Holt seeking re-election

Doug Holt

Doug Holt

COVINGTON -- State Rep. Doug Holt, R-Social Circle, has announced his bid for re-election. Holt, halfway through his third term, said that as in campaigns past, fiscal conservatism is his number one priority.

"Georgia has become one of the most fiscally responsible states in the union, an achievement we can all be very proud of," Holt said. "During this recession, however, many voices have called out for new revenue from increased taxes or debt -- in my book, this is the worst time to give in to such temptations, and I plan on continued resistance to those calls.

"Georgia's discipline has allowed us to remain one of only seven states that have the highest possible AAA bond rating, and has helped us stay in the lowest ranked states for spending and debt per capita," he continued. "This is a very advantageous position in which to enter the economic recovery. Adding new burdens would only slow our response when good times return, and we must never forget that tax increases rarely get repealed."

Quality growth and transportation issues will also remain top priority, Holt said.

"I'm very grateful to the many kind, hardworking folks who deserve the credit for making this campaign successful so far, and who have continued to offer their deeply appreciated support," he said.

Holt invited the public to learn more about his background and position on issues at his Web site, www.DougHolt.org.