't think that Highway 278 will ever be the same since the Royal Chinese Buffet got a 'C' in their Christmas stocking. I'm sure gonna miss those 'Grab Legs.'"

"The first baby born in Newton County this year was named Ramiya 'because it is similar to the names of her siblings: JeQuavious, 8; JeQuira, 5; Seriya, 2; and Mesiah, 1.' How are those names similar?"

"It is Jan. 5th people. Just how many articles on the 'first baby of the year' are you going to publish? ... "

Editor's note: We published just one article on the first baby of 2010 in Newton County.

"I've noticed a growing number of signs being posted on the rights of way of the county, they are being put on the roadsides, poles and trees. It's starting to look like DeKalb, Clayton and other metro counties. If you want to advertise your services, pay for advertisement. I believe code enforcement could pull these signs as litter as they are making their routine rounds."

"Congratulations to the Citizen for the earliest morning paper delivery ever! My paper arrived at 12:10 a.m. on Jan. 1! Thanks, Citizen!"

"I think it's great to congratulate the parents of the first child born in the new year, but special recognition should go to the last child born in the old year, for it is that child who saves the parents the most money on their income tax. They are allowed to claim the child as a dependent for the whole year, without having to spend any money for the child's support."

"As a county employee I have worked Christmas holidays with no pay, overtime, which actually isn't overtime but company pay, and now I look at the Board of Commissioners Web site ... and guess what? They are hiring ... one position for up to $24 an hour. I don't understand. Where is my money? When are we going to get our raises back, our overtime pay and our holiday pay! I'm sick of having to suffer because someone didn't spend money wisely."

"To the person who actually thanked J.C. Henderson for caring about the community: Maybe if he was not so busy caring about the community he would not have to worry about making what you call mistakes. I'm sorry, but (alleged) acts of violence are not mistakes. They are crimes. Unfortunately, there are only two ways for a (person convicted of a crime) that sits on a board of county commissioners to be relieved of duties. The first is for that person to have committed a felony, which I was not aware that battery under the Family Violence Act of Georgia was only a misdemeanor. The second is for the commissioner's constituents to take it upon themselves and vote that commissioner out. Wow, what does that say about the commissioner's constituents if they allow an (accused) criminal to continue to lead them. ... "

"Jan. 6, 2010. Today's weather temp: 28.0 F (-2.2 C) Wind chill: 16 F (-9 C) I phoned the city of Covington's customer service number to report a left turn signal out at 81 and Emory three blocks from the city Square. Customer service informed me that since it is a state highway 'I' would have to report it to the DOT."

"I emphatically agree with the previous opinions where disgust was shown for the manner in which our local elected officials are spending money. If our local Chamber of Commerce can't support itself, then why don't they just close their doors and go home like other businesses have to do? Why are they running to the city and county governments looking for a handout like a bunch of moochers? I also don't agree with money being spent on fancy houses for the Recreation Department, trails being paved and parks being built. A fraction of this money would pay for our sheriff's officers' bullet proof vests and keep more county employees from taking pay cuts. No one hardly uses the existing Turner Lake trails or the bike lanes in Covington anyway. The city of Covington Council people, and I guess other employees, are going to a mountain resort on a 'so-called' retreat. Don't these elected officials realize that the far majority of the taxpayers are struggling to keep their heads above water, and going to a resort to them is only a distant dream; they couldn't care less about hiking and biking tails, and they could also care less if the Chamber of Commerce packed up and went to Mars. They only know that our local governments seem to be running a 'Robin Hood' in reverse operation that is taking from the poor and giving to the rich. Maybe someone will start a recall petition and we won't have to wait for the next election."

"I live in East Newton. There are numerous people in my neighborhood with dogs. These animals are being left outside in this frigid weather. Most of them are short-haired and don't even have dog houses (not that one would help with these freezing temperatures). Something needs to be done and now! These people should be imprisoned or at least fined for cruelty to animals. Do not get a dog if you don't plan to take proper care of it. Needless to say, there is no way these animals could have access to drinkable water, it would be frozen as well as their food. Why are people so ignorant when it comes to pets?"

"I have to call in twice about this happening in our convenience stores in Covington and the county. One of the stores has two in Gwinnett. They are overcharging us on sales tax. I even called the state sales tax and they told me that on a .79 Coca Cola can it should be 3 cents; they charge 7 cents. On a .99 drink they charge 7 cents also -- should be 3 cents. Like I said last week, they are robbing us the public without a gun. On other products too. If you don't believe me have an investigative reporter do article on it. I was told by the state sales tax people it should be 3 cents on any .79 or .99 cent product that includes food, milk, Cokes, cookies, cakes and grocery items. The state fraud number is 404-417-4266. If you don't believe me call them."

"There is no special day for Christmas with the Newton County chairwoman and commissioners and the Covington mayor and council. They are good at giving away our tax money every day and any day of the week. Then they have the nerve to tell us that they are conservatives. Ted Kennedy was more conservative than any of them will ever be. All of that to get to this: Why should we the taxpayers pay our money to a private club like the Newton County Chamber of Commerce. This is a total misuse of our tax money any way you look at it. Let me stop and thank Commissioner Henderson and Commissioner Simmons and the city Councilman Keith Dalton for voting against the movement. Three votes out of 11 is not enough. The Chamber has had a sweetheart contract with the city since 1992. They have not produced any industries or jobs within the past 18 years. When anything does happen in the city or the county they are always there to take the credit for it. If I am wrong Mr. Chamber, would you please let us know and tell us how many jobs you helped to bring to Newton County in the past 18 years. My question is by giving the Chamber more money does that mean they will have more to spend? and still no results. With their annual budget being $673,000 why should the taxpayer have to fund $241,000 of this? That is 36 percent of their budget. Why the commissioners and council members cannot see through this. They will have no control of this money the chamber can do what they want with it and tell the Chairwoman Kathy Morgan and Mayor Kim Carter whatever they want them to hear and they will believe it."

"Well here we go again trying to get something done about all the trash on Highway 278 and 142 east. I know our commissioner sees it every day because he lives down that way. Why can't they get the prisoners or the people doing community service out here and pick up all the trash. I wish Connie Waller could come down and see all the trash. She is always saying we need to keep Covington/Newton County clean and beautiful. I have had so many people tell me they have complained but nothing is ever done. Our Mr. Ewing needs to do something. This is his district. We need someone to watch the trash trucks close. The bags and boxes are all flying off the trucks. It is a total disaster to see all the trash along the side of the road. We used to have a beautiful and clean county, but it has gone to pot. Please, Mr. Ewing, get something done."