Newton Poll - 02/20/2010

The Newton Citizen Poll is a compilation of opinions submitted by readers. They do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Citizen newspapers. If you agree or disagree with something you read here, you may respond by e-mailing poll@newtoncitizen.com.

"To all of you hillbilly racists complaining about blacks having their own beauty pageants and TV networks, we need them because regardless of what you think, we still don't get a fair chance. Before you down a black man, let's talk about the white man for a moment. Who stole the native Americans' land? Who enslaved the black man? Who caused the Holocaust? Who is responsible for the Crusades? The answer to all these questions is the white man. Before you question my people, ask yourself why does the white man always think he knows what's best for everyone else."

"Once again, the Newton Citizen has proven itself to be trustworthy. Due to inclement weather on Friday, we didn't expect to get our newspaper on Saturday because of poor road conditions. Our paper was delivered before the sun came up on Saturday morning. Thank you to the paper delivery person who delivers to the west side of Porterdale."

"Do teachers think that they are the only ones that have to buy stuff for a profession they chose to take? I'm sure the little bit they are spending beats what they'd be losing if they were unemployed. They knew teachers didn't make much when they took the job, right? Or is that breaking news? The commerce is just doing their jobs, too. Is it their responsibility to fund for foster care children. They didn't make them or break them. Fix the problem -- if you can't feed 'em, don't breed 'em."

"In response to the citizen who made the comment last week about the spiked Kool-Aid. The citizen commented that they back up their facts with spins. The comments that I made are backed up with video of conservatives on the floor of Congress and the Senate saying that something had to be done about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac before the mortgage companies pulled the economy down. I also backed up my comment with the New York Times. I would appreciate it if you would back up your comments with facts and not spins."

"My comment's to the individual who commented in the 2/13/10 poll. 'Can I please ask why is it that the black race thinks that they are 'picked on' and everything is always a 'racial issue?' Answer: Well, you make a broad statement; I'm black and don't feel that I am always picked on, but I do occasionally run across a bigot. You go on to say, 'Yet they are singling their own race out by drawing unnecessary attention to themselves. I mean, you form your own Ms. Black America pageant, your own 'clubs' (NAACP), your own TV and radio stations ... do I need to go on?' Answer: And what is wrong with free enterprise, and what about organizations such as the B'nai B'rith, Daughters of the American Revolution, KKK, etc., you get my drift? Then you say; 'And what really makes it look way out of the norm is that now you guys have your own 'National Anthem.' Answer: Well, frankly, I am offended. As I stated earlier, I am black and no one told me or my family that blacks had their on national anthem. I will agree I think it is as you say 'That is just plain disrespectful to the USA in general.' Don't forget me and mine. Then you go on to say: 'If we are one nation under God and you all 'just want to be equal.' then why do you try so hard to set yourself apart? Try just being American.' Well, unfortunately, history set us apart and injustices have helped to keep many there. I will say that society in general has gone downhill morally. You now conclude with 'Or go form your own country and stop trying so hard to destroy ours!' My reply: I am a Vietnam veteran and even if I wasn't, I'll stay where I choose and can afford to. You know the door opens both ways on this, you are welcomed to go form your own country. Many people are frustrated, we see and hear of so much senseless violence. Hate isn't going to solve anything, ignorance is among us in all races."

"To the person that found and returned my purse at the Publix on Salem Road on Feb. 10 ... Thank you! I wish you would have left your information so I could personally thank you. You don't know how you have restored my faith in people. While I may not be able to properly express my gratitude, I want you to know that I pray that God blesses you 10 fold. Again ... thank you, thank you, thank you!"

"Please tell me why the Citizen didn't have anything about redrawing district lines for high schools? According to the Covington News, this was discussed a week ago. Please, please, Citizen, don't put me in the habit of checking the other paper for news ... "

Editor's note: Our coverage of this issue appeared Friday, Feb. 19. There will be continuing coverage as the Board of Education goes through the rezoning process.

