Man apprehended shortly after fleeing field sobriety test

On the Beat is an occasional reporting of various crimes and complaints confronted by law enforcement personnel in Newton County in the course of their duties. It is compiled by News Editor Barbara Knowles, who can be reached at barbara.knowles@newtoncitizen.com.

And the chase was on

A man was stopped by the Covington Police on suspicion of driving under the influence and when officers got him stopped, they noticed his eyes were red and glassy, he was unsteady on his feet and slurring his words. The man admitted to having "a few beers" at The Depot.

When he began his field sobriety test, he wasn't doing too well and he finally looked up at the officer and yelled, "See ya!" and took off running. He attempted to cross a retaining wall, but fell to the ground and after a brief struggle was subdued by the officers. He blew a .14 on the breathalyzer.

That's what an alarm is for

A man staying at the Super 8 Motel reported his 1987 gray El Camino was stolen from the motel parking lot. He told officers that he heard the horn sounding on his vehicle and he went to check it out. Sure enough, somebody had busted the steering column in an attempt to steal it. The man disabled the alarm and went back into his room to take a shower. He planned on reporting the attempted theft once he completed his personal hygiene. However, he wasn't fast enough. While he was in the shower, the culprit came back and took the vehicle.

Double trouble

A woman who told the CPD she was on her way back to the Merle Norman shop to return $500 in merchandise because her check had bounced was dismayed to discover when she stopped at a convenience store en route, the merchandise was stolen. It was left in an unlocked vehicle.

Ex-girlfriends can be bad

A man notified the Newton County Sheriff's Office that his ex-girlfriend had scratched his truck about 2 a.m. the previous morning.

* A man notified the NCSO that his ex-girlfriend kicked in the front door of his residence in an attempt to steal money and assault him.

* A woman called the NCSO to report that her husband's ex-girlfriend came to her house and assaulted her.

Making a statement

The manager of a service station notified the NCSO that a customer who bought and paid for gas and cigarettes had destroyed property as he left. The manager said the white man in his 40s for no apparent reason grabbed the hose on one of the pumps, disconnected it and kept walking. Deputies noted the "entire hose and pump housing was pulled from the actual gas pump."

Is there a connection?

A woman notified the NCSO that she'd recently had her tire replaced and when she took her vehicle to the garage, it was fine. When she picked it up, she had an oil leak. She thinks the oil leak was caused by the person changing her tire.

Here's a clue

A CPD officer pulled in behind a white truck at the intersection of Emory Street and U.S. Highway 278 to advise him he had an open can of Steel Reserve malt liquor on his bumper. The officer observed that the can nearly fell off the truck several times, so he made a traffic stop to tell the driver to remove the can. When he began talking with the driver, however, it smelled like he had been sampling from more than just the open can. The driver denied the can was his, but unfortunately for him, he was having trouble standing up straight and he couldn't recite his ABCs. He went on to perform very unsatisfactory on his field sobriety test and once at jail, he blew a .19 on the breathalyzer.

UGA fan

A man notified the NCSO that when he went to bed there was a ceramic bulldog atop his mailbox. When he woke up, it was gone. He paid $15.38 for the dog and he wants it back.

Time slips away

A woman called the NCSO to say that around the first of June she rented a storage building and paid a deposit and the first month's rent. More than five months later, she was dismayed to discover that since she hadn't paid any more rent on the facility, the contents were sold at auction. In fact, she found some of her belongings at a local thrift store. She claims to have had more than $7,000 worth of furniture and $2,500 worth of clothing and accessories stored in the facility.

Only need three

A man reported that someone stole three hubcaps from his 1992 Chevy Blazer. They left the fourth on the vehicle.

A regular thing

A man called the NCSO and reported that for the second time he had found a broken bottle in his driveway. He said he had only left for about an hour and a half and when he returned, he found a broken bottle of Mad Dog 20/20. He said a similar incident had occurred about a year ago.

Don't date this one

A woman reported charges on her credit card that she did not make. They were for organizations known as Single Me, U-Date, Cupid Junction and two charges for Match.Com.

Birds of a feather

A woman reported to the CPD that she believed a man distracted her long enough to steal $200 from her purse. She said she had met with the man to pick up a letter for her incarcerated boyfriend.

Reported stolen

A woman reported a burglary and among the items taken was a $7 alarm clock and a burgundy comforter with the Virgin Mary on it.

* A man said his car was entered and his GPS system was taken as were $60,000 worth of eyeglass frames.

* A house was burglarized and a Cinego projector valued at $1,500 was taken, along with 12 pairs of blue jeans valued at $400.

* A woman said someone entered here vehicle and took a $10 white watch and a $15 blue Smurf watch.

* A man reported that someone broke into his vehicle and took a checkbook and ate his

box of Little Debbie's.