Newton Poll - 01/02/2010

The Newton Citizen Poll is a compilation of opinions submitted by readers. These opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Citizen newspapers. If you agree or disagree with something you read here, you may respond by e-mailing poll@newtoncitizen.com.

"Medicaid is administered jointly by federal and state governments. 'It will provide more security and stability to those who have health insurance. It will provide insurance to those who don't. And it will lower the cost of health care for our families, our businesses, and our government' -- President Barack Obama"

"I am calling in reference to the article in last Thursday's paper, 12/17 about the Board of Commissioners voting to give the Chamber of Commerce money. If the county is in such a financial strain then how can the Board of Commissioners vote to give money to the Chamber? Especially when the county employees have to take off holidays without pay. If the Board of Commissioners can vote to give the Chamber of Commerce the money, then why cannot the Board of Commissioners pay the employees for their holidays instead of making them take off with no pay."

"I hope everybody had a blessed and merry Christmas. Now to the news at hand. The Covington City Council has really blown it this time. First let me ask the question of Mayor Carter: What happened to support local businesses? Second, to the two council members who voted no, thank you for your vote. I know from watching the meetings on local TV sometimes you have a hard time if you oppose the majority. I understand that a retreat is needed but not out of town. Why do you need to go out of town to be private? Do the hotels locally not have doors and blinds? This is a poor way of spending taxpayers money. You should include it in fringe benefits you are giving yourself -- maybe call it Springtime Vacation or, as the school kids, Spring Break! It will be interesting to see what the Atlanta TV stations are going to do with this information. I believe it will raise 'tough questions.' Every time something changes or goes wrong you can count on the council to pull up chairs and find a way to correct it with our tax money. Thanks, Mr. Dalton, for your comment 'this is wrong.' It is wrong and may this council enjoy their reign because election time will come around again. No, I did not vote for the recent candidates on the council. I knew you were just going to pull the same old stuff. Boy did you step right up as predicted with this vote. Enjoy your little retreat and remember when you stay, eat or sleep you did not earn it -- 'you took it.'"

"I don't know about any of y'all but I am sick and tired of hearing about Tiger Woods. I know we all make mistakes and we all mess up in life, but the Hollyweird people just cause they mess up they got to run it all over the TVs. For the health reform bill last week I made a mistake, if they pass that it is going to mess up Medicare not Medicaid. Medicaid people already got it easy. Medicare people are the ones that need the help."

"It makes you wonder why the stop signs up all over Covington and around the county when there is no train running on those tracks any more. It makes you wonder."

"After reading the three comments on our overweight Sheriff's Department, when you take the oath to be in law enforcement your body should be in shape, too. Let's get real -- being a deputy is a very dangerous job or they wouldn't need bulletproof vests. It is also a job that is 24/7 on or off duty. With more coming into the county, especially in the western part, we have more gang life like in south Fulton. Young people don't care about their life and they sure don't care about people they kill. After spending eight years in the Marine Corps we had to be ready 24/7 in body and soul. If not you were given a short time to get back in shape or get out of the corps. Officers should respect their body and the uniform they represent. You can't be 300 pounds and 5'8" and do your job to the best of your ability."

"I am a newcomer to the Covington area and I am baffled by the city and county funding the local Chamber of Commerce. It seems to me this action could constitute both 'unethical' and 'unsound economic' behavior. In Newton County the Chamber seems to be placed on some type of pedestal, while in other parts of the country where I have lived they are referred to as "the $3.35-an-hour boys." It should be noted that at a recent job conference President Obama didn't even see fit to invite the National Chamber. Neither the city or county have the economic resources to fund this club whose members are referred to here as 'movers and shakers' and are rich in assets. Are any of the council members or commissioners or their businesses or their subgovernmental department members of the chamber? If they are, what we would have here is elected government officials taking tax money and giving it to a quasi-private club in which they would have a viable and vested interest. Under the same analogy, it would be acceptable for an elected official who might be a member of the KKK to send tax money to the KKK. In Newton County politics have strange bedfellows."

"I would like to thank Porterdale Volunteer Fire Department for their special effort to make the children of our town happy this year at Christmas. The looks on the children's faces when they saw Santa riding on the fire truck was priceless and then the firefighters handed out candy canes and stuffed toys. Those people are really to be commended for their work. I know I for one am glad to know that we have a group of men and women that care enough to volunteer their time to serve our city, I know they are a dedicated group because I see them working at the station all the time. I would like to thank each and everyone of them for what they do. May God bless you all and keep you safe. Thank you."

"To the one that is not happy to have the dragstrip in their back yard: I would love to have it back on 229. As my grandfather, father, and now I, have all lived here. I will gladly trade Southfork for the dragstrip. The will not have to pave to much as the road is there. Let's load it up and we will trade. Oh! You don't want a subdivision by you either do you. 'No privacy 24/7, crime will rise, and traffic will be more then you will ever understand."

"In response to the person who was addressing the drag strip, I would like to first say that I am a woman and not a man. ... Girls like drag racing just as much as boys do. From what I saw for the proposed layout of the property, the drag strip is not against any property lines, so, I really don't see how it could be in your back yard. True, it will be on the piece of property behind your house. All of the drag strips we know do not run 24/7, 365 days a year. Although there are special events that run four days a week at some tracks, most are only run three days. I would like to address the comment made by your pediatrician stating the track could harm your children. I have spoken to a number of pediatricians in the Atlanta area, and they claim it is not as harmful as you and your pediatrician might think. My sister and I have been seen at drag strips every year for the past 20 years with no dangerous side effects. Do you not realize how much revenue this would bring to your community and if used correctly how it would help the schools, recreation department, after-school programs, etc? And to those who stated that the racers are uneducated, drunk rednecks, someone should have reviewed your diction and punctuation because you were not taught how to properly write in school. My sister can break apart and build a transmission and I am considering eight years of medical school after I finish my undergraduate degree. To ensure your children actually have a chance to succeed in a wealthy community, I would consider being in favor of the proposed drag strip."

"I just had a couple of comments about the section of the paper where readers can post their comments on various stories. I posted two comments yesterday, and while I see others were added, mine was not. I did not use any inappropriate language or demeaning context that would offend any of our law-abiding citizens. In fact, I stated what is whispered in virtually every household that has contributed to this great place which we live. The type that has invaded this town, just as other neighboring places, should be made aware that we are sick and tired of having to watch what we say and do when it is in defense of our children, our family and friends, and our community that we have worked hard to raise up. ... Equal rights was accomplished by those that stood together and spoke out ... it just seems like that is only acceptable now for those that exploit and not embrace a fair and happy existence. Yours truly, Totally Fed Up!"