"This is to the individual that is waiting for the police to start issuing tickets to slow drivers in the fast lane. First of all, there is no such thing as the fast lane. The left lane is to be used for passing cars that are going slower than you. The second thing is, just because I'm going slower than you think I should be, but still driving the speed limit, the left lane doesn't give you the right to exceed the speed limit. I am assuming that I am addressing someone that doesn't think that the stop signs, red lights and also use of turn signals applies to them. If that is the case there is no cure for road rage other than parking your car and not mine. I obey the traffic laws, and if you have a problem with that, I am truly sorry and will be more than happy to pray for you. Have a blessed day and may all of your miles traveled be safe ones."

"I would like to covey my deep concern with the activities of the Democrat party. I run a manufacturing business that competes on an international basis. Twenty years ago we had over a dozen competitors in the USA, now we have two and they are going under. Although we have been in business many years I am struggling to see what our future will be. Will onerous federal regulations and higher taxes put me under because I will not be able to compete with competitors located in more business-friendly countries? For my company, which by the way, has had to lay off over 40 percent of our valued employees, the deadliest challenges we have ever faced came from Washington in the form of outrageous import and export fees charge by the U.S. Department of Commerce. Talk about an oxymoron, the department should be re-named the Department of Anti-Commerce because it has never done anything but make U.S.-made products more expensive and therefore less competitive on the world markets. It appears to me that 2010 will be a so-so year with unemployment remaining high, especially in our area where manufacturing jobs are vital to putting groceries on the table. What scares me is 2011 when the Bush tax reductions expire and Obama's deficit spending kicks into overdrive. This will surely drive us into a double dip recession the likes of which are downright scary to contemplate. The Federal Reserve is printing money like crazy to keep up with out-of-control spending in Washington. This will result in a inflationary period somewhat akin to the Carter years where mortgage rates rose into the teens and we got so close to hyper-inflation it was ridiculous. It's time for all of us to stand up for our futures. ... God Bless America. Stand up for what is yours. Protect our children for they truly are the future of the world."

"I am deeply disappointed in the attitude displayed by a clergy member in our community. In the Thursday Citizen story on the Nelson Heights Community Center and the difficulty the County Commission is having in meeting with the members of the 501(c)3 who want to be involved, Rev. Smith's comments don't sound like the words of a follower of Christ, let alone the leader of a large Christian church. 'They don't call the shots. They don't tell us to come. They ask us. We don't have to do anything. This is a volunteer thing - we don't get paid for this,' he said. Seems to me that the commission's role is to tell those who want to do business with the Commission when and where to appear. I'd be interested to hear Rev. Smith's (1) explanation for the his attitude or (2) an apology. Jesus set the example, Rev. Smith. If you're going to walk the walk, then talk the talk."

"We have a city council that just raised electric prices on residential users saying that the rates were out of line when compared to Georgia Power and Snapping Shoals and that the last increase was over 10 years ago. When Mayor Carter ran for mayor, we were paying the highest utilities in the state. She said now a little over a year has passed and it's time to raise utilities. Last year it was the water rate increase. Our mayor and council need to slow down and take a close look at all the questionable appointments and decisions they have made, start with city planning, the so called grant writer, the retreat where they asked for a waiver of a deposit. They didn't waive the shelter's deposit, and those 'Three Sisters' are making us all weep."

"My comment today is there a worse cable system in the United States than Charter? Since their takeover of Covington Cable we have lost about four or five of the channels we used to get. They have added more Spanish stations, our rates have almost doubled. Channel 6 has been hung up for months and impossible to call and talk to a human. What other choices do we have in Newton County ... We would like to hear from more dissatisfied Charter customers."

"I was just want to make a comment about one of the things you put in the Citizen Poll about you whites need to get over yourselves. You put inflammatory remarks in here and our subscription just came up for renewal and this is one of the reasons we are not renewing. You would not allow a white person to put something as inflammatory as this in the newspaper and that would be wrong also. We are just inflaming the community for no reason at all, and this is completely racist and highly offensive to me. Your circulation is definitely going to decrease as this goes on. I just thought you should know this."